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  1. C&R 400 gallon

    It’s combo of being a Older Mobil home and having a cell tower on the property. And thanks for the coral offer hopefully I can make a meeting soon and line up some fun things for the very empty tank.
  2. C&R 400 gallon

    No it’s hard for me but this lasts 3 months have been crazy 😜 sold a house had (she did most of the work) a baby!! Zane Timothy trying to buy a house. The one we picked happened to be one of the most complicated things on the planet to get a bank to fund the loan. 6 months and counting total, 5 months pending.... Set up a 400g tank... dealing with one of the Rubbermaid totes with all my smaller fish and 99% of are Corals died.
  3. C&R 400 gallon

  4. C&R 400 gallon

  5. C&R 400 gallon

    Fresh water testing!!!πŸ™‰
  6. C&R 400 gallon

    Well it not what the original plan was but with the nightmare of a time buying the new house this is it.
  7. Did these sell yet?
  8. I NEED A SUMP !!!

  9. Garage Clean Out

    You still have the rock and 120 tank?
  10. I NEED A SUMP !!!

    You are correct!!
  11. I NEED A SUMP !!!

    None yet lol πŸ˜‚
  12. I NEED A SUMP !!!

    Info and pics please !!
  13. I NEED A SUMP !!!

  14. I NEED A SUMP !!!

    I need a large sump for my 400g I’m starting I wanna have a large refugium 100+ My foot print of the stand is 110”x34” max. Any one have something or now of a company that builds that big? Or can anyone build one Farley quick??
  15. Favorite rock?

    Jf jack-o’-lantern it covers the hole rock both sides