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  1. Sorry. I don’t go on here ofte, if I only got 1-2 of them for 20 I would get some if you split the lot
  2. If those are nems in 4 I will take them for 20. I like weird anenomes and look like a majano from the Indian Ocean or austrialia. Maybe walking dendrite like Ron said
  3. I like a nearly naked and mix it with all white
  4. Sasquatch


    I see a clove polyp unless those green spots move places and are not cloves or GSP. Just pick them off for now but that Frag looks toasted with hair algae, I would know when I see another furry thing
  5. So spider? I would try the kalk paste, kill it with alkalinity
  6. Sasquatch

    Zoa id

    Not hornets, but a purple hornet knockoff?
  7. I caught my largest flower nem starting to show signs of breeding.. I turned off the pumps and suctioned some of it into the mouths of the other nems I have. Possibly resulting in a cross breed from Indo and Caribbean. E72BA260-92C5-4DDD-81F7-0452E280DCBD.MOV
  8. I have had one. I suggest less rock or arrange it so you can scrub all sides. It is no fun trying to clean algae you can’t reach because of the rocks. Also allow enough space up front for your hand to reach in and touch each part of the rock. Adding coral may shift the rocks if you don’t glue them together. also Chemipure is a nice addition to the back chamber when you start cycling. I’ve had all these mistakes and I hope to save you from some of them.
  9. Sasquatch

    Banana Rama

    They’re not ripe yet.
  10. Thanks for the quality corals. The best ones I got yesterday
  11. If you got an utter chaos I would want to claim some. The $20 looks nice
  12. He is the most dedicated person to make sure you are on the top priority of his list and no one cares more for any coral. He shelters and preserves to many species he is a coral rescue center. Happy Trip around the Sun my man!
  13. Sasquatch


    Who else doesn’t change their water anymore?
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