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  1. Used AI sol led

    Thanks for the info. I plugged the power cord from the working sol to the non working one and it came on. So before I order one from AI does anyone have one laying around for sale.
  2. Used AI sol led

    Looking to buy a used AI sol led. My power went off , when it came back on 1 of the sol fixtures wasn't working right. A week later the power went off again and when the power came back on the fixture starting working again. Then two weeks later the power goes off again now the other light is completely out. I'm getting ready to buy a new red sea 425 xl with the AI leds but until them I'm looking for a used AI sol. Does anybody know if I should try to see if something might have short out on my led system
  3. Week long Sale!

    Aiptasia file fish
  4. Week long Sale!

    Jeff did you get any aphasia file fish
  5. Led lights and skimmers and all the equipments

    What pumps and power heads do you have
  6. 30 cube turnkey for sale

    Pm sent
  7. whats left sale

    What size is the heater
  8. Some corals for sale

    Pm sent
  9. I'm sellin' crap.

    Pm sent
  10. 47ish gallon corner tank

    If parting out interested in the power heads.
  11. Would like the reactor. I'll send you a pm
  12. Another sad story of having to move

    Interested in the diamond go by, hermit crabs and the snails. Pm me
  13. Another sad story of having to move

    Interested diamond go by,hermit crabs and the snails. Pm me
  14. Can I pickup the brittle starfish and snails saturday