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  1. Banana Rama

    They’re not ripe yet.
  2. Thanks for the quality corals. The best ones I got yesterday
  3. If you got an utter chaos I would want to claim some. The $20 looks nice
  4. Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!

    He is the most dedicated person to make sure you are on the top priority of his list and no one cares more for any coral. He shelters and preserves to many species he is a coral rescue center. Happy Trip around the Sun my man!
  5. Dirty

    Who else doesn’t change their water anymore?
  6. eclipse pics

    I caught shadow bands bands on video but it’s too big to upload
  7. Big news!!!

    This is a great service that will put the quality above the rest. Knowing you can just drop in and not worry is a peace of mind I never thought could be bought Now it’s included?
  8. Snail eggs?

    Ceriths are in my tank and it’s a squiggly white line back and forth.. if those moved they would be big flatworms.. but I’m not sure what lays eggs in a big dot like that.. unless the scale is just way off
  9. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    @Emerald525 What time will it begin? I’m going to need to take off work
  10. Rock flower question

    One of mine wanders around cause it’s always in a bad position.. it walks around every other day or week it seems
  11. Rock flower question

    Move the light and the nem will begin to walk toward the light.. like a light on the side of the tank for a couple or days
  12. Save room for corn casserole. I’m 10 min out
  13. About that meet tomorrow...

    Bring whatever you have in the tank and see who also brings stuff to swap
  14. Need help with ID

    Death to the death palys! Invader of frags and gooey mucous on rocks. They cover a bare spot quickly but I rank a lvl 1 for beginners on keeping them alive
  15. About that meet tomorrow...

    Yup. She likes the pulsing Xenia if anyone has a clump they can scoop up before they go i’m sure it would help fill her tank in no time. Asterina stars for Brittle stars is the offer. If you can find some wriggling under frags. The majanos are actually pretty nice if someone wants one