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  1. Plus 1 to roy being a great guy he has helped me a number of time roy is definitely the man.
  2. Do you tattoo yourself or did she have it done somewhere.
  3. Are there any tattoo artists on the forum I am looking to get a reef scene and it would be nice if it was done by someone that knows what a reef actually is.
  4. I will take the vectra if you dont mind holding it for a few weeks until I get back from Roatan
  5. Thank you just wish I had more time to work on it.
  6. Thinking about doing the plumbing way different than I ever have more like house plumbing what do you guy's think. I'm thinking of running all 4 inch and a half drains into a single 4 inch with a clean out on the end of the 4 inch in the event there ever was a problem.
  7. It's a 3'x2'x5' envision tank diy stand and hood 8 bulbs of t5 and 3 ai hydra 52 hd's. I will post more as I slowly progress slow is the key word haha.
  8. I finally actually accomplished a tiny bit of progress on the new build.
  9. Dang missed that one if any back out please let me know brad.
  10. Pm me your info I will text you mine I do a ton of marijuana grows.
  11. Ya almost a year ago haha just been so busy haven't had time to switch them out.
  12. Thank you I really need to setup the new tank.
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