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  1. I wouldn't miss this for the world! Looks like a ton of fun! See everybody then!
  2. Free 3/4" flex-PVC!

    Free! Some arbitrary length of 3/4" FlexPVC!
  3. I know it's probably a long shot, but figured I'd try here before I snagged one on amazon. I need a 24V DC power supply @ 6A Anybody have one of these laying around? --Micah
  4. I have more than a couple metal bits showing a little rust and my tank seems great. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Virtually no scratches. This is a framed aquarium - black trim. It's an aqueon, so the bottom isn't tempered. I drilled it (thanks Fishmanmike!) and installed an overflow dead center. It's a great tank and if I was getting into this hobby again, I'd start with a 40b. Plenty of room for aquascape, good enough height, and enough water. Also, it's only a 36" tank so lighting it is cheaper. Including the glass hinged lid. Lid is also 3/8" glass. I'll even include the plumbing I used for my 20g sump. I would include the sump, but it holds sentimental value to me as it was my wife and I's first reef tank together. So.... hands off! But go get one at Petco for 20 bucks and the plumbing I have will work for you. You can have the cheap-o 2x4 stand as well. Works like a champ, it's just a little uggo. Anyways.. Great tank, I just don't need it taking up space and taunting me to set it back up. 50 bucks - come and get it.
  6. I'm sellin' crap.

    okay, going to start a new thread with my remaining items. This build is all but gone - just a couple things remain. Please close this thread - since that for some reason isn't allowed.
  7. I'm sellin' crap.

    Updated List: **Note: WILL NOT SHIP ANYTHING - Local pickup only. I live in Portland Oregon. Dry Goods: Drilled/Plumbed 40b with acrylic overflow box in center (glass lid) - 60 bucks AquaC Remora Pro skimmer w/Surface Skimmer box (Needs pump) - 50
  8. I'm sellin' crap.

    Sorry nanoreefer, the person right before you finally got back to me and he's down for the eheim and the ATO. Better luck next time!
  9. I'm sellin' crap.

    Impeller has some wear, but pump is still quiet and in classic eheim form, works like a champ. I didn't know how to price this pump, so my naevity is your win. That said, shipped to where? I grow tired of the post office. I've cut a deal on shipping things already, so buyer will pay ACTUAL shipping and packaging costs.
  10. I'm sellin' crap.

    Oh, and I have weir teeth that I had made by some awesome people on this forum. I'll send those with this. Or we could even attach them here, I have glue.
  11. I'm sellin' crap.

    Not the best pics, will have more when I break it down. (Tonight/tomorrow)