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  1. coyote

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I’m interested in getting some
  2. coyote


    I'm about 3 weeks from setting up my 500 peninsula tank up. Just want to know if I get the sand now, it will be live sand special grade if it we be okay sitting in the room the tank is going in.
  3. coyote

    Return pump

    Getting close to setting up a red sea 500 peninsula tank up. I'm going to use the return pump in the 120 gallon tank that's coming down for the spare. So I'm looking for a new return pump, I've been researching pumps online and can't decide which one to get. Does anyone have experience with any of the following. Cor-20 Intelligent return pump,no reviews online yet. Vectra M1 pump good and bad reviews online, Varios-8 or Sicce Syncra dc pumps. Also will consider other options of return pumps people are satisfied with.
  4. coyote

    The dangers we face are finally made known

    Thanks for the info.
  5. coyote

    The dangers we face are finally made known

    Can you clean rock that’s been dry for 5 years with dead palys on it. Just wondering I have about 6 pieces of rock in a bucket and was thinking about cleaning it to use again.
  6. coyote

    Zoa id

    Can anyone id this zoa colony. Had for about 5 years, when I first got them they were only about 10 heads.
  7. coyote

    The unfortunate 93 cube breakdown.

    Will take all the inverts minus the starfish
  8. I'll take 20 snails
  9. coyote

    Free sand

    Tearing down my 28 gallon JBJ bio cube and taking out the sand and before I throw it away wanting to see if anybody wants it. Tanks been setup for 6 years, getting ready to set up a red sea 250 max and a new red sea 500 peninsula. Putting new sand in the new tanks so have no need for the sand in the JBJ tank
  10. coyote

    Out of hobby equipment sale

    Do you still have the dry rock for sale
  11. coyote

    February Picture of the Month - Shrimp

    Cleaner shrimp
  12. coyote

    Used AI sol led

    Thanks for the info. I plugged the power cord from the working sol to the non working one and it came on. So before I order one from AI does anyone have one laying around for sale.
  13. coyote

    Used AI sol led

    Looking to buy a used AI sol led. My power went off , when it came back on 1 of the sol fixtures wasn't working right. A week later the power went off again and when the power came back on the fixture starting working again. Then two weeks later the power goes off again now the other light is completely out. I'm getting ready to buy a new red sea 425 xl with the AI leds but until them I'm looking for a used AI sol. Does anybody know if I should try to see if something might have short out on my led system
  14. coyote

    Week long Sale!

    Aiptasia file fish
  15. coyote

    Week long Sale!

    Jeff did you get any aphasia file fish