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  1. Update on the tank. I’m the one that Jack sold this little setup. Tank is doing good I’m going to put an ato on it, a gravity one to keep the sump level on top off water. Every thing is growing.
  2. Interested in the tang
  3. Hey micah. Thanks for making the skimmer stand works perfectly keeps water level at the right height. Going to pm you about making me some covers for my Nero 5's.
  4. Hey John still can't comment on you tube do we comment on this page couldn't comment last time also.
  5. How do you comment on the sale can't see a comment area on you tube
  6. coyote

    Lyretail anthias

    Last month I bought 2 lyretail anthias from cnc. Bought them a week apart and since last week the bigger one is turning into a male. I read online that they can do that. Was just wondering if anyone has experienced this transformation happening in their tank.
  7. Getting ready to set up another tank. Has the skimmer but the guy I bought it from didn't give me the skimmer cup with it. Just seeing if anyone has one laying around. If not does anyone know what kind of skimmer I could use such as a tunze or similar skimmer.
  8. I just clean my brute can with vinegar and ro water about once a month
  9. Yes that will work perfect
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