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  1. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    One of the best week of shipment ever here at the shop. Hard to top the last few but I think we did.
  2. SPS problems

    Brian your membrane is shot or maybe not hooked up properly. The tds should drop after it goes threw the membrane. On a good ro system it should drop tds to 1 or 0 after the membrane and then the di should finish it to 0.
  3. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    Yes it was. It's still at the shop. We also got 40 wild Fiji pieces in to the shop on Wednesday that are priced super cheap. $40 each or two for $70
  4. Friday Afternoon Heat Wave at CNC!

    Thanks for the kind comments! a few of these scolys are called crocodile scolys and have a interesting story on reefbuilders about them. https://reefbuilders.com/2017/06/27/ufo-button-scolies-turn-up-in-arafura-sea/
  5. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    Here is some Friday afternoon eye candy! Lots of stunning new livestock in this week! See you all this weekend!Here is some Friday afternoon eye candy! Lots of stunning new livestock in this week! See you all this weekend!
  6. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    These are the crazy ones from Belize! Largest and nicest on the market. So cool.
  7. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    U just wait. U know what is cooking!!!
  8. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    Ultra flower nems start at $40 and go up.
  9. Friday Afternoon Eye Candy!

    The plate is insane! There was a new batch of flower nems from Belize that arrived today. They are out of this world and huge.
  10. New Fish

    Such a killer fish. Enjoy
  11. secret, not so secret monster tank build

    This is going to be awesome. Congrats on the great start
  12. Please Read - Helping Mike Foote

    I would love to help. If I can. Don't make it up to Seattle often but I'm sure we could figure it out.
  13. Hatfield Marine Science Center meeting July 2017

    Wow. I love my digital refractometer. I also loved the last time i went a meeting at Hatfield. Sid is great.
  14. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Brad and I are in.
  15. This weekend specials!

    Looking to pickup some fireworks for the 4th? Our Zoas and LPS frags are BOGO this weekend! Come grab some of these beauties and spruce up your tank! Jorge is back and this sale is in honor of his Ali like return to the ring! First time we have run this sale and we are loaded with amazing frags. Some of the latest and greatest corals are on sale. Also have the new Red Sea peninsula on display. looks awesome!
  16. This weekend specials!

    Jorge got a work out today. Sale is going strong tomorrow. Our $5 coral are hard to beat. No green stars in this bunch. Lol
  17. This weekend specials!

  18. Bta

    So happy it's doing well for you. It's a special piece. Enjoy
  19. Hot weather sale!

    Hot weather this weekend means hot sale! $15 dollar rainbow ricordeas and $49 dollar watermelon anemones. $35 dollar boxes of Kent salt, buy 3 get one free on all live stock (mix and match ok). Our sale is so hot right now. See you this weekend!
  20. Just some boring stuff!

    We switch a whole tank out for new stocking this week. We reloaded our $10-20 section. Crazy Aussie acros in. Just another amazing week at Cnc. This week I told my self i wasn't ordering any livestock but oh well. I'm still addicted.
  21. June Meeting Food Ideas

    This was my dinner last night. We will need to go sometime
  22. June Meeting Food Ideas

    This is the menu I think would work.
  23. Bayer

    You can find it for sale at lowes
  24. My 16gal upgraded to an 88gal

    The "goni queen" tank looks amazing!