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  1. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    You might be able to fashion something like this, I use something similar as a cover during feeding my corals to keep pesky fish away.
  2. https://www.toofishy.com/In-Tank-Overflow-Box-with-Single-1-Bulkhead-7-x6-x2.html
  3. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Nice looking tank and good job on that box! My main tank is a full external beananimal (no inside the tank box) and also runs three 1.5'' drains that are very strong and braced with hangers. Always brace your piping, next time you start and stop your system, pay close attention to your drains and see if they wiggle as they attempt to purge the air. It might be important to note that this project is a addition to the existing system that will receive maybe half the flow of the main system so it should only require a 1'' drain and a 1'' emergency. (30g) cube. The return pump of the main system is "T" off with two returns feeding the main and a third feeding the cube with both drains (main siphon/cubes main) draining into the same sump chamber. The gate valve on the cube's 1'' main drain seals the deal for equilibrium. This is how i did the hydroponic flood tray i was using to propagate my nems. Toothless would be nice but i could never go that route, i have a sixline that enjoys cruising the front of the weir, two peppermint shrimps that will occasionally go up there at night to snack on bits of algae after they've cleaned out what was left on the algae clip. HAHA! crazy shrimps, they eat all the aiptasia in my tank except for three then develop a taste for nori instead, better then the last pair that decided corals tastes better i guess. Then there's the joy of chasing a lone unfortunate fish around a crowded overflow box My stand pipes are actually not glued for easy access for cleaning. A turbo/s snail, snails in general that wanders in there and works their way into the drains getting stuck, next thing you know you have half your drain system torn apart stabbing at it with a metal coat hanger. True story, actually happen to a member here (sorry Zach) i think its was him anyway.
  4. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Sadly they are moving and wont be shipping until 3/28 I only really need the box without all the extras such as the bit and elbows, the smaller one will cost more then twice what i just paid for the tank and stand. With so many talented people here I've been thinking today about maybe asking some members if they're interested at all in making a small one, after all, my main 5' long tank was made by one of our awesome members. When it comes to the price of the kit, it's still worth it to me in the sense that when i got the tank home and cleaned, leak tested i quickly realized this is a nice tank and abandoned my original plan of a quick and easy method of just simply drilling a hole in it tossing in a bulkhead and upright elbow with a strainer and calling it a day. I'm just very anxious to move my clowns and nems. Thanks for the link!
  5. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    I thought with these boxes they require a second gasket in between the tank wall and overflow box wall. I'm still trying to figure out how this style works. I wish it was a beananimal and it would be up and rocking! I think this is where i read that and got that idea... https://www.marinedepot.com/CPR_RSS_Overflow_Box_Retrofit_Surface_Skimmer_05DX_Overflow_Boxes_for_Saltwater_Aquariums-CPR-CR20450-FIOF-vi.html Features and Benefits Reduces amount of surface proteins Increases oxygen exchange of the aquarium water Improves the effectiveness of the filtration system CNC routed grates for clean appearance Easily installs onto the back walls of aquariums with a dilled overflow Fully routed grates are closed off on top for increased grate support Available with open back for installation with silicon (Regular unit) Available with closed back for installation with bulkhead (DX unit) *** Users are required to drill an additional bulkhead hole into the DX model`s back wall for installation with bulkhead ***If drilled an additional bulkhead gasket will be needed Dimensions: 6.38" x 2.63" x 3.63" For Nano Aquariums
  6. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Hmmm, is it just me or does that bulkhead in the example pic look backwards?
  7. So as some of you may have noticed I've been trying to acquire a smaller cube for a little over a year. Well, last night i finally found one and got it home. Problem that i need help with is it needs to be drilled and i have no glass bit, no corded drill, no experience drilling glass and no weir box. At this point i would be happy with just a bulkhead with an elbow and a little roll of gutter guard to help keep my clowns, nems and snails in the tank. One other hole for the return. Preferably, i would like the weir the full length of the back wall but i have no clue how to do this to where it is rock solid (Very important since it will be tie-ed into my main 125g system) i also do not posses the weir box yet. I started to look into local fish stores and the first i found wanted about $35-$45 for two holes plus added costs for measurements . I do have the bulkheads, gate valve/s and a loc-line return I'm so desperate to start plumbing and give my clowns the life they deserve. Is there anybody out there that can help me with the awesome talent and experience this amazing club possesses? When i mentioned "the life the deserve" they've watched 20 Rainbow bubble tips propagate in a pond basket with no access to them. Very sad watching the female stare through the little holes at them then go to the front glass and basically throw a fit at me :( It's now finally their time to shine They have had to be finally separated from my main tank because they will never EVER allow the Tangs around their area to clean and have killed more then half a dozen of my fish over the years and i can't seem to bring myself to let them go being they were my first SW fish and is what got me into the hobby. This cube is the reason for the clowns and years of trying to raise them a bunch of nems that started it all I can take a few pics when i get access to my phone in a bit to give a better idea of what i'm trying to do and my main goal. Thank you all for all the help and advise you've all been willing to share with me already! Much appreciated.
  8. Desperately need some help

