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  1. Okay people... 50 bucks! Let's do this! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. I'll gladly drop this price a whole lot to get this thing off my porch. 100 bucks? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks! Yeah, it's fine. Doesn't have to be a sad thing. Just a hobby.
  4. Hey guys, getting rid of my tank - finally. Put an offer on a house and I don't want to move this thing. One day I'll get another one and get back into this, but for now, I've re-homed the inhabitants. 200 50 bucks get you: A shload of rock (though, I'd let it bake for a bit in the "sun" due to vermetid snails and [language filter]-dirty-aips) - Some rock is drilled for the included acrylic rods/bases. A 75gal standard sized tank. Great glass, only 1 or 2 very minor scratches + a perfectly cut piece of eggcrate for the bottom/sand area. The tank has a built-in overflow setup. Using both downspouts for drain - over the back for return. Enough aragonite sand to create a 2" base 40g breeder with baffles for a skimmer section (with fixed level), return section in the middle and a slow-flow refugium. Includes float switches for auto-top-off and hanger brackets. (See pics) Hood - made it myself and it shows. It's not the prettiest thing, but it's functional as a mofo and has two gigantic and very quiet exhaust fans (included) The stand is a 2x4 stand style, but is well made, doesn't creak, and has panels that "snap" on to match the hood. One side has a board to bolt your electronics to. Plumbing. Everything to make it run is included as far as tubing/plumbing goes, but you may want to re-plumb it or at least tighten the bulkheads. There was a little drippy/salt-creep happening. Never scared me or anything, but worth at least re-snugging the plumbing. If this price is outrageous, make an offer. I have no idea what stuff is worth anymore, so help me out with that if necessary - but don't be dishonest. Pics are from all time periods... obviously, no lights are included... and none of the sump equipment. Working on getting a couple more from my wifes' phone. I'll post them in this thread when/if I find them. And everything in the 2 outside pics is still filthy... but I can hose it all off and give it a wipe down for ya if you want. Good chance you'll be re-vamping it all anyway right? Thanks for stoppin' by, Micah
  5. I wouldn't miss this for the world! Looks like a ton of fun! See everybody then!
  6. Free 3/4" flex-PVC!

    Free! Some arbitrary length of 3/4" FlexPVC!
  7. I know it's probably a long shot, but figured I'd try here before I snagged one on amazon. I need a 24V DC power supply @ 6A Anybody have one of these laying around? --Micah
  8. I have more than a couple metal bits showing a little rust and my tank seems great. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Virtually no scratches. This is a framed aquarium - black trim. It's an aqueon, so the bottom isn't tempered. I drilled it (thanks Fishmanmike!) and installed an overflow dead center. It's a great tank and if I was getting into this hobby again, I'd start with a 40b. Plenty of room for aquascape, good enough height, and enough water. Also, it's only a 36" tank so lighting it is cheaper. Including the glass hinged lid. Lid is also 3/8" glass. I'll even include the plumbing I used for my 20g sump. I would include the sump, but it holds sentimental value to me as it was my wife and I's first reef tank together. So.... hands off! But go get one at Petco for 20 bucks and the plumbing I have will work for you. You can have the cheap-o 2x4 stand as well. Works like a champ, it's just a little uggo. Anyways.. Great tank, I just don't need it taking up space and taunting me to set it back up. 50 bucks - come and get it.
  10. I'm sellin' crap.

    okay, going to start a new thread with my remaining items. This build is all but gone - just a couple things remain. Please close this thread - since that for some reason isn't allowed.