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  1. Light Fixture Burn Out

    I would imagine it would be fine for a few days. Anything more then that might be trouble. Is the picture with one 250 watt still running and one PAR38 or just the PAR38? I cant imagine the PAR38 produces more then the halide.
  2. blue clove question

    A few years ago I actually tried keeping them, I actually bought them. Couldnt keep them alive. Go figure.
  3. I was there a month ago freakin awesome. I loved the flamboyant cuttlefish.
  4. Blue Ridge Coral Question

    In my experience they seem to grow slow. The tissue will grow quickly but the skeleton will take a while. They are pretty easy to keep. I would compare the difficulty to Torch or another easier LPS. Nothing exotic color wise, kinda of a light brown. Probably why it isnt more popular. It always seemed werid that the base of the coral is so pretty but the exterior isnt.
  5. I joined a few days ago and people have already been very helpful. Im going to try and make the a meeting as they are usually a good time.
  6. pictures

    Very cool photos! You have skills!
  7. Hello

    Just wanted to say hello. I just moved to Portland after spending 8 years in Denver. Grew up in Eugene and went to UofO, Go Ducks. Been doing saltwater reef tanks for over 10 years. Was a active member of MASC in colorado and am looking forward to being a part your community. My tank is still on my POD and wont be delivered till july 20th. I have a 50 gallon custom cube reef. I am in the market for a larger tank. Does anybody know of a place that will custom stands? I look forward to meeting you guys and events. thanks, Jeff
  8. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome! And the info on stands. Sounds like a lot great options.