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  1. Misc stuff, tanks, cpr hang on fuge, pump etd

    Morning bump and list update, the CPR fuge is sale pending One phosban reactor is sale pending 30 gallon is sale pending Tunze skimmer is sale pending Large skimmer is sale pending If your interested in any of them let me know and I'll put you next in line
  2. Misc stuff, tanks, cpr hang on fuge, pump etd

    I shouldn't post from an iPhone I corrected the pricing sorry for the misunderstanding Garrett but still feel free to shoot me a pm with an offer for just the skimmer
  3. Misc stuff, tanks, cpr hang on fuge, pump etd

    It's drilled right in the middle, I'll sell ya the skimmer seperate but I don't know much about these so id come look at it first and just make me an offer
  4. 50lbs of Live rock for $60

    Lol cheaper at fish stores?? Must be going out of business! Someone buy this rock it's too good of a deal not to!! You would pay about 350 bucks at a store!
  5. WTS 75G Setup

    I'm an idiot... 5032674537
  6. WTS 75G Setup

    Shoot me a text 5032574537 I'll talk it over with the wife and may drive up Sunday to grab it
  7. WTS 75G Setup

    Do you have time to part it out? I do it a lot and it takes time but better money in the end. Where are you located? I'm interested but I'd end up parting most of it out and keeping a lot of the rock and such.
  8. As anyone ever used it? I have Fiji mud in mine right now thinking about cleaning it out and using this. Just curious if it's a good idea?
  9. Caribsea ark fuge kit, any good??

    Thanks guys! I left my mud in there I'm going to slowly add the "rubble" it comes with maybe like 2 pounds a day, and then leave it at that. Keeping the sand for my daughters tank build!
  10. 30 gallon cube tank/live rock for sale

    60 bucks for the tank and the rock?
  11. SPS

    Put up a list of what your looking for I'm sure some of us can get something going for you.
  12. Well that's not good..

    No problem I'll find one and your more than welcome to borrow it for as long as you need. I'm going to put together a 10 gallon for my daughters room but not for a while. Shoot Me a text 5032674537 and I'll send you some pics of the lights tonight
  13. Well that's not good..

    I just picked up a bunch of stuff from Marshall this morning it has some lights in it. When I get home I'll look over it all I'm sure I have something that will work for you!

    Text message sent! I'll take it
  15. Pretty much no algae??.....

    So it's not really a complaint, but my 40 breeder grows nearly no algae, no diatoms, no hair algae, and worst part very small amounts of coraline. I dose calcium and mag. Have a gfo reactor. The only algae I get is the green little dots on the glass that I have to use the scraper to get off. Doesn't seem like coraline. The coraline I am growing is purple and slowly spreading on the rock but nothing on the glass. I do 20 gallon water changes once every two weeks. Am I doing too many changes? Nitrates, nitrites are zero. I transferred all my rock from a 29 gallon cube that was setup for about 8 months, the breeders been up for about 3. Neither had any coraline on the glass but the 29 had a small amount of hair algae when I broke it down.
  16. My 40 breeder

    Thanks everyone! Garrett the leaf is awesome, by far my favorite fish
  17. Dobie sponges the ultimate aquarium cleaning tool!

    Funny story behind how I found out about these, while looking for Oreos at about 11pm... Haha
  18. My 40 breeder

    More pics for kimberlee, the colors are nowhere near as good in the pictures as they are in person, crappy camera haha [ATTACH]13091[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13092[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13093[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13095[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13094[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13096[/ATTACH]
  19. Pretty much no algae??.....

    I have the SOS pad like material it works but I really have to get at it for it to come off. Kind of a headache lol
  20. Pretty much no algae??.....

    I have the kent but it seems like its going to scratch my glass with how much pressure it takes. But I could also be a bit paranoid lol
  21. Pretty much no algae??.....

    Thank you!!
  22. Pretty much no algae??.....

    My wife thinks I'm nuts to do such frequent large changes, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, with my 90 I fought algae and diatoms for months and it was such a headache! My 40 has been so much nicer to me haha what scraper are you using??
  23. Pretty much no algae??.....

    Thanks! I'll give that a shot when I get home!
  24. Pretty much no algae??.....

    Oh ok, so it must just be growing a ton of green and slowly growing purple. It's def a headache to get off of the front glass, doesn't grow much on the sides oddly enough? My tanks crazy I think.
  25. Pretty much no algae??.....

    My 90 I had coraline on the glass in about 3-4 months. Lol @ over feeding I've made that mistake a few times! But I guess it's not a big deal, I like not having the nuisance algae so maybe I shouldn't complain