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  1. CuttleFishandCoral

    My AEFW treatment thread

    Sorry to hear about the AEFW. On the bright side you now have a reason to get a dragon pipefish.
  2. CuttleFishandCoral

    Refugium Junk Storm

    Is this connected to ur new frag tank? Adding that much water could have depleted your nutrients, thus causing your macroalgae to not have anything to grow with. Just a thought.
  3. CuttleFishandCoral

    Imma newb to the forum

    Welcome. It's a great community.
  4. CuttleFishandCoral

    ASM G5 protein skimmer

    Rated for 700 gallons. Probably more realistic is around 4-500g.
  5. CuttleFishandCoral

    1/10 HP chiller for trade

    AQUA EURO USA chiller. Used for 3 months last summer. Works great. Great condition. I ran it on a 50 gallon tank and it worked great. Looking for frags, MP10, MP40, dosing pumps, LED lights. I will also sell it but would rather trade. Thanks, Jeff
  6. CuttleFishandCoral

    1/10 HP chiller for trade

    pending! thanks
  7. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Thanks, I do love the concrete floors. Makes mishaps a lot easier to deal with.
  8. CuttleFishandCoral

    Happy Hour! August 2nd! Landmark Saloon!

    It was nice to meet everyone. Hope we can do it again soon. Jeff
  9. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Sounds great. Thanks.
  10. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Thanks, It has been fun.
  11. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    I also got a MP40 from ocboat. Nice guy.
  12. CuttleFishandCoral

    Happy Hour! August 2nd! Landmark Saloon!

    I am planning on coming! Should be fun.
  13. CuttleFishandCoral

    Science Pub

    I just got back from the Science Pub at the Bagdad Theater. It was sponsored by OMSI and it was a great event. It was all about astroids and the end of the world. Really fun for those wanting to dork out for a few hours. They have them at least once a month. Drink beer and nerd out! Im new in town and this was awesome. (clap)
  14. CuttleFishandCoral

    Science Pub

    Oh, and they do have trivia and one of the questions was "are corals carnivorous?" which everyone here would know. But still fun!
  15. FYI, the third post attachments arent working for me.
  16. CuttleFishandCoral

    Femto fish

    what does FEMTO stand for?
  17. CuttleFishandCoral

    Getting Out of Hobby. All Fish and Equipment for Sale

    Nice meeting you today. Thanks for the skimmer. Jeff
  18. CuttleFishandCoral

    Majano Propagation Tank

    I like it. Very creative!
  19. CuttleFishandCoral

    Need helping servicing chiller

    Whenever I had problems with chillers in the past that were out of warranty I would take them to a heating and air conditioning place. They were always able to service it or recondition it. Sometimes it was cheaper to get a new chiller if something big went out. Maybe give them a try.
  20. which model controller is it?
  21. CuttleFishandCoral

    inferno bubble tip anemone

    I wish I had one. Pretty rare. Good luck on you search.
  22. CuttleFishandCoral

    Light Fixture Burn Out

    I would imagine it would be fine for a few days. Anything more then that might be trouble. Is the picture with one 250 watt still running and one PAR38 or just the PAR38? I cant imagine the PAR38 produces more then the halide.
  23. CuttleFishandCoral

    blue clove question

    A few years ago I actually tried keeping them, I actually bought them. Couldnt keep them alive. Go figure.
  24. I was there a month ago freakin awesome. I loved the flamboyant cuttlefish.
  25. CuttleFishandCoral

    Blue Ridge Coral Question

    In my experience they seem to grow slow. The tissue will grow quickly but the skeleton will take a while. They are pretty easy to keep. I would compare the difficulty to Torch or another easier LPS. Nothing exotic color wise, kinda of a light brown. Probably why it isnt more popular. It always seemed werid that the base of the coral is so pretty but the exterior isnt.