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  1. ssappington

    Home for Sale!

    well, it's finally officially for sale! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1802-NW-124th-St-Vancouver-WA-98685/23295120_zpid/ We'd been in this house for 20 years so moving was a bit of an experience- especially the part where I moved a 300gal and 120gal DT while trying to keep everything alive! Thanks Jeremy(TheClark) for your help! I couldn't have do it without you! and thanks Holly (Gil&Fin) for babysitting coral! I'm very, very glad I chose to do that!
  2. ssappington

    Tank (Large) on "Silent Floor" Joists

    Thanks for all the answers! will be reinforcing!
  3. The new house has Silent Floor joists (TJI Pro 150) https://www.techsupport.weyerhaeuser.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/200535130/TJI_Pro_150__250._350__550_-_February_1999.pdf I remember the old commercial had an elephant walking on them, and they appear to be rated high, but they look VERY flimsy! any engineers out there that can tell me how much the will hold? my 300 is a 2x8 footprint would run perpendicular with 4 joists under it my 120 is a 2x4 footprint on an exterior wall
  4. ssappington

    giant water tank

    looking for at least 500 gallons- leads on where I can get one locally?
  5. ssappington

    Moving! How to take my critters with me

    I think what I've decided to do is sell off my SPS, and keep the softies and fish, I'll restart the SPS after I get settled- if anyone is interested in screaming deals on large SPS colonies, contact me...
  6. SO my wife and I just bought 5 acres in Woodland! (and a GIANT house)This has long been our dream, but now we have to move for the first time in 22 years! I'm concerned about how to properly move my sea creatures, or if its even possible. remember I have about 500 gallons! I'm thinking rubbermaid stock tubs for livestock, wash the sand with RODI re-setup tank at new place reintroduce livestock will this work, or am I going to have problems with the sand bed? I'd rather rehome all my livestock than kill it all and just start over if the tank is going to go through a major cycle... ADVICE PLEASE! anyone out there ever successfully moved an established 300 gal tank?
  7. ssappington

    Traeger pellets

  8. ssappington

    Traeger pellets

    someone on here bought a pallet of Pit Boss pellets last year and was selling them... I've completely forgotten who! If you are out there and have more to sell, contact me! 36o9o44175 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. ssappington

    Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    Yay! I'm off! I'll be there!
  10. ssappington

    August Picture of the Month - Symbiosis

    I'll have a go- meet Frank and Al- I actually don't remember buying Frank (the shrimp goby)- I think Al (the pistol shrimp) built him from spare fish parts... they have been "together" for at least five years...
  11. ssappington

    Cornbread Rainbow Infusion Zoa For Sale

    BUMP! still have these for sale- make me an offer- also have lots of other stuff FS CHEAP! Gobstoppers Teal Dragon small colony ORA purple plasma TECO bluebery fields Aussie green slimer and MORE! Forest Fire Digi FREE with any purchase!
  12. ssappington

    Cornbread Rainbow Infusion Zoa For Sale

    No interest? Price too high? What about a flat rate $25 per polyp? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. ssappington

    Cornbread Rainbow Infusion Zoa For Sale

    The frag I got from Jeremy has been growing like a weed! I've decided to offer some up for sale- 3 Polyps $100 (I have 2 frags) 2 Polyps $75 (I have 2 frags) 1 Polyp $40 these have been fragged for a week, and are looking great! contact me via text (36zero) 904-4175 - I have trouble getting PMs sorry, no holds unless paid- pics below- I'm not a great photographer- looks much better in person!
  14. ssappington

    WTB- 50Gish cube setup

    Yep- still avail... I have a skimmer that fits the sump too... Also, NEW heater, jebao power head and Arctic T-247... Make me an offer! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. ssappington

    FS 34 GAL cube, stand, sump, plumbing $325

    BUMP- still avail.... I also have a brand new skimz sk181 that fits perfectly that I'll sell for $150... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk