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  1. Baaaahahaha.. oh man. I feel for you on this one. The wounds are still fresh.
  2. I'm looking to put a light over my coral/invert quarantine tank. Needs to be capable of sustaining SPS corals or at least keep them alive. The tank is 18x18x16, so doesn't need to be massive to accomplish that. Not looking to spend a shload, so let me know what you have.
  3. I also realized I never posted pics of what I've done to my quarantine setup to make it easier... I have bulkheads and valves now. They drain straight into my houses drain. I can empty a QT in 2 min, scrub it down with vinegar, rinse it, put a fan over it, and have it refilled with water in 8 hours. So far it's been easy to QT these fish. Medication and all. Let's pray I'm not missing a step. For coral QT, it'll just be a 20gal separate system with water from my display. Nothing special but I will need some sort of nano light. Wishing I had kept our old AI Sol.
  4. 3d printed a screen for my overflow. Works great! Pic of the 20 gal AIO under the stand for corals/inverts to chill for a bit. Added a tap to get tank water into the coral/invert tank. Will create one to have it exit as well. Got my Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid fixture (in white) set up with some bulbs thanks to@CuttleFishandCoral . Gonna do some mods to this fixture before I throw it up.
  5. So, HUGE thanks to everybody so far. You've all been quite a help. @Gil&Fin for the 20gal quarantine tanks, @Jack-the-reefer for the 20gal coral/invert quarantine tank, @pdxmonkeyboy for the great deal on his water mixing station, and of course... HUGE shout out to @CuttleFishandCoral for all of the help he's given me both in buying my tank, getting everything I need for it and helping me plan this build. He's been instrumental in the re-learning process and I now feel almost as if I never left. This community seems even better than when I left! Thanks PNWMAS! In a year or so, I'll have to host a meeting - assuming meeting people is a thing again.
  6. It may depend on your hosting. They may require you to use their own CA. If that's the case, you should probably reach out to them. If you can use any ole cert, then there are budget cert companies out there that will at least remove the "NOT SECURE" message - though it won't be as good as say Rudy's 60 dollar cert (assuming it's a verisign/other large brand).
  7. Heck yeah! We should have a barter forum for trading skills.
  8. It's actually an option with the hosting they have. They have to pay for the certificate, yearly renewal, but I think that's it. It's a non-significant cost, but it cost nonetheless. With more sites using SSL or TLS, it's pretty common. Might be something to look into. As it stands, your username and password are being sent in the clear. Somebody at the ISP or on your wireless network could sniff out your password. It's a good idea to never use the same password on any site anyways. I use something like LastPass to organize my passwords. All I have to know is this single password to get into that and any multi-factor authentication to use it. It makes it pretty simple, even my mom uses it.
  9. I'm looking to set up a small invert/coral quarantine system, so I'm wanting to get a small 8-20 gal AIO setup to make my life a little easier. I don't have a lot to spend on this (justification reasons at the moment), but I can also trade 3D Design/Printing services. Let me know what you have. If I can't find an AIO, I'll likely settle for a 10-20gal and toss a HOB on it, so if you have something like that, PM me anyways - might be down. Thanks! Micah
  10. Thar be water in thine tank!!! Added some ammonia, bunch of bacterial starters... We're cycling! Gotta say, this is my first big boy water mixing station and I don't know how I did it before this..... That was a buttload of water.
  11. Oh! Also, we got the rock work glued together and ready. We'll likely do another smaller structure on the right side, but so far, this is a great start.
  12. Alright..... Some progress yesterday. Got her plumbed and water tested. Just flowing into the overflow box at the moment. After an initial Murphy moment, it's all running fairly smooth. Letting it run for a day or so until I'm satisfied that it's not leaking. I also need to support the plumbing here and there. Next..... Salt. I also already have clowns and a lawnmower in quarantine at the moment, being treated as per humblefish's recommendations.
  13. If anybody can message me with the dimensions of such pumps, I can give it a shot. It'll cost more in the long run if I can't hold the pump in my hand though. Being able to measure with calipers and test fit on the actual pump/part allows for pretty rapid prototyping.. So, if you can get me the thing you're actually trying to fit, I can make pretty much anything.
  14. I'll be using a drilled 40b as my frag/overflow tank, but I noticed the top and bottom frames (aqueon) have a crack on one side. I assume that means the frame is doing next to nothing. Since I'll be putting this tank on pink foam anyways, do you see a reason to keep the broken frame on it (other than some aesthetic that I don't find especially appealing)? I've never ran into this in the past. Let me know, thanks! --Micah
  15. Dangit. Clicked for the beer .... That was a mean trick @Gil&Fin. 😜
  16. I know there's already a WTB for ATO's so I just want to be clear, I don't need anything fancy or even good. I need two or three old or even broken ATO's. I'll be fixing/using them for my quarantine setups and just need a starting point. I have a hard time paying for a new one for these tanks. I was going to just DIY a couple, which is still an option, but figured I'd reach out here. I'd be willing to trade 3d design/printing time in exchange for a working one. Hit me up! Thanks. --Micah
  17. No, I demand you take it all apart and show me a picture of it without the washers! j/k, glad you got it working!
  18. Ahh. I see it now. Yeah, now I want to see a pic of it with the washer removed. I still think doing an inline source valve is a better idea and only costs like... 10 bucks
  19. Can you crank it down with a pipe wrench or something?
  20. If nothing else works, the adapters from BRS are pretty sweet. I've used them before and they give you a real water source from under the sink.
  21. Well, plumbers tape isn't a sealant, it just helps seat the threads. If it's leaking, it's likely because the washer inside the adapter isn't seating properly or isn't thick enough. Sometimes you can double up the washer for threads that aren't long enough to compress the existing washer.. that's where id start.
  22. Yeah, me too actually, but the amount of feeding I'd have to do in order to make the skimmer work properly also basically ruined my water params. Skimmers don't remove everything you add.
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