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  1. Final bump. A few things left before I can finally shut the tank down.
  2. Oh man I didn't realize this was your thread Manny! Everything looks so nice! and so glad that they went to a good home, but it looks like you might need to upgrade to a bigger tank soon haha!
  3. Just want to bump this up. Please let me know if you need additional pictures of fish and equipment.
  4. Thank you for the kind words. I'm extremely sad that I have to break this down , but I hope to be back in Portland in a couple of years and setup another "smaller" tank.
  5. That is a clean looking setup. I'm going to try to get a smaller setup just like that in my new home.
  6. Hello Taylor, sorry looks like all of those are pending.
  7. I have someone who spoke for this already, you will be second in line. Thank you!
  8. Hello, turns out they are Rastas instead of Yodas, thank you!
  9. 12/13/2017 Final update, only equipment left: ________________________________________________________________________ 12/5/2017 OLD Hello everyone, I'm breaking down my 120 and want to sell everything. Individual prices are below, view the pictures and checkout the prices in the second link. Call or text 503 442 9901, I'm located in NE Portland. Pictures of corals: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D4kybOIzItbo5Tm3W5mpIXlufva923yX/view?usp=sharing Prices (3 tabs): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1So7YvpoZ_b5SCNRxV5GR-b4ljNM3BmID/view?usp=sharing Overview of my setup:
  10. nice job! and Gil&Fin's collection is crazy nice
  11. So sad to hear, I only recently heard of this :(
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