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  1. Looking for some things

    How big is the tank? I probably have a powerhead laying around.
  2. Just no time for it, parting out my nano

    These are great prices on this stuff. Randall's corals are healthy and beautiful. You won't be disappointed if you buy from him. Plus, you know you'll make your money back when he starts up another tank in a few months and wants to buy frags back.
  3. Lf minefield cyphastrea

    I'm looking for a piece of minefield cyphastrea. I had some in my old tank and got rid of it when I broke it down. If you have some. Let me know pretty please.
  4. Hitchhiker pests?

    I'm always on the lookout for interesting critters. If anybody ends up with an unwanted hitchhiker, please let me know before it goes to the toilet. I might be able to give it a home.
  5. FS: Cheap and High End Frags! 😎

    I'll take the mystic sunset monti pretty please.
  6. Hitchhiker pests?

    Maybe... Only for the right pest. I'd love a gaudy clown crab. Mainly, I would rather let something live in my sump than know it got flushed just because it's undesirable.
  7. Clear netting?

    I'm looking for some of the clear plastic netting you get from brs to make a cover for my tank. Does anybody have some left over? I need a piece that's 3'x1', and I'd rather not order a big piece and have a bunch of extra. Let me know.
  8. Clear netting?

    I think I have it figured out. Thanks though!
  9. Clear netting?

    Still looking. Anyone have a spare piece?
  10. Zoa eating nudi

    I found a zoa eating nudi the other day. It was only the one, and I haven't seen any others so far. Should I just assume there's more in there? Aside from pulling and dipping everything, what can I do?
  11. Clear netting?

    That would be great! I work in Hillsboro, so I can come by any evening after work.
  12. I got a gift certificate for ocean in a box for Christmas, so I went and picked this rainbow pocillopora up yesterday? It's nothing super fancy, but I've always liked how fuzzy they are.
  13. Zoa eating nudi

    I know the six lines can be a-holes. I won't be adding any other fish though, so it's not a big deal. I just need to figure out a cover for the tank first.
  14. Zoa eating nudi

    I think I'll try a wrasse for now. Would a six line do the job? It's a bare bottom tank, so I need on that doesn't need to bury itself at night.
  15. Opae ula vase

    Well, the tide pool has been put back into the garage, again... In the meantime, I'm going to set up a simple vase and keep some opae ula shrimp. The vase holds just over two gallons. It's cycling with sand from the beach and some rocks from my old tank. There won't be any filter, heat, or light on this. It'll get a little sunlight, but that's it.
  16. Opae ula vase

    Breeding already? Dang! You must have gotten a horny batch. I'm still waiting for mine to get started.
  17. What do you do?

    I'm an emt. If you stop breathing, feel free to call me. Actually, 911 is probably a better choice. I know a little about a lot though. I'm always happy to help out.
  18. New light

    Everything seems to be loving the new light. I've had the acro forever and it has always been pretty solid green and not grown much. All the little tips are new, and its totally changing color. You can't tell from the one picture, but it's pretty sweet. The others are just some random pictures from around the tank.
  19. New light

    I just upgraded from the current marine led, to the current marine pro. I was looking to add a blue strip of leds to change up the color a bit. Then I found this light on Craigslist for cheaper than a single strip light. The trachy seems to like the change.
  20. Cuttlefish score!

    Awesome morning at cuttlefish yesterday. It was great to see some people I haven't talked to in a while. I finally picked up one of the biota mandarins! Then I got this wall hammer out of a grab bag. Very good day! This is as good of a picture as I could get with only the blues on. The mandarin is so damned cute I can barely stand it.
  21. Cuttlefish score!

    Found the little mandarin on the floor this morning. [language filter].. I didn't even know they jumped!
  22. Ricordea ID?

    I had a few in my old tank that looked like that. I think they were called rainbow yumas?
  23. Cuttlefish score!

    He's in there. Front and center. Just so small he blends in.
  24. Taste your water!

    On Thursday last week I noticed that my corals were all looking pretty sad and I couldn't figure out why. I was also having a small red algae bloom and lost two snails. Turns out, my water buckets had gotten filled up incorrectly, and I did a 25% water change with fresh water. The salinity was 1.021 on Thursday when I checked it. I'm not sure how low it dropped right after the water change, but I had been topping off with salt water which must have bumped it up a little. Fortunately, it looks like a couple of turbo snails are going to be the only casualties. I don't know how I for lucky and didn't lose all my corals. A huge thank you to Matty for being amazing as always and letting me come over at night and get some salt. I bumped it up to 1.024 that night, then let it slowly come back up to 1.026 as water evaporated. Moral of the story? Don't overlook the simplest problem. And I'll always be tasting my water before I add it from now on.
  25. BRAINS!

    I was pretty sure I was going to lose the green trachy in the water change mixup. It spent 3 days with one of its mouths gaping open spewing brown stuff. Luckily it seems to be doing much better today. I just picked up the purple one from Randall this week. It was too good a deal to pass up. I think I'm going to have to send him a check once it fully colors up.