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  1. If the fish has ich a freshwater dip will help with Gill issues for a short period of time but will in no way cure it. Has the fish been in the display tank. If not start copper right away. Read up on how to do it. If it has been in the display tank you need to remove all the fish in the tank and go fallow. Some fish can live with ich for a while but it does not usually work for long. More details such as type of fish would allow me to be more specific.
  2. I am no expert but I would try a different antibiotic such as kanaplex. Bacteria are sometimes resistant to one antibiotic but not another. Methylene blue is also good to use as a dip for this type of problem. I hope he starts doing better.
  3. It is hard to see but it doesn't really look like ich to me. If it is you need to quarantine and treat all your fish and leave your display tank empty of all fish for around 70 days. The fish could just have an injury.
  4. You need to do a hard reset on the apex and log your apex into the new modem. On the 2016 model you do that by pressing the reset button for 20 seconds. Don't know how to do it on the classic.
  5. Deseases of Marine Fishes is worth reading and can really help with keeping fish healthy.
  6. You pretty much have to go acrylic. Lots of on line vendors and most of the LFS can order for you. Fish tanks direct is a company I have heard mentioned often but have never bought from them. But do a search, you will find many choices.
  7. Check out SBReef lights. They are similar to what you are looking at but for only a few dollars more you get upgraded fans, better optics, better colors for coral growth, and great support. www.sbreeflights.com
  8. I have noticed that the new, good regents have plastic vs foil seals on the bottles. I would make sure that you are not using regents that have foil seals. I threw mine away. A big waste of money but at least I shouldn't get any more funky readings.
  9. Stopped into the store today to pick up a few cleaning crew members. The store is very well organized, has a good selection of fish, corals, and inverts. Very friendly customer service. Worth making a trip to Wilsonville for.
  10. Picked up my Red Sea Reefer aquarium from Travis at Upscales on Monday. A special thanks to Travis for making the purchase fast and easy, Here is where the tank is to go in the living room. Had to move the piano to make room; Below is a picture of the installed tank. The stand took a few hours to build but seems heavy duty. More to come as the build progresses.
  11. The problem with these regents is that they react to the cap of the bottle over time making the test slowly more inaccurate. If you have a new checker it should be ok. Store the regent upright not on it's side in the case like most people do .
  12. I didn't have the receipt for mine so I sent a picture of the bottle with the batch number showing. Seemed to work.
  13. IMO You should see ammonia rise, then nitrite rise, then ammonia and nitrite should drop to undetectable while nitrate will start to rise. once you see that happen then you can start doing water changes to lower nitrates and add a fish. I wouldn't use the microbactor any more as it can stop, lessen, or quicken some of this process which makes it harder to see what is going on, bacterial products are best used when you are upgrading or moving a tank and cant wait to add fish.
  14. I was mostly considering the OR's but I will also research the aquarays. Might be a viable alternative and I like having a hood.
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