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  1. Have a 120 gallon tank for sale 4x2x2. Has a black canopy and black stand. Has a sump that’s L shaped and is as big as the stand length and the second chamber is full of rumble rock. There’s 2 AI Sol led’s in the canopy they may need new power cords. I’m getting ready to setup a redsea 500 peninsula tank up so this tank has to go. I’ll start a tank thread for the new tank soon. Can’t figure out how to turn pictures around. $300/OBO. tank is acrylic
  2. Couldn’t tell you what kind of but it was in the tank for over 6 years and longer than that the previous owner. Have a 20 gallon can and 3 5 gallon buckets
  3. About 100 pounds or so
  4. Tank is sold but still have the stand and the HQI LID STAND $10 Lid $15 or best offer its a 28 gallon not 29
  5. coyote


    Have sump for sale length 23 1/2” width 11 1/4” height 16” has 3 chambers $50.00
  6. Tearing down my 120 gallon tank down have rock for sale. Rock had been in my tank for 6 years and lot longer from the person I brought the setup from. $2.00 a pound.
  7. 29 gallon JBJ bio cube. Hqi bulb tank complete set up. Tank,stand, original media basket, and sand. $50.00
  8. Tearing down my 120 gallon tank have rock that's been in my tank for 6 years. Live in Aloha.
  9. Ill have a 120 gallon 4x2x2 tank available in about 2 weeks taking tank down and setting up a red sea 500 peninsula.
  10. I’m interested in getting some
  11. coyote


    I'm about 3 weeks from setting up my 500 peninsula tank up. Just want to know if I get the sand now, it will be live sand special grade if it we be okay sitting in the room the tank is going in.
  12. coyote

    Return pump

    Getting close to setting up a red sea 500 peninsula tank up. I'm going to use the return pump in the 120 gallon tank that's coming down for the spare. So I'm looking for a new return pump, I've been researching pumps online and can't decide which one to get. Does anyone have experience with any of the following. Cor-20 Intelligent return pump,no reviews online yet. Vectra M1 pump good and bad reviews online, Varios-8 or Sicce Syncra dc pumps. Also will consider other options of return pumps people are satisfied with.
  13. Can you clean rock that’s been dry for 5 years with dead palys on it. Just wondering I have about 6 pieces of rock in a bucket and was thinking about cleaning it to use again.
  14. coyote

    Zoa id

    Can anyone id this zoa colony. Had for about 5 years, when I first got them they were only about 10 heads.
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