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    I was there twice last week and things looked great. Patrick was really great to deal with.
  2. 29 Gallon Biocube Reef build

    I like the selections. I will look forward to seeing them.
  3. JFox live sale

    I now have Jesse H candy apple reds. Awesome.
  4. JFox live sale

    The vivid rainbow delight acro and the Jack O Lantern Leptoseris I couldnt resist not buying. Yes, serious camera skills. Cherrycorals is having one on the 22nd of this month. Should also be interesting.
  5. JFox live sale

    It's addicting
  6. Two Part Dosing

    I was curious how much people dose a day on there systems and there size. Im up to around 20ML of calcium and 24ML of ALK a day on a total of 275 gallons. Seems like a lot.
  7. Two Part Dosing

    Crazy. Makes sense, I don't have any corals yet.
  8. Two Part Dosing

    Whoa! Maybe what Im dosing is not a lot at all.
  9. jelly fish tank

    that is really bad.
  10. Two Part Dosing

    Oh, I run the standard BRS 2 part (2.5 cups of cal, 2 cup of alk per gallon). Thanks MVP
  11. jelly fish tank

    Looks like a lot of work. That weekly cleaning routine would get old. Having to put the jelly's in a bag and everything.
  12. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    it called a Beananimal/Herbie Hybrid
  13. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Yep...the far left one is a safety overflow. The middle one will be underwater. You can control it with the ball valve on the left.
  14. 72 Rapid LED DIY

    That looks really slick.
  15. High End Chalices That Reefnjunkie Does Not Own

    Awesome. Even better up close.
  16. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    I also switched my return to a mag 18. The other one was way too loud and shaked my whole place. The mag 18 is silent.
  17. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Been busy the last few weeks. Got a huge shipment of snails for the tanks. Must have been 500 assorted snails. Way more then I ordered from reefcleaners but it will work. I have way to many wires but tried to clean it up. Hooked up a couple of dosing pumps. My new toy that I am hooking up as we speak. My frag tank is also filling right now. Go big or go home! (clap) This was my first attempt at a hybrid bean animal overflow. Does this look correct? Huge thanks to everybody who has helped so far!!! (rock2) Got lots more planned. But progress is good.(nutty)
  18. Oregon Mummy Eye

    Im sure your early retirement fund is still doing strong. OME just seems to be more common around this part of the country.
  19. Schedule 80 fitting locally

    Does any place locally carry assorted schedule 80 fittings. Locally meaning Portland. I checked home depot and Ace but no luck. Thanks
  20. Oregon Mummy Eye

    I asked about a 3 eye oregon mummy eye chalice that TPA had. It was about $20 a eye retail. I wonder who brad is making a pack for?
  21. Schedule 80 fitting locally

    Thanks guys. Parkrose didnt have them but sent me to Ferguson Xpress. What a great plumbing store. Had the exact fittings and were about the same cost as schedule 40 at ACE. Highly recommend checking them out.
  22. Superman Ricordia's for sale

    Looks like a Yuma.
  23. My biocube.

    Looks great. I like the black sand!
  24. 90 gal Macro Nano Cube

    Looks like your off to a great start. Congrats.
  25. Tankerald's Ultimate Quarantine Tank Build!

    That's sweet. Im in the process of building a custom setup quarantine setup as well. Gotta have it.