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  1. New from Lafayette

    Welcome I'm just over in Dayton! i have 200g and 100g displays all plumbed together about 500g at the moment (could change at any time)
  2. What are these???

    There on the sand bed. It took them all out yesterday and the last night there was a new one and a conch was right beside it.. do conchs breed in aquariums or possibly just eating them?
  3. What are these???

    There not sponge they show out over night some kinda eggs possibly????
  4. What are these???

    Any ideas????
  5. More amazing deals!!!

    Ok I got a bunch of crap I'm tired of looking at!! Here's the deal I will give you amazing deals on this stuff if you come get it I'm out in Dayton Oregon so if you're going to drive it's yours to have I will not hold anything first one to give me cash gets it I'm home after about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I'll see you times on weekends call or text me please with any questions but not stupid questions lol. And please don't waste my time I hate craigslist flakes if you want something do not call me or text me unless you are willing to come get it please call or text 503-864-7378 300w heaters $15 each 50w heaters $10 each $15 hang on the back filter 40-60 gallon capacity I'm guessing $200 obo bio balls probably 50-60 gallons worth according to coralife this could filter 2000 gallons of water
  6. Deals of a lifetime

    Every thing sold. thanks every one who picked up items.
  7. Blackice's 200g

  8. Blackice's 200g

  9. Blackice's 200g

  10. Blackice's 200g

    Well let's update this lol only been a couple years lol Ati t5 Sump changed from 40 to 200 and add uv sterilizer vortex calcium reactor Ecotech Marine Vectra L1 to power it all current fish are purple tang dusky wrasse pair bannan wrasse Mystery wrasse lepored wrasse Queen angel potters angel flameback angel flame hawk yellow watchmen goby and shrimp Randals prawn goby and shrimp 2 blackice clowns borbonius anthias 2 azure damsel 1 bigass chromis
  11. Deals of a lifetime

    I will let you know if it's not gone tomorrow then your more then welcome to come after 3pm
  12. Deals of a lifetime

    10 gallon and 16 gallon tanks are gone
  13. Deals of a lifetime

    Sorry about the phone number it's added now and all the lights are gone.
  14. Deals of a lifetime

    These are limited addition very expensive far out of your price range!
  15. Deals of a lifetime

    First come first serve whoever picks him up first gets them.