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  1. No, I demand you take it all apart and show me a picture of it without the washers! j/k, glad you got it working!
  2. Ahh. I see it now. Yeah, now I want to see a pic of it with the washer removed. I still think doing an inline source valve is a better idea and only costs like... 10 bucks
  3. Can you crank it down with a pipe wrench or something?
  4. If nothing else works, the adapters from BRS are pretty sweet. I've used them before and they give you a real water source from under the sink.
  5. Well, plumbers tape isn't a sealant, it just helps seat the threads. If it's leaking, it's likely because the washer inside the adapter isn't seating properly or isn't thick enough. Sometimes you can double up the washer for threads that aren't long enough to compress the existing washer.. that's where id start.
  6. Yeah, me too actually, but the amount of feeding I'd have to do in order to make the skimmer work properly also basically ruined my water params. Skimmers don't remove everything you add.
  7. Nice! I'll be doing something similar. I had the older version of this exact skimmer on my old tank and while I liked it, I think it was oversized for that tank and it never quite skimmed right unless I fed the tank unrealistically heavy.
  8. Oh! I also ordered my skimmer.. OCTO Elite 150INT.
  9. Some progress updates. I build some stands for the garage. One for the sump and aux/frag/etc tank and another for the two 20g quarantine tanks. They'll be physically separated to keep contamination risk to a minimum.
  10. Oh! and the sump is just as gorgeous!
  11. Absofreakinglutely HUGE thank you to @CuttleFishandCoral for helping me haul this thing... Pretty sure I'm going to hurt tomorrow. RIP - My back.
  12. This thing is a monster!! I'm in love! Also, the tank and stand are pretty cool too.
  13. Ahh yes. I remember now.
  14. Nice! I can't even remember having a frag tank. Was it a 40b?
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