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  1. Nuvo25 lagoon break down

    Are the yellow rics for sale? I will take those? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bubble tip nems for sale green/orange

    These are still available and I need to make some room! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Looks like your response was edited out, are you still wanting a frag?
  4. Red Planet Frag - Large

    I’d have to actually measure to be sure but probably $200-$250
  5. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Man I really haven’t thought about selling the whole colony. These pictures are old it has grown out quite a bit, it’s over a foot in total length now. I have no idea what to price the whole colony at, it has to be worth $300-$400 with the size it is. I have been thinking about trimming it down to half the size because it is shadowing other items below. If I did this, I’d trim the main shelf on the left, it’s probably 8-9” x 6-7” across the top.
  6. Clowns

    I have some nice Red Planet, tricolor acro (I’m pretty sure it’s tricolor but could be wrong). Only other items I could trade are orange and green bubble tips.
  7. Bubble tip nems for sale green/orange

    I have one of each color available! Open to trades.
  8. Red Planet Frag - Large

    This is still available and it’s getting huge! I can send updated pictures if interested. I’m going to start fragging this piece soon as it’s turning into its own colony! Still open to trades!
  9. Clowns

    Interested in any type of trading?
  10. Bubble tip nems for sale green/orange

    I have a green one really easy to get out right now! Someone take it!
  11. You ever come down to Eugene? I would be interested in Red Planet if you were closer.

    1. ChevApache58


      No im not usually down that way. I was in Lebanon a couple of weeks ago!! 

  12. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Gotcha thanks!
  13. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Other sps frags, umas, I'm pretty open on trades just as long as it's something I do not already have.
  14. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Bumping this, still available and getting big!
  15. Red Planet Frag - Large

    Is this too much to ask for the frag? It's a good size and growing well, if interested please make an offer!