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  1. Sorry, it was picked up this morning.
  2. I was thinking around dinner time. I could make some killer chiles rellenos while I'm there. Sound like a deal?
  3. That and what are the chances of getting another one locally?
  4. Slipped my mind. Thank you guys! 28x16x12
  5. Who's looking for a complete aqua scape? $200.
  6. Just gonna go ahead and drop this one here. Don't mind me!!
  7. ATO container sold. Still a few goodies available.
  8. Almost forgot you snagged a frag☝️! Welcome!
  9. I counted 20 submissions.. Holy moly did we actually get everyone to post their frag before the deadline?!?! Let the growing begin!!😀
  10. If you know what it is and need it send me a message. Also have some extra tubing that can go with it.. If you don't know what it is you most likely don't need it lol $60
  11. Go get your frags people! Ps. Jeff is ordering me a tank. I might even be able to get in on this one!
  12. Perfect!☝️ All you need now is a filter.
  13. Check with the owner. You can also call our store phone.
  14. Rules: 1. Pick up your frag! 2. Post a picture of your frag on a plug next to a ruler ( it can be removed from our plug and placed on your plug of choice but must remain on a plug). 3. The first picture must be posted by May 1st. Members that do not post their picture by May 1st will be dropped from the competition. 4. Updates of your frag are due the first week of the month (again, members that fail to update within that timeline will be dropped). 5. Competition ends in November. That means your final picture must be submitted no later than November 7th! Winner will be chosen based on growth and color by the man himself (Jeff)! 6. Along with your first picture tell us about your system. Are you dosing? Are you running a calcium reactor? 2 part? Maintenance schedule. What lighting are you running? Etc.. 7. Last but not least HAVE FUN!!! Prize: 🎁 The good part! A high end sps CNC style frag pack that is sure to please any sps lover. CNC 😎✌
  15. Skimmer sold. Dosers, containers, ato all still available.
  16. No more frags available! Please see new list. Keep an eye out for the official grow out thread with rules and instructions. Theres gonna be an awesome prize for the winner! 1. Optimusprime3605 2. Albertareef 3. Shaywood 4. Suncrestreef 5. BicycleBill 6. Ocboat 7. 2ks2k 8. Coralreeftankers 9. Danik 10. Rbusta11. Lexinverts 12. J-dog 13. TaylorHardy1 14. JtArmitage 15. What_the_frag 16. Theclark 17. Tandor69 18. Spectra 19. Obrien.david.j 20. Brian67.
  17. Winners! RockChalk: #1@20, #2@35, #8@41, #9@25 cjmdh: #5@45, #6@45, #7@45 Gil&fin:#4@30 Jtarmitage#3@10 Albertareef#10@15 That wraps up this weeks auctions. Thank you everyone for the support on behalf of CNC staff. This gets us one step closer to our donation goal towards Corona Virus Relief Fund for Students and Families. See you all soon! Best, CNC
  18. Posting all winners in a few. Skittles favia still up for grabs!
  19. Sorry, pickup date is 4/24. We're giving them seven days from yesterday to heal.
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