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  1. CuttleFishandCoral

    Green wire algae problem

    Might be time for a tang? Kole tang or yellow would be my recommdation!
  2. CuttleFishandCoral

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    Buy three get one free this weekend! Mix and match fish, corals and inverts. We are exploding with amazing livestock and haven’t run a sale since the club meeting we held. Going to be fun.
  3. CuttleFishandCoral

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    Thanks everyone who came in!
  4. CuttleFishandCoral

    Cuttlefish Fire...

    [language filter]. Somebody has some serious camera skills. Sweet stuff.
  5. CuttleFishandCoral

    CNC Super Ultra Mega acan

    Love these guys. Happy to feed the beast.
  6. CuttleFishandCoral

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    Big fan of molokos! Might have to try and make it.
  7. CuttleFishandCoral

    Free photo shoot

    U can always come and shoot some at the shop.
  8. CuttleFishandCoral

    Jason Fox Live Sale

    I had fun doing a Jason fox live sale probably 7 years ago. Definitely exciting. We are still growing some of them. My favorite live sale was a cherry corals one where I stayed up 24 hrs for it. Scored some of my favorite pieces that I still have. Bahama mama acro and hellboy acro were a few that have done really well for us.
  9. CuttleFishandCoral

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    Fun seeing everyone yesterday! We are open 11-5 today. Come get that sweet showpiece you’ve been after.
  10. CuttleFishandCoral

    wow... very interesting!!

    I will get some brown acros in just for u. Maybe, just maybe, some Kenya trees.
  11. CuttleFishandCoral

    Buy 3 get one free this weekend!

    We do. Sounds good.
  12. CuttleFishandCoral

    wow... very interesting!!

    U just bought the salt for it.
  13. CuttleFishandCoral

    50.3 WaterBox build

    Looks nice. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  14. CuttleFishandCoral

    Looking for Chaeto

    We have a bunch in the invert system as well.
  15. CuttleFishandCoral

    Looking for an external pump for saltwater mixing station

    I have a iwaki one that would be good at the shop. Used.
  16. CuttleFishandCoral

    Prospective new tank build

    I just installed a water box 130.2 system a few weeks ago. Was really impressed with the quality of everything. A few quick things I noticed were... Liked: return flow - had two return returns not one. Soft closing doors stand was slick quality of the tank seems on par with Red Sea plumbing parts were nicer dislikes: Didn’t come with a refugium chamber auto top off container was built into the sump and was pretty small
  17. CuttleFishandCoral

    New additions in my Reefer XL 425

    I love this piece. Was a wild piece we have had for a while. I know there is a few frags out there of it, but u got the colony. Awesome. Pretty special for sure.
  18. CuttleFishandCoral

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    5034206640. Hit me up if anyone wants to hang. We are gOing to have a fun time.
  19. CuttleFishandCoral

    Corals galore!

    Over 250 new colonies came in this week to the shop! Some stunners!
  20. CuttleFishandCoral

    Open from 11-6pm today!

    Happy Labor Day! We are open regular hours today. 11-6pm.
  21. CuttleFishandCoral

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I will be there Thursday threw Sunday. Can’t wait! Staying at the encore.
  22. CuttleFishandCoral

    Coral Giveaway!

    This is a piece that Kevin Mac McVey brought to the meeting last month. We are going to be giving away 3 frags. Please reply with "share the love" if you want to be part of it. All entries must be in before 7pm next Friday! A big thank you to Kevin for the donation!
  23. CuttleFishandCoral

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    I don’t recommend bio pellets ever. Sorry to hear this. I loved ur pink lemonade colony.
  24. CuttleFishandCoral

    Official CNC Zoanthid Grow Out Thread

    Hey guys. There is also a $100 gift card to cuttlefish as a prize. I think Kim forgot about it.
  25. CuttleFishandCoral

    Full tank timelapse video

    Tiger conchs are so awesome. Keep up the good work. Things are looking flawless.