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  1. I wouldn't categorize the mushrooms pictured as easy. There is a lot of yumas coming in that are maricultured and are extremely hard to keep from melting. There are some yumas around the area that are aquacultured by hobbyist that are hardy.
  2. New spring and summer hours!

    Monday- appointment only tuesday- appointment only Wednesday- 12-7pm Thursday- 12-7pm Friday 12-7pm Saturday 11-6pm Sunday 11-5pm If you ever need to swing by one Monday or Tuesday just call ahead as we are probably there. Thanks.
  3. Party Bus Details (official thread)

    We are really excited about tomorrow. Been fragging and getting ready all week. Shop is looking awesome! We will be donating some sweet corals to the raffle at the shop so don't miss out!
  4. We have one Yasha coming in tomorrow. Call ahead to make sure it shipped
  5. Amazing Torch

    Today we got a amazing indo Torch in. Its been in captivity for over 3 years. Gotta love the Oregon Ducks colors. 4 large shipments arrived this week. We are packed!
  6. Guest speaker ideas?

    Dana Riddle Laura Simmons
  7. Guest speaker ideas?

    Maybe Jake Adams. I know he came out here like 5 years ago but a lot has changed.
  8. Sirena's New Sun Coral! Thanks Cuttlefish

    Great pic. This is a very unique sun coral. Enjoy.
  9. Most amazing fish ever! :)

    Love this fish Usually only able to be purchased for 2 months out of the year.
  10. OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

    Tom was the only person still needing to pick up his frag as of this past Sunday. One extra if needed. Matt was nice enough to give me a frag to play with so watch out.
  11. FS: "Four Play" SPS Frag Pack $80

    Love the name! Corals look amazing.
  12. Lost my coral funds to speed camera :(

    On a plane right now but will get on it first thing when I get back.
  13. Reefer 350

    Looks great so far! Cant wait to see what it turns into! Congrats on the new setup
  14. Chalice Baby Sitters

    BIG Chalice sale tomorrow at Cuttlefish!!!
  15. Cuttle Fish n Corals visit!

    Had a great visit with you today! Thanks for swinging by...Alway a pleasure.
  16. Big sale! Starting Tomorrow!

    We have revamped most of the tanks and slashed prices on most corals. If you haven't been in for a while make sure you swing by and take a look!
  17. Amazing Yuma!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Here is a little better pic of the Yuma. Just nutty.
  18. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    Great looking tank so far. You picked out a amazing pair of clowns.
  19. New red sea reefer 170!

    Can't wait to see what you do with this tank. The tank looks perfect in that spot. This is a different Robyn.
  20. Updates!

    We have a amazing selection of fish, corals, inverts, and dry goods at the shop at the moment. We are packed to the gills! We are really excited about a new salt we are stocking called Fritz RPM. Every batch of this salt is tested for quality and is getting amazing reviews. Been a crazy week of shipments. 4 huge livestock shipments. Here is a few new items that came in this week. Some really nice Aussie corals.
  21. Updates!

    Crazy new shipments came in today! Also added a amazing new $10 and $20 racks. Packed to the gills
  22. Updates!

    It is definitely one of the best salts on the market and doesn't have a huge price tag. Mixes up extremely quickly with a brown residue. Each batch is tested so it is extremely consistent. Alk mixes up to 8.5 which is what I recommend. We will still stock kent and Red Sea pro but it is nice to have more options. Orange sold but the greens are amazing and still around. It went fast looking forward to seeing you. You can finally get that reactor Just a little eye candy Thanks
  23. New scores from Cuttlefish!!!

    Much love!
  24. Cuttlefish and Corals and clowns!! :)

    This was a amazing shipment. Probably the best clowns we have had in over a year. Probably going to be running a sale this weekend on them so don't miss out.
  25. Getting Back Into The Hobby

    Really happy to see you back in it. You and your wife are great people! Good looking setup.