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  1. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    I had a blast today. Hope everyone is enjoying there goodies. 400 grab bags went out We will be at it tomorrow. We will make at least 100 more grab bags. Many more amazing pieces.
  2. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    We will try and keep up with demand threw out the day.
  3. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    It’s will be fun. That’s our goal for this sale. Just fun fun fun.
  4. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! We hope to see everyone tomorrow and Saturday. We just added 10 electus/jawbreaker mushrooms to the grab bags. Some retail for $5-600. This is going to be good.
  5. Bogo sps frag sale this weekend!

    Bogo sale this weekend on sps frags! Our sps are on fire and we have tons of amazing pieces. Haven’t run one of these sales for a while so don’t miss out.
  6. Bogo sps frag sale this weekend!

    Thanks everyone who made it in today. Sold a lot of amazing frags but still have tons more for tomorrow. Don’t miss out on this one!
  7. Awesome tank bred fish in stock!

    We had a awesome shipment of tank bred fish come in today! tank bred green mandarins - eating frozen out of the bag, amazing tank bred yellow tangs - really adorable tank bred coral beauty angels - perfect a lot of gobies as well. They are going fast so let me know if you want one. Hopefully we will be getting them in on a consistent basis now on.
  8. Kent salt!

    For anybody using Kent salt the last batch had pretty high alk on our testing~11.8 dkh. Also the calcium was lower then normal. It’s always a good idea to test any new batch of salt before using it.
  9. Coral bandsaw...

    Might want to check with your lfs. Most will be able to help U out.
  10. Starving powder blue

    Mysis and brine are definitely not enough to sustain that fish.
  11. Starving powder blue

    Nori and Lrs reef fenzy. Heavy nori though.
  12. Sale weekend!

    Sale this weekend! So much cool stuff this week! Buy 3 get 1 free this weekend. Mix and match fish and corals are fine! Here is a few highlights from some massive order this week!
  13. We are hiring!

    As the company continues to grow we are in need of more staff. We are looking to hire a full time employee. Person must have saltwater experience. We are looking for a hardworking, honest, trustworthy candidate. Must have excellent customer service skills, a team player, willing to go the extra mile. Computer, service industry, education is a plus. A passion for the industry is a must! We are very fast paced and the candidate must be quick on their feet. Must be able to lift 50+ pounds We also want to have someone who is fully committed to the company and wants to be working for us long term. Our current crew is amazing! 35k and up to start. Paid vacation, bonuses, etc please email resumes to jeffslemp@cuttlefishandcorals.com thanks
  14. FS: Fish!! Borbonius Anthia! Designer clownfish and more!!

    Love that fish. Haven’t seen any available since selling it to Sirena. The aquacultured ones are available to buy but $250 Wholesale and have to make a minimum $1000 order(can only order one). Hopefully the prices go down soon. Hopefully we start to see a new wave of aquacultured fish with the new Hawaii ban. My favorite fish of all time is my aquacultured marine betta. Got it on my first fish order of over 5 years ago. Put it in the new display as well.
  15. Thanks Jeff!!

    Pleasure seeing u. Hope u enjoy them.
  16. New Red Sea display!

    A few new pics. It’s coming along.
  17. New Red Sea display!

    I'm going with 4 ai hydra 26's for now.
  18. Weekend specials!

    4 huge orders came in this week! Over 100 designer clownfish arrived. Tons of new corals! The shop is packed This weekend we are doing 20% off all fish! Here is a few corals that are looking good at the shop.
  19. Clam sale weekend!

    A amazing week of orders! This weekend we are doing a special on aquacultured Clams. $29 Maximas 1.5" - blue, golds, and black and whites! $29 Derasa's 2" Here is a few photos of some other new items! Huge shipment of killer high end aquacultured SPS.
  20. Salt sale this weekend!

    Salt special this weekend. Kent 200 gallon box $35 no other purchase required limit two Fritz rpm 200 box $64. $54 with purchase(everyday price) Reef crystals $49. $39 with purchase(everyday price) Red Sea coral pro $69. $59 with purchase(everyday price) Limited to supply on hand! Lot of new livestock this week as well. Shop is looking great.
  21. Huge Anemone sale this weekend!

    Huge Anemone sale this Saturday and Sunday! Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones $39 Crazy Pink Tip Bubble Tip Anemones $29 Belize Rock Flower XL Anemones $29 Tons in stock. Including some crazy flame tips and a Rainbow red long tentacle! Never been a better time to get that dream anemone!
  22. Hawaiian Fish Ban

    http://www.civilbeat.org/2017/09/commercial-catching-of-aquarium-fish-halted-by-hawaii-supreme-court/ One wholesaler in LA won't even ship what they have currently till this is figured out.
  23. What fish should I add?

    Well in that case. Super male lineatus all the way. Lol. Best wrasse in the world.
  24. What fish should I add?

    I'm a big fan of Midas Blenny's.
  25. New to pnwmas

    Happy to see you on here!