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  1. Players: 1- Bubbles 2- Oregonic 3- Flash21 4- Jack-the-reefer 5- Kingfisher 6- Rdavis 7- Gil&fin
  2. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Okay everybody, I updated the first post with the names of everyone participating. I'll post here to remind you to post your updated pictures. Feel free to also start a separate build thread of you want to. Just make sure to post an update here by 5pm on the due date.
  3. Anyone have one of these (or similar)

    Maybe they forgot to put the bulkhead in before they glued on the back panel?
  4. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    I would love a small piece of each of the caps too! I've always wanted to try grafting them together.
  5. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Does anyone have some xenia, gsp, and leather coral they wouldn't mind bringing frags or?
  6. Who has a pest/hitchhiker?

    If anyone has a pest or hitchhiker that is destined for the toilet, please let me know. It can live in the pico contest tank. Thanks
  7. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    It's a perfect time to start a new one. Tiny takes are very easy to move.
  8. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Here's mine. -Betta falls (free off Craigslist) -Fluval nano light (not sure this is actually good for anything. I have another light sitting around if this doesn't work out) -Tetra 25w preset heater (came with the tank) -The sump is a 3 gallon Rubbermaid tote (4$) -Some random pieces of tubing and PVC fittings (3$) -Total price tag 7$ -Rocks came out of my sump. I also threw my dirty filter sock in the sump. I'm hoping the cycle will be fast. I had the wood for the stand in the garage. I'll clean it up and make it look better soon. I just wanted to get things running. I'm thinking sexy shrimp and mushrooms in chamber 1, bumblebee shrimp and zoas in chamber 2, and maybe pom pom crabs in chamber 3.
  9. New project, plumbing question.

    I've been slowly gathering supplies for my next build. I think I have it all planned out, but I'd love some opinions. It's going to be two separate nano tanks (shocking, I know) plumbed together into a shared sump. Both tanks are around 6 gallons, and one will sit above, and slightly behind the other one. My question is about plumbing them. Should I 1- plumb a fork into the return pump, giving each tank its own return. Then also plumb a drain from each tank into the sump. 2- only run the return line to the top tank, then drain that one into the bottom tank, then drain the bottom tank into the sump. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm sure there's downsides and benefits either way. Thanks Xoxo
  10. New project, plumbing question.

    Hmmm. Not exactly the solid consensus I was hoping for. In case it changes anything, I'm not overly concerned with flow. This is just going to be softies and macro algae. I'm planning for a frog fish in one tank, and a goby/pistol shrimp pair in the other. I like the idea of the second option because I could run the "return" line lower in the tank without having to worry about it draining any extra water when the pump shuts off. I don't want to load the bottom tank with bubbles though. It's going to be a simple single drain from the top tank.
  11. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Thanks! I knew manners still counted somewhere. I'll be there Sunday.
  12. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Small Rastas pretty please.
  13. Tips about getting back into the salt water hobby

    If you have specific things you're looking for, post a list. There are a lot of hoarders here with extra equipment sitting around.
  14. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Yes, tank counts as equipment.
  15. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    I was thinking we could just post updates here. I'm open to ideas if there's a better way to do it though.
  16. Free crap

    I just found this stuff from my old tank that I'm probably never going to use. There's a 1/2" sea swirl, a coralife turbo twist uv sterilizer (could probably use a new bulb), and a salifert mg test kit that I only used a few times. Everything works, and it's all free. If you want any of it, let me know. I live in downtown Vancouver.
  17. Free crap

    Nope. I still have it for you. Just a miscommunication.
  18. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    You can do anything you want as long as total volume doesn't exceed 5g. I'll be putting a sump on the betta falls.
  19. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    It only applies to new equipment. Anything you already have is fair game.
  20. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

  21. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Equipment is just the tank, lighting, heater, filter. Anything that goes in the tank (livestock, rock, sand, etc.) isn't counted in the budget.
  22. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Here we go! The thing that got me back into this hobby 6 years ago was a contest very similar to this one. I didn't participate, but I loved following the builds and seeing what was possible in small tanks. The goal of this is to see how creative people can get with their builds. It's really fun to take something that was definitely not designed to be used as a reef tank, and figuring out how to make it work. I'm only going to put 2 strict rules on this: 1- Total volume must stay under 5 gallons. This is the total system volume. No, plumbing a .5 gallon cube into your established 10,000 gallon system doesn't count. 2- The budget is 100$ or less for the equipment. This is going to force you to get creative. You can use anything you already have on hand, or borrow from a friend who hoards supplies. - Other than that, everything is fair game. The budget applies to equipment only. If you want to keep a 1000$ trachy in your Cuisinart mixer reef, you win. If you want to play, all you need to do is make your first post by next Saturday (3/17). Your first post simply needs to be an equipment list, along with pictures and a cost breakdown. After that, you'll just have to post a tank update, with a full tank shot, every two weeks. So, posts are due by 5pm on 3/17, 3/31, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, and 5/26. If you miss any of these, you'll be publicly shamed, and removed from the contest. The final posts will be due on June 2 at 5pm. I'll post the final pictures and throw it out there for the community to vote on. I want to start by giving a huge thank you to Saltwater Harmony (Holly), and Cuttle Fish and Corals (Jeff), who have paired up to donate a pico appropriate prize for the winner. The winner will get a pre-quarantined yasha goby and pistol shrimp pair. Finally, I'm going to be playing along, but I want everyone to know that I'm not going to be in the running for the actual contest. Weird pico tanks are kind of my jam and I really just want to help everybody else see how much fun these can be. If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to pm me. Also, this is my first attempt at running a contest, so go easy on me.
  23. Free crap

    Everything spoken for.
  24. Free crap

    Still have the mg kit up for grabs. Who needs it?