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  1. What does it come with Jorge ? Any pictures ? I was thinking of upgrading the Nuvo 10 to the max but not if this is what gets Randall back into the hobby.
    I'm tossing it around! Shoot me a message about the 10 gallon!

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  2. This.

    My wife and I have been interested in a MBT for several years. From everything I've read, they're probably the best small dogs. I'm not a fan of small dogs, but these guys are like mini versions of big, adventures dogs. Plus, they shred less than this lady.... No way I would want to vacuum two of these. Congrats!7e1f278bae47581ce3110a54376b8cc9.jpg

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    Yea we dont do small dogs either. We have had good sized dogs up to 240 pound Mastiffs. But we want something we can take everywhere! I'll try to bring him to a meeting and you can check him out!

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  3. Awww beautiful dog! I always wanted a bull terrier. I have 2 American bullies. Only been up here 2 years. All my trainers back in Cali or else I would’ve been more than happy to help! These are my 2 bad kids! 
    They are beautiful! We have had pits for the past 16 years. We love the breed!

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  4. Omg.  Great looking dog,  but the cat in the last photo is awesome!
    Haha I know the cat is hilarious. Has that look like he totally runs the place and has no care in the world

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  5. I am looking for a reputable dog trainer. My family is adding another member since we lost our 16 year old pitty a few months ago. I would like to have him put into training asap. If anyone has used someone in the past and was happy please let me know!

    He will be home Friday or Monday depending on his flight! e1c40c8ca558ac070d6a502cf38f1f3d.jpg2c69eab6a2ccffb26ae122d84db26878.jpg48c09cf79bd5215271e71c60f21240ad.jpg


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  6. Here is a picture of the wife and kid both are my pride and joy, close second is my love for cars haha! I used to spend weekends on a wakeboard or snowboard but knee surgeries killed that. I power lifted as a teen/young adult and set multiple world records. Pretty sure that's what did my knee in, along with wrestling. I pretty much enjoy anything that goes fast or can go fast, rc cars, banshees, all that fun stuff.
    Now I spend most of my time either working on cars or driving them. Other than that I'm a pretty boring dude! c8cdd0cc42b5f39f72d9fbb15468541a.jpg

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