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  1. Nothing fancy, just a reactor to run GFO in. Prefer two little fishies, but I don't have any experience with reactors soooo... let me know what you have and/or think.
  2. I have a 'whatever' that I'd like to sell. It's a 4 bulb t5 with a center MH and led moonlights. Let me find out measurements for you tomorrow morning and we can see if it's something you'd be interested in. Had it over my 75 gallon (same length as a standard 55) and it fit perfect. I didn't like how the center brace was right where the MH would shine so if you have a plastic center brace it might be an issue.
  3. Aha! Thank you Vance164. I will be renewing next month probably. I won't stress about it, lol. I'm just a little ocd and every time I see the title I can't help but think, "nope, that's not right- I changed my mind" lol. Oh well, the posts say what people need to know. I'll post a new one for equipment I need... maybe in the buy/trade?
  4. Hey Matty, I'm kind of a 'beginner' lol. I'm starting over after a year of no coral (except some xenia, 2 red mushrooms, and a duncan that must be the toughest coral on the planet to survive the anemone apocalypse. JK... I live so far away it's not even convenient unless I paid and even then I'd have to organize a courier or have anything shipped and this weather is not shipping friendly. Man I wish I lived closer to all you guys!
  5. how do i edit my original post? Well, in the meantime... I will be waiting on the flame and CB angels. I don't have corals established again yet so I don't need any new frags getting nipped at plus I've decided to wait and get a juvenile of each and add them at the same time to see what we can do about limiting the territory issues. It'll be a shot in the dark and several months down the road, but just something I'll roll around in the ol' noggin for now but not act on.
  6. I've been looking into it and it is up in the air... but general consensus is it depends on aquascape, how much you feed, and when you introduce to the tank (together or separate). Plus each fish has its own personality so some will be bigger a**holes than others lol. I'd be willing to give it a try but my preference would be the flame angel also if it came down to it. I'm glad you pointed this out though... I'll probably wait until I can purchase two juveniles at the same time. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  7. What?! Not both? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  8. Where are u located? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  9. ALSO- I have a mated pair of b/w clowns to trade or sell... if that spices things up a bit. I'll be posting them separately also.
  10. Hey ALL! Been a LONG time since I was on here. I used to frequent the forum if any of you remember me lol. I've just parted ways with my little 15.5 gallon nano cube but I still have my 75 up and running! The most recent compliment was from a non-fish friend who said "oh it's soooo pretty! I love how all the grass flows in the current!" LOL. Yes, I have been neglecting the tank and never added the proper clean up crew. It's slowly getting under control and the fish are healthy and happy so it's only a matter of time. So here's the scoop... I've been in school for nursing and it has literally consumed me. I feel like I have a groove back and could possibly get this tank looking good again. I have a clean up crew on it's way and have a lawnmower blenny that looks like a helium balloon he eats so much. Here's what I'd like to start with... Yellow tang red flame angel coral beauty Mushroom corals leathers zoas/palys ricordias favias acans basically anything easy to frag and CHEAP. lol I live in Coos Bay so shipping is a must. I'll happily pay for shipping and it's almost always overnight from portland to here because everything comes straight from there to here. Corals would be fine going standard, but fish I'd have to pay to have overnight guarantee or just wait to find a courier who is coming this way (I have several friends who live up there).
  11. Selling my 15.8 gallon (60 liter) Sera Bio Cube. Used as a saltwater reef tank until I robbed the corals to put in my 75 I finally have up and running. Now it's just a fowler with a few fish and I don't have time to keep up on both tanks. $350 obo with stand (not willing to separate stand and tank- I have no use for either w/out the other). Stand has enough room for an additional standard 10 gallon below w/cut out for plumbing. Some pics are of its 'glory days' as a mixed reef tank. THESE PICS SHOW WHAT THIS TANK CAN BE... NOT what you are buying. I am selling tank with live rock and sand (structure shown in last pic). Optional/additional purchase of mated pair of black clowns who currently inhabit tank but are over sized for it. Please PM me with questions as I may not see them on the main thread. Pick up in Coos Bay. Delivery options may be discussed. Throwing in any and all extras I have including a koralia nano 240 powerhead, finnex (I think) titanium heater with digital display, live rocks and sand, magnetic algae scraper, and whatever else I have for the tank. PLEASE NOTE: Chinese led used to light tank when corals present... however the included light in hood is a t5 and needs replaced if coral growth is desired. Bulb is 4 years old and costs approx $30 from manufacturer for replacement. Bulb is sufficient for fowler. TEXT 541-404-7216 FOR PICS... I couldn't upload them from my phone at the moment.
  12. WTT a healthy clone of my multicolored bubble tip anemone. Split was natural and nem is healed, opens great, eats and has good color. Detached from the rock near the original nem and I put it in a net basket, so there's no harm to the foot. I'm looking to obtain a healthy yellow tang and a peppermint shrimp...NOT a camel shrimp (they're easily confused). Located in coos bay and not likely able to travel due to vehicle issues. Contact me via phone or text 541-404-7216... I don't check messages often on the forum. it's currently in the net above, but you can see the tank is healthy and happy. here it is on the lower left about 4 weeks after the split. (Ignore the algae... the urchin took care of it. I was leaving my lights on too long). Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  13. is it really a 38"? or did you mean 36" or 48"? I can't find any info on the 38" size. Do you have pics?
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