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  1. Just for breeding the fun colors. They can be for Vivarium clean up crews, but I want to breed out new color morphs. think of all the clown species we have now. also they are some native caught species I own.
  2. Armadillidium Gestroi Armadillidium Maculatum Dalmatian Armadillidium Montenegro Kluggi Clown Porcellio Hoffmanseggi Porcellio Oranatus High Yellow Porcellio Oranatus High Yellow Chocolate
  3. First sign of baby isopods. Mankai on the leaves. I’m seeing eggs on many others so I hope to have more in the coming months whiles these grow out
  4. It will kill the gsp for a patch. More turn it purple matte. But there is no moving the rock nem without hurting them both. You can coax the nem to walk onto a spare live bare rock that blocks its light path. Then hope it walks up on the rock and then move it whenever you want it to nest.
  5. You need to get into keeping some of these @badxgillen I will have some cultures in a few months this has got to be the best collection of the high end isopods in current collections. Only wild unknown species remain, along with new morphs made from inbreeding these lines for recessive traits
  6. Maybe if more people collect different morphs. I’m starting with several morphs and if they reproduce in a few months I will get some of the higher end giant species, or Cubaris Rubber Ducky’s species.
  7. There is an invertebrate species that has evolved long ago to walk on land. They are easy care and quick to reproduce morphs. Isopoda as a species exist in the deep oceans and on land. We call them pill bugs 🐛 but they are closer to shrimp 🦐 than bugs. They can get into so many different morphs in size and color. The Porcellio species has been morphed into Dairy Cows 🐄, Orange Koi, Albino, and hybrids. New species have been discovered recently making some of these isopods even cuter. Little Rubber Duckies found in Thailand limestone caves and you can see how they get their names
  8. Sorry. I don’t go on here ofte, if I only got 1-2 of them for 20 I would get some if you split the lot
  9. If those are nems in 4 I will take them for 20. I like weird anenomes and look like a majano from the Indian Ocean or austrialia. Maybe walking dendrite like Ron said
  10. I like a nearly naked and mix it with all white
  11. Sasquatch


    I see a clove polyp unless those green spots move places and are not cloves or GSP. Just pick them off for now but that Frag looks toasted with hair algae, I would know when I see another furry thing
  12. So spider? I would try the kalk paste, kill it with alkalinity
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