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  1. I landed at PDX around 7:30pm... It took some hunting, but i found a path home. I took like an hour just to get from the shuttle pickup to the economy lot. Our shuttle driver didn't want to drift right to get over... he just sat in the i205 parking lot traffic. Once i was able to get to i84 everything was good until about Lloyd Center. I bounced off at that point and took burnside bridge over.. I had to cruise downtown a bit to find only one route that wasn't a literal parking lot..... Barbour blvd. I am guessing everyone was scared of that hill. It was clear the entire way home from there. It took about an hour going around slow cars and having to take all back roads.... but i was home (Beaverton/Hillsboro) by 11:15pm from the airport. My vehicle was fine... 4x4, new BFG traction tires, 300lbs of sand in the bed. It was just finding a route and getting around the abandoned and slow moving cars. Ironically...i just came back from Pittsburgh.... 4-6" of snow.... roads all clear. They KNOW how to deal with this stuff. There were trucks everywhere!! Of course... they deal with it more often to make having the vehicles worth the expense.
  2. Shorter entry period for this month.... sorry bout that!! still 3 weeks to enter and i know all ya' all can enter! The rules are pretty simple! • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Front Tank Shot Show me some great shots of your front view. All of that hard work you put into your tanks!! I know there are a whole bunch of amazing tanks out there!! show them off! Deadline: October 31st, 2016 @ 10pm PST Voting will start on November 1st and run for 2 weeks. Winner is determined by PNWMAS members and visitors via voting poll. GL
  3. Yet another beauty!! Congrats danlu!! great pic!!
  4. I want to thank everyone for participating in this growout. It was the first that i have ever run. Sorry for being late a few times.... life gets really busy as we all know! I think things went pretty well.... so on to the winners... 1st place... with a growth of 36 heads.... POWDERBLUE !! You sir are now the proud owner of a brand new MP10WD!! 2nd place.... MJ's Reef!!! you will be receiving a fragging kit and a subscription to Coral Magazine. 3rd Place..... well... this was a tie! SSappington and Afautheree!! - subscription to Coral Magazine After reviewing the pics Bret and I have decided to go ahead and put in for another subscription... so well will cover the additional subscription ensuring that both of our 3rd place finishers get subscriptions. Again.... thank you everyone for your participation. I hope that those that participated enjoyed this grow out, and appreciate what this club has to offer. Many, many great people here that are willing to help you through your toughest tank problems.
  5. sorry everyone... this was totally my bad here! I got side tracked and didn't review the posts this weekend. I will get that done and post the announcement.
  6. I close this forum tonight at midnight.... I will announce winners and post pics of the prizes this weekend!!! GL to everyone.... thank you for your participation with our growout!!
  7. +1 on what Bert (badxgillen) just said! You do GET what you pay for. These are very cheap lights. The driver is going to be cheap.... the LEDs are going to be sub par and not be efficient. By the time you modify a light like this.... the extra money + time = should have just bought nicer lights. People will spend thousands on filtration, sumps, power heads.... then go cheap on the lights... a primary source for growth and color. just my .02
  8. There is a reason why everyone is still looking for Utters..... We just had one of our 3 colonies randomly decide to melt.... Just keep that in mind!!
  9. Ricordias would be tough..... but, i can see it working! The members only thing is an option.... since Bret and I donated our zoas for the growout.... we required membership. GL!
  10. This is great... thanks for writing this up! I am hoping soon this will be a moot point!!
  11. LOL stop making it complicated!! what pics are posted is what i will use. If you want to update your pics prior to the deadline, then you are welcome to.
  12. So i saw this video again recently and i thought to myself..... what if this thing would also match the speed of the fish, and reacted the way the fish do in the tank.... I wish i had some 3D animation experience to run through the scenarios of different fish.....
  13. Hello everyone!!! I have been toppled with things lately and have been a bit quiet.... my apologies... but who cares!! This is it.... the last round of photos.... months of growing just to win this!! So with that being said here are the rules for the last round!! Pics must be in focus (clean). I will not accept fuzzy grainy pics. You may not be able to get all the color to pop, but you can certainly get a clean pic with a cell phone. If Bret can do it...... anyone can!! 2 Pic minimum. I want to be able to see every zoa on the plug. Since your final pics are the judgment for winning, they have to account for every head. If i cannot clearly see the zoa, it doesn't exist. 1 of your pics has to be of the frag open. I want to see your happy frags open. This will help determine health. Get as close... but more importantly.. get as clean of a pic as you can of the open faces of the zoas. I expect that some of you will be picking up the zoas for clean pics of head count. This is why i want an open face shot. Pics must be posted by October 7th 2016 midnight. I am late by a day so i will extend the deadline. Post all pics here: http://www.pnwmas.org/forum/136-october-sekura-pics-last-round/ Thank you everyone for your participation!! GL!!
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