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  1. Looking to buy a certain Shape

    I got a 20 inch that is about 4 inches at the thickness point. I should also note it's dry.
  2. In search for a small drilled cube

    Gotcha, thanks for the assistance though!
  3. In search for a small drilled cube

    This might help, i was trying to take a few pictures to maybe help show what i'm trying to do with keeping the same runs of pipe or at least many as possible. Here's the tray i need to take offline. Also the drain lines i would like to keep there. Sorry to go a little overboard there just wanted to kind of paint a picture of what im trying to get done, edit: I guess photobucket is not very good anymore.
  4. In search for a small drilled cube

    Thanks! I cant't really tell whats gong on plumbing wise with the biocube. The 60 is far too large though,
  5. In search for a small drilled cube

    20x20x18 is about what i've been looking for for months Is there and way to send over a few pics so i can try and get a ldea at what it will be like plumbing it into my existing system?
  6. In search for a small drilled cube

    Hi thanks for the response, just large enough for two clowns and all their nems (about 18-19) very small nems. It will also just get plumbed straight into the existing system. Replacing the frag tray. One of the challenges of this change will be making sure the nems stay in there a safe.
  7. What Jeabo was that? My 12000 is going to die at any moment.
  8. In search for a small drilled cube

    I should also mention i still have 40lbs of dry pukani still laying around we could do some sort of part trade with
  9. Hello PNWMAS! Couple things going on here. I'm in search for a small drilled cube to replace my hydroponic tray i initially planned to fill with frags. Sadly that never happened and basically it worked as a fuge and grew tons of algae but its also home to my pond baskets that house all my nems, unfortunately I've had to put my pair of clowns in this tray due to other tank mates in the display and i just can't keep them in there anymore, i never actually planned to have them in there as long as they have been. Plan is to acquire a small drilled cube, get them and the frag tray out of there and put them in with the 16-17 nems they deserve. Now right at the very moment im just trying to get some feelers out there and try and form a plan. I do need to find a solution to this problem around the beginning of the month, if i can make it until the end off the month it wont be as critical being I'm still having issues with my Dc12000 that quits a few times a day and night and right now it cant keep the overflow box filled at full power so when it finally goes, the nems and clowns have nowhere to go so to speak. A RW-20 that would only run about 20% died two days ago assuming the Dc-12000 will share the same fate soon. So if i can get these pumps ordered up before they die i'll definitely be on the lookout for the cube, Nothing fancy just sound, very sound. Thanks all !
  10. SALT

    Some of the things to consider when picking a salt that might help are.. Knowing what kind of animals you might want to keep. Having a set parameter goal in mind for the "big 3" Alkalinity,Calcium and Magnesium. Try to pick a salt that most closely matches your target parameters when mixed so when the time comes for your scheduled water changes it will be easier to maintain stability. Total water volume, frequency of water changes. I use Kent myself for most of these reasons. Hope this helps
  11. 2 Jebao RW-20 wavemakers w/controllers

    Would you sell the extra controller? I think mine might be burnt out, i can only seem to get about 25% out of it if that.
  12. Site Is Going Down Tuesday March 7!!!!

    Is there a view new content button i'm missing?
  13. Whats that digitata called?

    How could i have missed this?! Probably cause every time i'm over there i'm so dumbfounded and can't decide what to focus on!