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  1. Hah! Sorry, didn't see that. My. Notification cut that off for some reason and didn't give me the ... Like there was more. Oh well. Missed it.
  2. How used? Does it come with the extra head?
  3. I never said NOT to use it.... Just didn't know the person's confidence level not using an out of the bottle product. In my experience, advising something that doesn't have directions on the container and the amount dosed could be misinterpreted, is more risky. Which is why I suggested the fritz stuff.
  4. I think a lot of people are having LFS's hold things and/or friends you can trust.
  5. Yeah, I mean.. it's no columbian bang-bang, but it'll work.
  6. Haha. Probably fine. I don't think there's a good local source for lab grade baking soda. Either way, the fritz stuff is pretty cheap, pre mixed and has formulas for alk increase right on the bottle.
  7. Pretty sure "arm and hammer" isn't top shelf. Hahaha
  8. I think you should qualify that it's the controller you don't like.... the heaters themselves are rock solid and have been used reliably for many years under the schego brand name.
  9. @CuttleFishandCoral has the Fritz RPM Elements brand of Alkalinity almost always in stock. They had a few the last time I was in there.
  10. This is how I'm using the inkbird's on my setup. I let them manage the temp (so yeah, 1 deg swings, bleh), and the APEX handles out of norm conditions. ie, turns off inkbird if temp gets too high and alarms if temp gets too low or turns off the inkbird if it gets drastically lower (probe fell out/probe error). I'm actually mocking up a PID controller for temperature control at the moment. With the super simple titanium heating elements (no circuitry, just a coil of wires) it should allow me to reliably keep within 0.05 of a degree in my tank. I just need to source a more reliabl
  11. Interesting.. They seem to have pulled the "Controller only" option. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/titanium-aquarium-heater-system-bulk-reef-supply.html That's the product I'm referring to. They used to sell only the controller as an option, but I'm not seeing that anymore. You could just get a whole set and not use the heater... or get the right heater element and call it an upgrade? I'm using their titanium heaters and they seem to be legit.
  12. Its okay, I have a couple of them for random stuff. My only gripe with the aquarium is the smallest hysteresis between on/off is 1degF. So, your tank will constantly swing 1 degree up and down. The BRS version of this (which is slightly more money) is 0.3degF, which is significantly better.
  13. With great power, comes great responsibility.
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