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  1. You go to hell. You go to hell and you die.
  2. I have a 12v 1.5a one you're welcome to have. I'm in the Tigard area.
  3. I had a yellow and a sailfin in copper for 20 days at 2.5ppm with copper power they looked amazing the whole time. I run copper+metroplex+kanaplex+furan2 all at the same time. I think that has something to do with it. Another benefit of copper over CP is that I can test for copper to ensure that I am at therapeutic levels.
  4. I'll have to do that, at least for the fish that can't tolerate copper at all. So far, I've had nothing but luck with copper, so I'm reticent to change my ways - especially because the humble.fish folks have some pretty good success.
  5. In the past, my quarantine method was to wait for things to go wrong and just assume I have ich/live with it. Ich management. Starting this new tank, however, I've decided to take it seriously and do the full quarantine/medicating/etc. The humblefish method. Fish: Treated for 7-20~ days on prazi (wrasses/etc need a longer ramp up/down). Then treated for 14-30 days on therapeutic levels of copper power (again, wrasses/other sensitive fish need more time to acclimate to copper) Corals/Snails/Rock/Clams/Etc: 76 days in Fishless QTs Anemones: 16 days in fishless QT Shrimp/Crabs/Etc: 76 days or 16 days + first full molt I have a full physically separated fish quarantine consisting of two 20gallon talls with drains to the house waste plumbed in separated from themselves with a partition. I have a separate 20g cube fishless coral/invert QT as well. If anybody else wanted to set up any quarantine setups, now is the time. Petco is having their dollar-per-gallon sale at the moment. Head on in and get yourself a couple 20gallon tanks. I have some HOB's to pay it forward if @Gil&Fin doesn't want them back.
  6. You should have started that post with "trigger alert". Because most people have a warped view of what quarantine actually means or what "I have ich" means.
  7. There's a JBJ ATO at cuttlefish that I've tested working with one float switch (working on getting a second, but you can buy a replacement one yourself as the emergency one). You can just have that one. Works great Just needs a pump of your own choice for moving the top off water. Let me know and I'll alert cuttlefish.
  8. Yes! Boneyard RPM is great. Been drinking a lot of fort George optimist lately. Lower alcohol content, tastes good in warm weather and usually on sale. It's my quarantine beer of choice.
  9. I think I'm gonna need 75's.....those are [language filter] sexy.
  10. Illegal reef keeping is even more exciting than the boring legal kind....
  11. I thought it was legal to collect dry rock/sand in hawaii, but the limits only apply when leaving the island. I could be wrong, but that's what I remember last.
  12. Sweet. We can crack a socially distanced brew together.
  13. Dang! That's a good deal! If you've still got it by this weekend, I'll take you up on that trade. I'm also in Tigard.
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