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  1. Both tank and stand are in great shape. Used to be display tank until my Reefer 450 arrived, then set up as a hospital tank. Never had copper in tank so can still be used as display. Moving to new house and need to get rid of it. Only caveat is that it has to be gone by Friday 8/10. Agent will be taking pics of condo so has to be out before that. Could probably make a couple of bucks off it but would rather share the love. West Linn area, one mile off I205. Pics are from when it was a display.
  2. I have three (3) Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro's with RMS (tank mounts), TWO of which are for sale. Thought I would try them here before putting them on R2R. I have only used them for seven months, so they are basically brand new. I can post pics if requested, but I f I remember right the manufacture date for all of them is August 2015. All original packaging included. Just bought a 6 bulb ATI T5 fixture from BRS last night and need to thin out the equipment a bit. I cannot take them off the tank until the new fixture arrives - which should be by Wednesday. I will keep one for a future build. Each light has about 24" of coverage so these could pretty easily light a 48" tank (I have 3 on. 59" tank). They come with the 120 degree optics that I have never used as well. These lights are actually really awesome with unmatched controllability, but I personally prefer the look and results of T5's. Just my personal preference. I tried to upload a FTS to show coverage, but I kept getting an error message. I can email pictures, but they will just be pictures of new Radions, which can be seen with any Google search. They have never been set above 55% and I still had to be careful not to fry my corals, so they are plenty powerful. I can share the invoice, which shows I paid $399.00 for each light and $89.00 for each RMS. Would like to sell them together, but this is not a requirement. I'm asking $625.00 for both or $325.00 each. If bought together, that's $349.00 off of what I recently paid. Email Is the best way of contact, but if serious I will send my cell # for texting.
  3. I will do my best... I will just try to post them here even though tapatalk hate me. If not I will just text you.
  4. Thanks @R-3! Scottb I have two Ocean Revive Arctic T247s for sale. Hit me up if you are interested.
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