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  1. Last day of the sale is today! 


    It made me very happy to see all the support from u guys yesterday. After five years you guys are the ones who keeps me going. It make me want to continue to get better and grow. Looking forward to the next 5 years. Thank you all!


    We will be back at it making some amazing grab bags this morning. 


    All specials are still going strong. We did sell out of clams yesterday but all other specials are still on. 


    Come on by and check it us out. Opening 11 today.

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  2. Tomorrow starts our anniversary sale! 

    Shop is ready and loaded. 

    We will be doing two batches of grab bags. One when we open and another batch at 1pm. 

    We have also added a few sale items:

    $5 green ricordeas
    $49 Cultured 2" Ultra Blue Maxima Clams
    $29 Derasa Clams

    This is going to be fun and cant wait to see everyone! 

    Thanks for all your support over the past 5 years! Its been a blast.

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