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  1. Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    I'm your huckleberry I got a 40g breeder that has a tiny crack at the top boarder that is not fit for water use anymore. Other than the small crack it is in brand new condition, you're welcome to it, free of charge. Pick-up is in Tigard.
  2. Looking for a pump for water changes.
  3. What is this?

    plating coraline algae i would pay for that That's pretty cool.
  4. Dino issue...

    Vibrant is some pretty brilliant stuff, it is known to cause some nasty cyano breakouts though but if it can help you with the dino's , i'd gladly take the cyano over the dino's any day.
  5. What is this?

    Mushroom Coral (Discosoma spec.)?
  6. WOW! First meeting, one day before my 40th b-day, my favorite fish store and one of my favorite corals! Sounds like a great time!
  7. Acrylic help

    Charles AKA Wanareef built my main tank and did a fantastic job and have recently sent him a Pm to ask if he will be willing to build me my internal overflow for my new cube. Super nice guy!
  8. Need a 24x24 cube

    Found one! Mods please close.
  9. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Still looking for one of these in the first picture. Pretty much exactly the 2nd one.
  10. Letting my frag tray go to make room for the new cube. All cleaned and ready to go. All bulkheads are included but have unions attached but allowing for the bulkheads to be fully removed. Just need some loc line for the return and you're ready to go. The stand it's currently sitting on is also available. Asking $50 for the frag tray. Located in Tigard.
  11. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Good info there thanks! Also thanks a million for offering to help me build one, i can call TAP on Monday and see whats available. What thickness and roughly how many sheets of what size?
  12. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    You might be able to fashion something like this, I use something similar as a cover during feeding my corals to keep pesky fish away.
  13. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Nice looking tank and good job on that box! My main tank is a full external beananimal (no inside the tank box) and also runs three 1.5'' drains that are very strong and braced with hangers. Always brace your piping, next time you start and stop your system, pay close attention to your drains and see if they wiggle as they attempt to purge the air. It might be important to note that this project is a addition to the existing system that will receive maybe half the flow of the main system so it should only require a 1'' drain and a 1'' emergency. (30g) cube. The return pump of the main system is "T" off with two returns feeding the main and a third feeding the cube with both drains (main siphon/cubes main) draining into the same sump chamber. The gate valve on the cube's 1'' main drain seals the deal for equilibrium. This is how i did the hydroponic flood tray i was using to propagate my nems. Toothless would be nice but i could never go that route, i have a sixline that enjoys cruising the front of the weir, two peppermint shrimps that will occasionally go up there at night to snack on bits of algae after they've cleaned out what was left on the algae clip. HAHA! crazy shrimps, they eat all the aiptasia in my tank except for three then develop a taste for nori instead, better then the last pair that decided corals tastes better i guess. Then there's the joy of chasing a lone unfortunate fish around a crowded overflow box My stand pipes are actually not glued for easy access for cleaning. A turbo/s snail, snails in general that wanders in there and works their way into the drains getting stuck, next thing you know you have half your drain system torn apart stabbing at it with a metal coat hanger. True story, actually happen to a member here (sorry Zach) i think its was him anyway.
  14. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Sadly they are moving and wont be shipping until 3/28 I only really need the box without all the extras such as the bit and elbows, the smaller one will cost more then twice what i just paid for the tank and stand. With so many talented people here I've been thinking today about maybe asking some members if they're interested at all in making a small one, after all, my main 5' long tank was made by one of our awesome members. When it comes to the price of the kit, it's still worth it to me in the sense that when i got the tank home and cleaned, leak tested i quickly realized this is a nice tank and abandoned my original plan of a quick and easy method of just simply drilling a hole in it tossing in a bulkhead and upright elbow with a strainer and calling it a day. I'm just very anxious to move my clowns and nems. Thanks for the link!