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  1. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Thanks everyone! its fun seeing it coming together.
  2. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    No issues at all. Worked out great. Thanks again.
  3. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Thanks everybody for the comments! (clap) This week things have been moving along quickly! My fifty gallon is finished cycling and I added a few frags. I picked up a few zoas two different torch heads from kimberlee, thanks. My stands got here yesterday, thanks Taylor, and the 100g is being filled. My little 75gpd RO/DI unit makes it a slow go. Started plumbing yesterday and finished this afternoon. My rock has been curing for over a month. It is a mix of BRS pukani and reefsaver. Im hoping that tomorrow everything will be running. I have a panworld pump that is rated for 1900gph but it is way overkill and Im having to valve it way down. The pump will be running my frag tank as well. I only have one ecotech radion light at the moment but hope to get another one soon. I got a a rail system for it and looks pretty cool. My sump is under my frag tank stand. My frag tank is still being built but I have everything plumbed and ready to go. The sump will be connected to both the frag tank and the display. I think my sand will be here today and hope to get it in tonight. (rock2)
  4. What would be best

    I like SWC skimmers. Had good luck with them in the past. I have a reef octopus sss 1000 and it works like a champ. Eshopps skimmers I also hear good things about.
  5. WTB Dry live rock.

    All those sites look great. I like that macro rocks come pre cycled.
  6. WTB Dry live rock.

    U can buy one lb if you like. Just have to make it to $175 to get free shipping.
  7. WTB Dry live rock.

    I got mine from bulkreefsupply. The reefsaver rock is pretty cheap. I think I paid 2.39lb(100lbs). Free shipping if you spend over $175. Its really nice stuff. I also got dry pukani from them that was really nice but it was around 3.39lb(50lbs). My cycle does seem to be taking me longer but nice to not have any nasty hitchhikers.
  8. LFS Update - Who's Left?

    I liked the TPA. Nice corals tank. Clean. Wish they had some sort of visual pricing. Hard to tell if Im looking at a $50 coral or $150. That being said when I asked his prices seemed great. I will be buying a lot of livestock from them. I went to seahorse aquarium and walked in and walked out. Pretty bad. Nobody even said hello. Been to saltwater fantas sea and lots of fish had ich. The owner was friendly. They had some nice corals. They have a few nice displays. Never seen a coldwater display in a fish store before. Would not buy fish from them but maybe corals. I hear upscales is good but have not been.
  9. 2012 PNWMAS Disc Golf Tournament

    I was planning on coming but will just have to wait till next month.
  10. Best way to run 4 x 60" 80w T-5HO bulbs Ballast wise

    A icecap 660 will run 16 ft of lights.
  11. Kessil vs. ai nano ur opinion

    Cont. people are looking to upgrade from there sol. A ai nano is probably a little small.
  12. Kessil vs. ai nano ur opinion

    Ai is coming out with a new light called the vega. Might be able to get one cheap if people are p
  13. my whole set up

    Happy to hear! best wishes!
  14. Oregon Aquarium?

    First Ive heard about it but sounds sweet.
  15. FS: 210 gallon tank $3000

    Your tank looks really nice. GLWS
  16. Got ich

    I would gradually reduce the salinity down to 1.09...Sorry to hear about ich. I think everybody has been threw it before. Hypo has worked for me in the past.
  17. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Fixed. Thanks for the pointer. I was using photobucket but just adding a attachment instead of just a link.
  18. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Your drum is working perfectly, thanks
  19. Cuttlefish's Tank Builds

    Went today and pick up a Ecotech Radion from ZachS(thanks). I was excited the whole drive from Salem to Portland but got home and tried to hook it up and realized the software does not work with mac. Kinda like a kid opening up a christmas present and realizing they cant play with it. It looks like a update might be coming out soon but was wondering if anybody has found a good solution in the meantime. It works great but dont want to run the lights at a 100%. As you can see from the picture mac+radion=no light. Beside that this has been a quiet week for the build. I got a 55 plastic food drum and have it cycling a 100lbs of live rock. I have been at this for a few years and if there is one thing that I have learned it would be patience.
  20. Move forces sale

    Bump for a sweet cube. Saw it today and was sweet. Thanks Zach for the sweet light.
  21. Diving in Bali

    I dove the liberty wreck a few months ago. Really amazing. There was a giant rose anemone in the middle of the wreck that was huge.
  22. My AEFW treatment thread

    Sorry to hear about the AEFW. On the bright side you now have a reason to get a dragon pipefish.
  23. Refugium Junk Storm

    Is this connected to ur new frag tank? Adding that much water could have depleted your nutrients, thus causing your macroalgae to not have anything to grow with. Just a thought.
  24. Imma newb to the forum

    Welcome. It's a great community.
  25. ASM G5 protein skimmer

    Rated for 700 gallons. Probably more realistic is around 4-500g.