    I think I've decided to give it a shot, does anyone know where i can find a box like this locally?
  9. Desperately need some help

    This is what i really want to do but it might be a bit passed my ability and comfort level. Thanks for all the tips!
  10. Desperately need some help

    Also if i went with the preferred weir, the full length weir would be just under 19'' This is kind of what i would really like to do but to be very honest, i'm horrible with math and measurements of this nature and have no idea what i would be doing. This is what i'm replacing and want to avoid that drain setup with this new cube if i can but I've realized i'll need a lot of help to make sure its straight and done right. A strange hobby we have here, i managed to figure this weird rube goldberg device by myself but have no faith in this new mission
  11. Desperately need some help

    Very good point Thanks! It appears 40mm for the drain and 30mm for the return but it seems it's closer to 4.25cm for the drain and 3.25cm for the returns. I don't know what will be too tight or too loose.
  12. Out of hobby equipment sale

    I would love to talk about the cubes, i've been trying to move my clowns and nems for over a year to a cube and tie it into my system. Pm sent
  13. Need a 24x24 cube

    Hi all! I'm in need of a 24x24 cube that can be reasonably easy to tie-in to my existing system. Thanks in advance!
  14. Need a 24x24 cube

    Still looking, this is a continuation of this.
  15. Looking to buy a certain Shape

    I got a 20 inch that is about 4 inches at the thickness point. I should also note it's dry.
  16. In search for a small drilled cube

    Gotcha, thanks for the assistance though!
  17. Hello PNWMAS! Couple things going on here. I'm in search for a small drilled cube to replace my hydroponic tray i initially planned to fill with frags. Sadly that never happened and basically it worked as a fuge and grew tons of algae but its also home to my pond baskets that house all my nems, unfortunately I've had to put my pair of clowns in this tray due to other tank mates in the display and i just can't keep them in there anymore, i never actually planned to have them in there as long as they have been. Plan is to acquire a small drilled cube, get them and the frag tray out of there and put them in with the 16-17 nems they deserve. Now right at the very moment im just trying to get some feelers out there and try and form a plan. I do need to find a solution to this problem around the beginning of the month, if i can make it until the end off the month it wont be as critical being I'm still having issues with my Dc12000 that quits a few times a day and night and right now it cant keep the overflow box filled at full power so when it finally goes, the nems and clowns have nowhere to go so to speak. A RW-20 that would only run about 20% died two days ago assuming the Dc-12000 will share the same fate soon. So if i can get these pumps ordered up before they die i'll definitely be on the lookout for the cube, Nothing fancy just sound, very sound. Thanks all !
  18. In search for a small drilled cube

    This might help, i was trying to take a few pictures to maybe help show what i'm trying to do with keeping the same runs of pipe or at least many as possible. Here's the tray i need to take offline. Also the drain lines i would like to keep there. Sorry to go a little overboard there just wanted to kind of paint a picture of what im trying to get done, edit: I guess photobucket is not very good anymore.
  19. In search for a small drilled cube

    Thanks! I cant't really tell whats gong on plumbing wise with the biocube. The 60 is far too large though,
  20. In search for a small drilled cube

    20x20x18 is about what i've been looking for for months Is there and way to send over a few pics so i can try and get a ldea at what it will be like plumbing it into my existing system?
  21. In search for a small drilled cube

    Hi thanks for the response, just large enough for two clowns and all their nems (about 18-19) very small nems. It will also just get plumbed straight into the existing system. Replacing the frag tray. One of the challenges of this change will be making sure the nems stay in there a safe.
  22. What Jeabo was that? My 12000 is going to die at any moment.
  23. In search for a small drilled cube

    I should also mention i still have 40lbs of dry pukani still laying around we could do some sort of part trade with