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  1. I can text pics since tap talk doesn't work for the forums right now. Prices are firm just to get that outta the way haha

    40 breeder sump with glass baffles $60

    Reef octopus xp1000sss $150

    38 gallon shallow glass tank, very similar to a 40 breeder just a little more depth and less height. overflow and 2 returns, plumbing included $30

    Sicce 4.0 950gph $75 

    Ocean revive led I think it's the first gen 0rt247 $65

    I have about 10 chunks of torch corals all of them will be $40 bucks each, most are 2 to 4 heads 

    A bunch of really nice looking acans $30bucks each 

    Frogspawn chunks most are 2 to 3 heads each $15 bucks each  

    I'm in Oregon city. 

    If you want pics text me 5032674537 




  2. No worries, always worth asking
    that's so far away! Lots of time to plan though, excited to see it come together. Loved your last tank!

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    You're telling me haha. Booked our family vacay and with Christmas I gotta play it slow haha! Going with bright softies and Lps in this one.

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  3. My first post stated that i was simply trying to gauge interest in the tank so I threw a number out there.

    I figured if i could sell this setup without taking a total bath then I would upgrade to a larger tank.

    It wasn't till I started actually working on everything that I discovered what a time suck it was so I took an honest look at everything and want to price it accordingly.

    A new 200DD is around $1500 without a stand and without a beananimal setup and schedule 80 bulkheads.

    It was never my intention to bait and switch, I apologize if it comes across like that.

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    For what it's worth and I might be on my own on this one, but I think even 750 is fair as long as the tanks glass and such is in good shape. If I had it in the budget for all over the equipment needed to run it is buy it. I understand people seeing one price and then it changing but if you want it i bet monkey would work with ya!

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