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  1. Apex $300

    I'll take it pmed you!
  2. Favorite rock?

    Beautiful pics!!
  3. Skimmer choices for my upgrade

    Dc controllers allow infinite adjustment...!!!!
  4. Cheap Water Flow

    Make sure you have a ground probe..
  5. Glass scraper question

    How much are the tunze?
  6. Gyre Pump Considerations

    You running only 1 250? Is that enough flow?
  7. Tunze 6040 First impressions

    What size tank?
  8. RODI filters

    How often for di replacement?
  9. Can't reply to classified ad?

    I was wondering same thing. Thanks
  10. Ill take apex with 8 and four!

  11. 1.5" bio balls

    Need 10 or less 1.5" bio balls for my old etts skimmer near oregon city. Please text 503-984-7018
  12. chaeto near oregon city

    Wtb chaeto I live near oregon city
  13. Soft starter corals

    Restarting my tank, old cycle, but no life, two months dark period. Fish only right now looking for pulsating zenia or other starters to begin with Oregon city