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  1. Salt special this weekend. 

    Kent 200 gallon box $35 no other purchase required limit two

    Fritz rpm 200 box $64. $54 with purchase(everyday price)

    Reef crystals $49. $39 with purchase(everyday price) 

    Red Sea coral pro $69. $59 with purchase(everyday price) 

    Limited to supply on hand! Lot of new livestock this week as well. Shop is looking great. 


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  2. Cuttle Fish & Corals proudly announces its partnership with Saltwater Harmony to offer pre-quarantined fish.  Saltwater Harmony acclimates and preventatively treats each fish for the most common diseases and parasites such as ich, velvet, and flukes.  When you purchase a fish, you will receive a Quarantine Summary, which explains the procedures used, medications and dates administered, types of food given, salinity, and temperature information.  
    Come into Cuttle Fish & Corals to see the currently available pre-quarantined fish, or order a fish to be quarantined and pick up at a later date (usually 4-6 weeks).  For more information, including currently available fish, go to www.saltwaterharmony.com.


    Sample Q Summary.png

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