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  1. Blackice

    Anubias Coffeefolia and Nana for sale.

    How much you recommend for my refuge with a 500g system??? lol jk🤪
  2. Blackice

    Acro Grow Out Info??

    It wasn’t a grow out.
  3. Blackice

    C&R 400 gallon

    120”long 32”wide 24” tall
  4. Blackice

    C&R 400 gallon

  5. Blackice

    C&R 400 gallon

    Refugium is growing in nicely
  6. Blackice

    C&R 400 gallon

    Here’s some clearer update pics
  7. Blackice

    CNC Auction 2-7

  8. Blackice

    CNC Auction 2-9

  9. Blackice

    CNC Auction 2-8 Peter Pan Acro

  10. Blackice

    CNC Auction 8

  11. Blackice

    CNC Auction 8

  12. Blackice

    Food for April Meeting

    Hahahaha I was just Scrolling to the bottom and going to call you out on bringing cookies but then there they were!!!! so excited for the cookies🤤
  13. This is a GROUP-BUY correct??? The meeting thread says it’s a grow out?? And a couple people on here called it a grow out also..
  14. Whoops 😬 double post got to excited !!!