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  1. Weekend Salt Special!

    This weekend we are running a sale on Fritz RPM Salt. Regular price $64. 200 gallon box $10 off with $50 livestock purchase $20 off with $100 livestock purchase Come in a grab one of the best salt mixes on the market!
  2. New expansion!

    It's starting to come together.
  3. New expansion!

    Yeah. Where are these stands?
  4. New expansion!

    Water is going in tomorrow. I'm determined.
  5. Welcome your new board! 2017-2018

    Nice!!! Looks like a good group
  6. Sasquatch Cube

    Looking awesome. Glad the fish are doing well. I see some awesome zoas in there as well.
  7. Purple Acan

    Is this a acan echinata? Doesn't look like a lord?
  8. Eye candy!

    5 large orders came in this week. Here is a few pics!
  9. Eye candy!

  10. Eye candy!

    This week the orders just keep coming. Have some amazing zoas in right now. Also got a amazing order of clams. Blue squamosa's, crocea, maximas, derasas!
  11. Eye candy!

    A few more for fun.
  12. Eye candy!

  13. Weekend Specials

    This weekend we are offering Buy 3 get one free on all corals. Also 20% off all fish. Shop is packed. Jeff \
  14. Eye Candy

    Another amazing week of shipments! 4 Large orders came in. Here is a few highlights. Enjoy
  15. Eye Candy

    Thanks everyone. We work hard at bringing some unique stuff to the northwest. It's been crazy lately.
  16. Wanted: Stomatella, BrittleStars, Limpets

    I have a ton of stromatellas at the shop. Just ask for some next time you are in.
  17. CNC Hot Lips

    Named by Paratore. One of the nicest zoas we've ever had in!
  18. Sale this weekend!

    Don't miss out on one of our epic BOGO SPS sales this weekend! We are also having an amazing deal on Purple Tangs!
  19. Sale this weekend!

    The zoas are really cool. Thanks for swinging by today.
  20. Baby clowns from cuddlefish and corals.

    Big fan of these locally bred clownfish. Glad they are doing well for ya. This is what I think of when I get called cuddlefish. It hangs in my living room.
  21. Sale this weekend!

    A amazing selection of sps still up for grabs. Can't beat buy one get one free. Our sps have never looked better. Tons of high end named frags including a Walt Disney. Still have plenty of purple tangs as well at $79.
  22. Can someone tell me if this might be ick

    Doesn't really look like ick to me.
  23. Bta

    Sorry this one didn't make it. Come back and we will work on a replacement for you.
  24. Sale this weekend!

    Our sps are looking the best they have since the move. Tons of amazing pieces.
  25. Dispar Anthias Male?

    They are definitely dispars. They might have come from a different region and can have slightly different color. You are always welcome to come back and pick out a different pair if you like.