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  1. Droc88

    Breaking down 120 gallon tank

    Where do you happen to be located?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Droc88

    Lighting question

    I had some Ocean Revive I think the colors were nice but my corals just didn't like em as much I'm actually out of the saltwater game now i just set my tank back up for some freshwater cichlids but since I had saltwater it bugs me to not have nice lights
  3. Droc88

    Lighting question

    I'm tired of using MH i tried LEDS and I went back to MH I'm thinking about getting some t5's so my question is my tank is a 125 6 feet long I was banking on ordering a 72 inch t5 fixture but after reading the bulbs are only 50 some inches long and I'm afraid it won't cover the ends of my tank is there a better option or will that work any input would be awesome thank you
  4. Droc88

    Golden Basket Reef

    I been going to Rudy for a while he's a great guy has great stuff he says he doesn't sell out of the shop out of respect for the lfs
  5. Droc88

    55 gallon for sale

    Plug and play 55 gallon complete set up sump, 250w mh, about 80 pounds of live rock nice set up i upgraded so i need this outta my room not much corals left in it few mushrooms gsp and some Kenya trees that came with my big tank couple damsels just to keep it cycled for the next owner posting this from my phone so I can't post up pics but if your interested in tank pm your number and I can send pics I'd like to get 250 for everything I paid way more for everything my loss your gain thank you for looking
  6. Droc88


    Pm sent...
  7. Droc88

    Lighting question

    Alright I'll cut the timer down to 5 1/2 and see how evertything goes thanks for the help everyone I appreciate it
  8. Droc88

    Lighting question

    I changed my timer to 6 1/2 hours and I've had the nem since June I also have a rbta who is doing great
  9. Droc88

    Lighting question

    How long should I be running my dual 400w halides right now I'm running them 8 hours a day my gbta was doing great until it pooped the other day now he's pure white looks bleached out to me but my chalices are doing great as well as my other corals will the gbta gain his color back or am I just S.O.L. He use to be green with pink tips
  10. If sale falls thru on purple tang I'll take it
  11. Droc88

    free live rock corals shrimp

    Guess the early birds get the worm
  12. Droc88

    Nudis take 3 group buy

    Thank you for the info guess I'm not in got nothing for them to eat looks like I need some chemicals sounds like fun...... Not
  13. Droc88

    Nudis take 3 group buy

    http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7s3ZATukzD81R7V6LzJQpWbAt0DuxC-lZHpF_QiHZ4PsJyMJx I have these anemones every where in my tank not sure if there aptasia or not but if they'll eat em I'm in
  14. Droc88

    GBTA and a couple other things

    I can pick up whenever there ready sooner the better
  15. Droc88

    GBTA and a couple other things

    Sweet can I get 3 of each ricordia please