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  1. Hey guys. So I have been feeding live and frozen chocolate chip stars which have been a great source of food. Currently they're munching on three legs of a big one right now. Probably be gone soon ish 👀 Idk if frozen asternias would work. I fear they'd be too small not enough mass for them as they can eat like 20-30 of those tiny dudes in a day no problem! Thanks guys but for now chocolate chip stars will do. Unless you wanna catch like 30-50 of them off your Glass one day then we can meet up
  2. My rainbow nem is about split. Check my build out and you can see it's awesome colors. Good sized too even when splitting. Sold a handful on here already
  3. Sorta getting rid of my sps sticks and moving to LPS mostly and btas. Forest Fire Digi $45 Green Slimer $10 Both for $50 and you'll get a bonus purple acro frag 😎👉 Older pic More recent, green slimer simply wasnt getting light on the one side for awhile no worries there though . still slimey!
  4. Exactly as described in the header. Simply don't need! Great for a FW nano! $40 ez pz gets it.
  5. Selling and downsizing my 75g FW setup.Included fluval fx6 filter, hob filter, all media and parts there, leds lights, heater, wood, sand, rock and all the fish which include...1x Tiger Oscar1x Red tail Shark1x Albino Pleco7x Filament BarbsI repainted the stand to have a nice black rustic look sorta of reclaimed aesthetic. Simply moving to just two tanks for now. Will do partial trades for sure if the trade is right. $300 for the whole setup or... $80 for tank, stand, light, and, hob filter. It's an older thicker glass 75g. I would vinegar bath it to get rid of hard water deposits left behind. $180 for the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter in perfect order and condition. $20 for heater and thermostat $40 for livestock $50 for the wood and rock and sand Thank! mp40 is sold already in the pictures...
  6. Use to have one. Almost want it for the Nostalgia
  7. Pics show manufacture date. Works perfectly fine and is quiet for the most part still. Bought from local on here a few months ago. Electrical tape has no affect just holding the wires together from age. I think $120obo is fair?
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