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  1. This could have been my fault. I’ve sold one or two frags out from under Scott before. “Save me a frag”
  2. Congrats Jon! Thanks for the shout out. It has been a pleasure helping u with your tank. Jeff
  3. Glad we were able to help get u your new tank. Thanks for stopping by.
  4. Very sad. Doug was a great person and community member! His generosity and spirit Im sure will live on.
  5. A few more new things around the shop!
  6. One of the can’t miss events of the year. Love these sales.
  7. Been getting in a lot of sweet stuff lately. Just sharing a few pics from around the shop this week.
  8. I’m always around everyday so if there is a time on Monday that works let me know.
  9. I would recommend buying one. On ur new system it’s going to come in handy. Maybe a 57 watt aqua or even larger. Definitely worth the investment on ur new huge tank.
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