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  1. Jeffreyg

    Cool zoas for sale

    Ya, I have them as well they grow pretty fast . One of my favorites let me know when you slice another polyp of your rasta off that's one I lost awhile back .
  2. Jeffreyg

    Cool zoas for sale

    I know where you bought them . Lol . Sm
  3. Jeffreyg

    Cool zoas for sale

    Jason fox fairy tales ? Nice if so I think so :-)
  4. Jeffreyg

    Fish Trap!

    After that you can take it back to the shop .
  5. Jeffreyg

    Fish Trap!

    I have one hit me up man 360 567 9684
  6. Jeffreyg

    Need some interceptor

    Going to be swapping tanks soon and I'd like to rid myself of a few red bugs . Not the end of the world just want to murder them before they go in the new display. Haven't been on here for quite awhile . I do miss bagging some of your fish !!! Can someone please point me in the right direction have cash or trade whatever you'd like I can make it happen .
  7. Jeffreyg

    Polyp Extension

    Ocean in a box has had it quite awhile
  8. Jeffreyg

    Reef octopus cr 100 5lb tank regulator fs

    Give this one last bump
  9. Jeffreyg

    Reef octopus cr 100 5lb tank regulator fs

    Still available will split up
  10. the reactor is like new never really used it sat in my sump for a while about it . 5lb aluminum tank half full with aquatic life regulator . 200 takes it all firm on price no trades thanks in advance . I'll post pics later . 360 567 9684 jeffrey
  11. I'd take the skimmer have cash 360 567 9684
  12. Jeffreyg

    Frustrated with new site

    Lol . Nope I don't ever cry over [language filter] . Ever . Just saying ever since the changes sites went downhill . Not the site could give a [language filter] about what it looks like .
  13. Jeffreyg

    Frustrated with new site

    New site is boo boo . Lmfao off to reef central less crying anyways ...