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  1. Kinda bummed, i just bought a fresh box couple days ago, haven't opened it yet but im going to and ill also run some tests. edit: We're talking about blue boxes right? Not red.
  2. I'm going to follow this, i mixed 40g the other day from an older box of fritz and it came out at about 5.3 alk
  3. I think your idea with using all 1'' is a better plan. More room in that tiny box as well.
  4. HAHA It's being tied into my 135g system that is pretty high flow. This cube is going to be home to my clowns and all their nems and was trying to plan on the returns for flow so i don't have to risk a powerhead in there.
  5. 2 1.5'' drains and 2 1'' returns Glass is pretty thick, less then 1/2'''
  6. I think the hole sizes are about 2 1/4 and 1 1/4 2 large and 2 small, i should just buy new bulkheads. You guys are all great! Thanks for the responses.
  7. Anybody want to drill 4 holes in a small cube for me? I'll pay of course. ☺️
  8. Gold,purple and the everyday green but my clowns kinda went to town on the green. The Gold will be around $90 Haha might have to go scrap a lot of coraline first to get you pics now that i think about it.
  9. Got a harlequin shrimp that deserves a new home as well
  10. 32 rainbow bubble tips torches of all colors, name it. trachyphyllia corals Lots of zoa colonies
  11. Using Chrome and i can't see them either.
  12. Thank you! I can pick it up whenever, will only need it for about an hour.
  13. http://garyseronik.com/a-beginners-guide-to-collimation/
  14. 53.4lbs of Pukani That's the weight including the tote. $150.00
  15. Maybe also give Mattv a shout, i'm sure he has something cookin on his racks he might be willing to part with. If i remember correctly i believe pantherguy30 and Mattv run it together so you might want to give him a shout as well. https://www.facebook.com/Stumptowncorals/
  16. Did the test the way it was originally asked for me to do. Told you guys i have no idea what i'm doing Spent all day ripping my alarm out and reversing everything they did. I very much enjoyed ripping that relay out of there that can cut my ignition resulting in my no spark problem, next would be tackling the worst part, finding and repairing the 4 broken lines from the distributor harness. I also tested resistance in my VAF/VAFM Distributor high-tension cable resistance = 5.38 25k ohm max
  17. G1 - G- = 160.8 G2 - G- = 161.2 NE - G- = 202.0
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