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  1. CuttleFishandCoral

    Coral Giveaway!

    This is a piece that Kevin Mac McVey brought to the meeting last month. We are going to be giving away 3 frags. Please reply with "share the love" if you want to be part of it. All entries must be in before 7pm next Friday! A big thank you to Kevin for the donation!
  2. CuttleFishandCoral

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    I don’t recommend bio pellets ever. Sorry to hear this. I loved ur pink lemonade colony.
  3. CuttleFishandCoral

    Official CNC Zoanthid Grow Out Thread

    Hey guys. There is also a $100 gift card to cuttlefish as a prize. I think Kim forgot about it.
  4. CuttleFishandCoral

    Full tank timelapse video

    Tiger conchs are so awesome. Keep up the good work. Things are looking flawless.
  5. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish Video

    Love it.
  6. CuttleFishandCoral

    Hydra HD52

    Brad does take payments ;)
  7. CuttleFishandCoral

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    I really love how this tank is coming together. Everything looks so healthy. love the time lapse.
  8. CuttleFishandCoral

    CNC purple torch losing color, possible brown jelly?

    Lower in the tank.
  9. CuttleFishandCoral

    CNC purple torch losing color, possible brown jelly?

    Also we feel alk is the most important test to run on a reef tank. Bring in a water sample and we can test it for u. Highly recommend picking one uo
  10. CuttleFishandCoral

    CNC purple torch losing color, possible brown jelly?

    It looks bleached. Low light. Try and feed it. It’s a Aussie torch and sometimes they need to be acclimated to our lighting. How’s ur temp been? A lot of people are having issues right now with the heat.
  11. CuttleFishandCoral

    CNC purple torch losing color, possible brown jelly?

    Those are vermetid snails and can irritate the coral. I would recommend covering its mouth with super glue gel.
  12. CuttleFishandCoral

    WTB: Chalk Bass

    We have probably 5-6 of them
  13. CuttleFishandCoral

    My first torch...Too much flow or OK?

    Perfect. Such a cool torch
  14. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

    It’s been a excited week around the shop! 4 orders of amazing fish and corals arrived. Another order tomorrow is on its way. The shop is loaded with awesome stuff. We are also loaded up on dry goods and Lrs frozen food. Here is a few pics!
  15. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

    These ones run $4-600. I would be happy to hook u up next time if u let me know ahead of time. if u are looking for fast answers give the shop a call. A few people use my Facebook/Instagram accounts.
  16. CuttleFishandCoral

    FS: Dry Rock $1/lb

    How about 3lbs for .50 cent a lb. maybe I could bump it to four lbs. is the price firm?
  17. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

  18. CuttleFishandCoral

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    Love it.
  19. CuttleFishandCoral

    LASERS! (need to borrow)

    Bring the rock back in and we will cut the monti off.
  20. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

    We took a piece and put it in growout and the rest of it sold.
  21. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

    I sold the rainbow for $800. The blue is pictured in the last pic I just updated.
  22. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

  23. CuttleFishandCoral

    Amazing new shipments!

    It’s sold. Let me know if u want me to pm u when I get another one. Have a cool blue available.
  24. CuttleFishandCoral

    New pick up...

    Ya. He bought that colony at the bbq. Glad u got some.
  25. CuttleFishandCoral

    New pick up...

    It’s funny these were sitting in my shop grown from a few polyps. Got them in a few years ago. Nobody cared for them till I sold a mini colony to lengadary corals. Then I sold a colony to Kevin. They are sweet. Gotta love putting a name on it. Nobody would buy them from me when I was asking $5 a polyp. Now they run $200. Crazy world.