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  1. I'll take offers! (I'm unsure of the current market value for this pump, so I just tossed a number out there)
  2. SOLD - Working dosing pump.. Still has the mounting bracket. 20 bucks. Not sure what else to type here..... it's just a dosing pump... so.. you know... buy it?
  3. SOLD - Perfect for a nano! It has a fairly low lifespan, all LED's function at full brightness. Comes with the little AI controller and even a mount! Mount works on a ton of tanks. 50 bucks or best offer.
  4. SOLD! So, I sold my whole tank setup, but for some reason, I couldn't give this pump up. Pretty sure it's an unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object, so I'm going to let it go and release my hoarding temptations. This thing is in GREAT shape and runs smooth. Ran it at half speed for most of the short time I've had it. 150 or best offer! --Micah
  5. AI Nano light and mounting arm. 50 dollars
  6. I only accept "dibs" in dollar amounts.
  7. Actually, screw it. How about 30 bucks?
  8. Weird. I thought I put something in there... I dunno what it's worth and there's no kelly blue book for aquarium stuff. 100 bucks or best offer. <-- this is where you tell me what its worth.
  9. Franks RedHot not included.
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