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    I would just replace all the sand. Not worth risking it on a reset.
  2. CuttleFishandCoral

    Dosing or Reactor???

    I dont dose Mag either. Just on a as needed basis.
  3. CuttleFishandCoral

    Dosing or Reactor???

    I use dosing pumps. I like the control.
  4. CuttleFishandCoral

    Dosing or Reactor???

  5. CuttleFishandCoral

    WTB/T for cultures

    Check this out... http://reefbuilders.com/2012/09/28/phycopure-greenwater/
  6. CuttleFishandCoral


    WTH. Sorry dude.
  7. CuttleFishandCoral

    Pest tank

    That's awesome. Love the vid, especially the end when it leave the hole. Great tease.
  8. CuttleFishandCoral

    SPS Frags FS

    What great corals! Really nice meeting you tonight. Somebody needs to pickup the other palmer and the peacock. Top of the line stuff. Thanks, Jeff
  9. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    I will get a update going soon...I just set up my quarantine system so now I can start adding some fish. At the moment I have zero. I did get 3 Vega's to light up my frag tank, freakin sweet.
  10. CuttleFishandCoral

    SPS Frags FS

    I think I might be addicted...
  11. CuttleFishandCoral

    Mistreated fish at petco.

    I wont shop at Petco, period. Wont even buy dog food there. Much better to leave saltwater fish to the professionals, AKA LFS.
  12. CuttleFishandCoral

    REEFSTAR 315g build

    I am looking forward to seeing this build.
  13. CuttleFishandCoral

    Best coral color

    Double Post
  14. CuttleFishandCoral

    Best coral color

    SO, Blue would be my color.
  15. CuttleFishandCoral

    Best coral color

    I find it hard to beat a True Oregon Blue Tort.
  16. Wanareef is the man! Built me about 500 gallons worth of tanks.
  17. CuttleFishandCoral

    Why the nitrates??

    You should be fine. Changing the filters socks will help a lot especially if you were only changing them every few weeks. Its just hard to keep nitrates at 0 when you have large fish.
  18. CuttleFishandCoral

    My New LED fixture by Reefbreeders

    That was a PAR producing machine. Crazy stuff.
  19. CuttleFishandCoral

    Why the nitrates??

  20. CuttleFishandCoral

    Why the nitrates??

    Do you still have that dwarf eel? How many fish do you have? Eel are messy eaters. Do you feed it anything like silversides or krill?
  21. CuttleFishandCoral

    Wtb tank,

    I have a 5' long x 30" wide x 16" high frag tank I would sell for $100. Center overflow. It's has a lot of scratches but figured I would throw it out there.
  22. CuttleFishandCoral

    Wtb tank,

    At the rate your upgrading steve, you might as well skip the next level and go straight to 400g. (clap) I went threw the same process. 12g, 29g, 55g, 75g, 125g, 300g. Next???(whistle)
  23. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cherry Corals 24 hour live sale

    It was really hard for a while. But once it hit 4am(comp) I was able to score a few things.