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  1. First come, first serve. It was a workhorse tank and was running for 6 years. It'll be in my front yard starting Sunday morning till it's gone. Don't even have to knock ( I work but the fam will know about it). Grab and go. 1901 General Anderson Ave Vancouver Wa 98661. Sunday morn for free. Not my tank but the same as pictured below. free
  2. I want to give a tank away on the classifieds but there is a post minimum. I have no idea how close I am to being able to post but i'd really like to pay it forward and give this tank and stand away to a possible new reefer. I could post on Craigslist but I want you peeps to have fist dibs. It's a 36g corner round. Was a working tank for 5 years and needs a good home. She's one of those ugly orange corner tanks but hey, It's free to a good home. Hope this adds to my count. Cheers, Don
  3. Fantastic, I live in the couve. I'll pm you wen I get home in the evening.
  4. I'll take the salt. Where abouts are you located?
  5. If you still have it next weekend I'll pick it up.
  6. My current list of solutions. I moved the remaining power head to the far side of the tank. The return from the pump in the other. Also researching day eductors... There is cross flow again. Not turbulent but I'll take what u can get. I am gonna just do extra water changes and keep an eye out for people throwing away macros. My total system volume is only 55 gallons so I figure weekly 10g water changes should be good. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am not so panicked about sudden tank failure. I was looking at the in tank freshwater filters. If my memory serves they have small power heads in them of a similar size as the original. Just an idea.
  7. I'm hoping that the power head for the skimmer is a common one. Buy one and replace it. I did find that the impeller shaft had broken off the inside of the powehead. The impeller went over it. It was just a regular steel pin and sheared off. I found it at the bottom of the sump. I think that was the point of failure.
  8. Thanks jack! I think I got the flow sorted. I'm building a 1 1/4 PVC overflow for the far side. If that doesn't help I'll take you up on that.
  9. Pics of the needle wheel. http://imgur.com/a/jyJWW
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