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  1. Here is a picture of the wife and kid both are my pride and joy, close second is my love for cars haha! I used to spend weekends on a wakeboard or snowboard but knee surgeries killed that. I power lifted as a teen/young adult and set multiple world records. Pretty sure that's what did my knee in, along with wrestling. I pretty much enjoy anything that goes fast or can go fast, rc cars, banshees, all that fun stuff.
    Now I spend most of my time either working on cars or driving them. Other than that I'm a pretty boring dude! c8cdd0cc42b5f39f72d9fbb15468541a.jpg

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  2. I can bring it up North for ya
    Needs to see some pictures of this new car!
    Here's a decent pic. It's at my shop torn apart. New bumper, new paint, downpipe, exhaust, tune, charge pipe, etc going in and some preventative maintenance while it's apart. 8f3a103037ad5b3627444bb580f8508d.jpg

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  3. Like a lot of us I enjoy cars, rc cars, racing cars in Mexico of course. I used to build and race banshees as well. I now get to build race cars that we race.... In Mexico. For work. The BMW is my personal project for now.

    I used to snowboard and wakeboard but knees are stopping that. 2bd4bb4a3e2537aac45f35226f71f051.jpg45d194ed3af6ba5760c50fb4cabc7e94.jpg


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  4. devils lettuce. we have a pretty good rep around town but i am not one of those "we are the best growers ever" kind of guys.
    We did just get some cactus back from the lab though.. 29.9% thc and 3% terps. Doesnt get much better than that.
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    Solid run for sure

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  5. Its cool to get to know what people do!! I received a wildlife science degree from OSU and then 3 years in the peace corps primarily working with the EU on getting new national parks off the ground and lots of environmental education and alternative livelihood projects. Upon returning to the US I spent a little over a decade as a wetland biologist/restoration ecologist and had projects all over the west coast.

    I got tired of consulting and about 5 years ago decided to grow marijuana full time. So now i own and manage a 7,000 sq ft production facility in NE portland. So now I am part engineer, part electrician, part permit cordinator, part botanist and full time baby sitter.

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    What farm are you with? I have a lot of friends in the business, and myself too.

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  6. I have moved on to another car and no longer need 3 vehicles. Selling my scion xb
    2015 white with black cloth interior
    33k miles
    Automatic transmission
    Serviced at Toyota of Gladstone for its first 2 years and then serviced by myself the past 8 months. If you dont already know im a mechanic.
    No major dents or scratches just your typical rock chips from our lovely winter roads. Windshield has a very small chip that happened 6 months after i bought the car.
    I also installed HID headlights that work extremely well (better than my bmw headlights)
    Kelly blue book private party is around mid to low 14k im going to list it at $13,500 so it will be priced below book value and super cheap monthly if you finance it.
    I was fairly impressed with this car for how inexpensive they are. It has a ton of room and actually gets great gas mileage. Ill have better photos once its back from the detail shop.
    I have a roof rack i can include if wanted. This car handled snow amazing. Its been to timberline and meadows numerous times with no chains or studded tires! b5e5becdc617dbbf6752f7d40a55175c.jpg178007b21fc11968b7d87bf1628a22a8.jpg05936604b062bea91fd439cf1b4c63ab.jpg
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  7. 150 bucks for everything listed

    Nuvo fusion 10 bought brand new at upscales 2 weeks ago

    Wyoming white clown

    Cleaner shrimp

    Finnex salt water light


    Mediapure filter balls in back chamber

    Live rock from my other tank

    Live sand

    Chemipure elite bag

    Cleanup crew, snails, fighting conch, a few hermits.



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