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  1. WTB skimmer

    Mine went belly up :-( right after a brand new tank and sump. I need something that will handle a 40 breeder with an eshopps 25 gallon sump. Please no junk, I have around 100 bucks I could throw at it right away.
  2. 29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    Pending sale on light, if it sells I'll sell the tank, sump, with bulk heads, ball valve for 70 bucks
  3. WTB skimmer

    That's what I had and I did every mod to it possible, I'm looking for something better but thank you.
  4. 29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    I'll also trade for a nice skimmer for my 40 gallon breeder with a 25 gallon eshopps sump
  5. 29 gallon truvu 10 gallon sump 130 watt pc current orbit light Tank is acrylic and drilled already In good shape! I need a skimmer good for at least 75 gallons, I have a 40 breeder with 25 gallon sump. Soft corals, clams, etc. must be in good working order please no junk. 5032674537
  6. Can you shoot me some pics to my phone 5032674537
  7. I'll keep that in mind I'd like something a little bigger but if nothing comes up I'd probably trade ya
  8. I bought it to use on my 40 gallon but I think I'm going to stick with a t5ho. Has a fan built into the hood. Comes with a few used blue radium bulbs. I can sen pics to email or phone or check Craigslist using my phone number 5032674537 120 bucks
  9. 250 watt blue wave 1 metal halide with hood

    I sebt you a pm but my number is 5032674537 shoot me a text and I'll send the pics over
  10. 250 watt blue wave 1 metal halide with hood

    If someone wants it yes.
  11. 250 watt blue wave 1 metal halide with hood

    Oh wow! Thanks kimberlee I may just run the halide and t5s!
  12. 250 watt blue wave 1 metal halide with hood

    Do you also have actinics? Or just the metal halide? Thanks for the info!
  13. 250 watt blue wave 1 metal halide with hood

    Price drop 100 bucks if it doesn't sell I'm just going to build a canopy and use it, but shoot me an offer worst I can say is no!
  14. 29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    Someone make me an offer! I want it gone by the end of the weekend, I need to clean my garage to get my bikes back in it! All this thing is doing is taking up space.
  15. 29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    I used a gen x 1100 it was 600 gph I think, I used it in my 40 gallon breeder tho
  16. Portland shops?

    Anyone have the address for the Salem store?? I'd really like to go check It out and meet some people from the site!
  17. Portland shops?

    I will only go to Fantaseas now. Patrick's shop is def looking much better, he also is the nicest person I've dealt with.
  18. 29 gallon truvu with sump and lighting

    Lowered the price 125 bucks just need it gone
  19. Needs to go ASAP converting to metal halide, this fixture was over 200 new bulbs have less than 5 months on them. 130 watts total! 75 bucks I can send pics to your phone or email.
  20. Wts 24inch current orbit pc fixture

    Bump, some has to be able to use this maybe a fuge light?
  21. Very sturdy not cheap particle board, can be sanded and painted any color, canopy has spots for fans already. 100 bucks needs to go ASAP! I can email pics or send to your cell phone 5032674537
  22. Wts stand and canopy for 180 gallon

    Sold! Thank you Ryan!
  23. Wts 24inch current orbit pc fixture

    50 bucks Gotta go!
  24. Parting out my 180 Gallon

    I have a few things left over from my 180 gallon tank Custom built canopy and stand for 72x24x24 $200.00 180 gallon tank, cracked on front panel didnt leak but i tore it down due to the crack $100.00 Reeflo Dart 3600 GPH pumps $150.00 each i have two of them, this was a $400 pump 200 pounds of rock, some tonga branch, some tonga base, some Fiji etc. Will need to be cured $3.00 a pound 4 stage RODI $80.00 250 watt metal halide reflectors with 4 month old bulbs and power cords $75.00 each ARO 4 bulb VHO ballast, bulbs, mounting hardware, wire harness $100.00 I can email or text pictures feel free to call or text me 503-267-4537 im located in Oregon city Randall
  25. Parting out my 180 Gallon

    I have one dart left price is 100 bucks! Need it gone!