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  1. ChrisQ

    Please help id

  2. I hope you're kidding Jeff!
  3. ChrisQ

    53.4lbs of Pukani

  4. ChrisQ

    53.4lbs of Pukani

  5. ChrisQ

    53.4lbs of Pukani

  6. ChrisQ

    who knows telescope

  7. ChrisQ

    53.4lbs of Pukani

    53.4lbs of Pukani That's the weight including the tote. $150.00
  8. ChrisQ

    Wtb: sps frag pack

    Maybe also give Mattv a shout, i'm sure he has something cookin on his racks he might be willing to part with. If i remember correctly i believe pantherguy30 and Mattv run it together so you might want to give him a shout as well. https://www.facebook.com/Stumptowncorals/
  9. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    Did the test the way it was originally asked for me to do. Told you guys i have no idea what i'm doing Spent all day ripping my alarm out and reversing everything they did. I very much enjoyed ripping that relay out of there that can cut my ignition resulting in my no spark problem, next would be tackling the worst part, finding and repairing the 4 broken lines from the distributor harness. I also tested resistance in my VAF/VAFM Distributor high-tension cable resistance = 5.38 25k ohm max
  10. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    G1 - G- = 160.8 G2 - G- = 161.2 NE - G- = 202.0
  11. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    Edit: no, not at first but i did try those too and got the same result. Didn't pay enough attention to making sure i was on the right ones though. Yes, directly from the terminals on the harness that i also ran that audible trace on. All four ended abruptly in the same area like they should have if that was the end of the wire.
  12. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    I'm just letting some of this sink in, yeah that part goes from $129-$229. Got that bad news yesterday talking with autozone. Wouldn't a broken wire not give the same result? With the distributor being just fine? Thanks again
  13. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    I drew a diagram of the pic i posted before i went out there so i made sure i was testing the right ones and to record the readings.
  14. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    I'm sorry for my automotive ignorance but i don't even know where or what the pickup coils even look like and could not find pics. If there might be something wrong there too.
  15. ChrisQ

    Automotive Gurus

    I didn't think it needed to be cranking, good thing, cause i'm alone. Trust me nobody can be worse at trying to read a schematic than me. I spent hrs last night downloading high resolution schematics of all the electrical of my truck and almost melted my brain trying to make sense of some of them, but anyway, I don't understand "infinite response on none" basically, if i hold the pins together i get 00.6 consistently, when test was performed it reads just as it sits pins not touching anything and that reading is 1 followed by a long space and a dot. I used a speaker to test the multimeter with a known ohm and it was only off by 00.1