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  1. Nice! I was just curious... I just got an orange back a week ago that is finally out and about instead of in hiding!

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    Yea these little things love to hide! Everytime I buy one I'm convinced it's dead until it pops out like 5 days later haha

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  2. Thought I'd have time and effort to put into a small tank but I'm just too [language filter] busy to mess with one right now. All livestock must be sold before equipment can be picked up.


    Nuvo 30 long with filter socks, return pump, media pure spheres glass is perfect the tanks 4 months old- 150 PENDING


    Stand for nuvo 30- 50 (black pine stand)


    Ai prime with tank mount 100( i have 2 of these)


    Tunze ato (you will.need to glue the float switch or make a bracket) 35 bucks sold




    Feather duster 15 bucks




    WWC OG bounce about the size of a quarter- 250( no I wont take any less this size online is 500SOLD


    Red white and blue st thomas 30 bucks SOLD


    Yellow and purple ric 15 bucks SOLD


    Orange yumas these are big and very nice color 20 each I have 3 SOLD


    Orange yuma babies 10 each SOLD


    Bicolor frogspawn, it's literally 2 different colors split right down the middle- 25 bucks sold


    Large torch metallic green 30 bucks sold


    Extremely bright jaw breaker baby size of a dime 100 bucks


    Green mushroom with red spots 20 bucks SOLD


    Orange and green rhodatics I think, 2 of them the colors are very bright paid 40 at Jeff's- 25 bucks sold


    Gold hammer 40 bucks sold


    2 green mushrooms, nice color 10 bucks SOLD


    Green and purple hairy mushroom paid 25 for it- 15 bucks SOLD


    Extremely bright orange and green huge lobo- 80 bucks PENDING


    Live rock with an utter chaos zoa, scrambled eggs zoas, some red and purple zoas, purple mushroom, and another batch of zoas and an ugly bounce mushroom I was hoping would color up- 100 bucks SOLD


    Meat coral, I got it and it has a dead spot in it, it's not dying back at all now and is gold with white spots- 20 bucks-SOLD


    Purple chalice with pink eyes, also had a section that died off on previous owners tank, it's almost grown back fully, it's about 4 inches across-35 bucks SOLD




    I'm in Oregon city, text is best for me 5032674537













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  3. I am a retired high school band director.  I still play music for fun about four to five nights a week.  The groups I play with include two full symphony orchestras as well as
    two big bands.  I have been a koi enthusiast for 25 years and into saltwater tanks more recently.    If you need advice on who to take music lessons from give me a holler!
    One of my biggest regrets was not learning to play an instrument. Music is a huge part of life for me it's like medicine!

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