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  1. my whole set up

    No need to apologize hatcher, I think we all totally understand with making a rash decision with the level of stress you are going through. If you need any help with the tank shoot me a pm I'll do what I can to help out!
  2. Getting out of it sale- everything goes.

    I'll take the candy coral I'm in Oregon city can pick up any day
  3. Getting out of it sale- everything goes.

    What color is the candy coral?
  4. Used Vortec MP10w ES $175

    Interested in any trades? Tools? Other reef equipment?
  5. Wtb digital refractometer

    Would like if someone could meet me near 7th and Powell or wait until Sunday for my day off text or send me a pm with brand, shape, price 5032674537
  6. Wtb digital refractometer

    What brand is it? I have found them online for the 40 dollar range but I honestly don't know what to look for in them? I just want one that works well! Shoot me a text 5032674537
  7. wtb mp10

    What do you sell them for Garrett?
  8. Ate my saddleback clown today, the clown used to swim in its mouth to hide, today while acclimating a coral beauty and a blasto coral he dove into the mouth and got hung up too deep and could not get out. I'm fairly bummed. So would just rather get rid of it. 70 bucks. When he's opened up hes about 8-10 inches across. My tank is healthy, water is good, never lost any corals or clams. I can send Pics to your phone or email them
  9. Large neon green carpet anemome

    I'm a firm believer in karma and I'd feel horrible if it was to die on someone else! Thanks for the kind words, I really hope it makes it!
  10. Large neon green carpet anemome

    Update: I came home and it looks extremely stressed, he's detached his foot so I don't feel right selling it just yet. I'm going to put it in my hospital tank and see if he passes the clown and gets back to health. It is considered sold as we speak but I will keep everyone posted I don't want to sell it and it die on someone right away.
  11. Large neon green carpet anemome

    Sale pending, I have three people interested I will go in order.
  12. GE stainless steel fridge

    Dropped to 950 punch in my number on Craigslist the entire ad is on there
  13. Two dayligts, two actnics, fixture is in great shape, i got it from another member, its exactly like a TEKlight, looks the same, lights well, i have it over my 40 breeder and it goes great, im upgrading to LED so no use for it anymore. id like 80 bucks for it, not in a hurry to sell so please no low ball offer, price is firm on this one. 503-267-4537 call or text, also comes with the hangers.
  14. 24 inch 4 bulb t5ho fixture with bulbs

    Sold to Taylor!
  15. 24 inch 4 bulb t5ho fixture with bulbs

    Sale pending from 2 members I will update as soon as I hear from taylor
  16. 24 inch 4 bulb t5ho fixture with bulbs

    22.5 wide, 12 deep, 2.5 tall
  17. Comes with 4 24 inch bulbs, ballast, and mounts. Everything works well, trade for corals, mushrooms, Lps, other reef stuff?
  18. WTT or sell ARO vho with 4 bulbs

    Cash I'll take 60 bucks, that's an awesome deal, trade value needs to be worth a little more.
  19. LPS -

  20. It's all ball bearing drawers, red, 7 drawers, still current in snap ons magazine for 1100 dollars, I'll let it go for 700. I can email or text pics.
  21. LPS -

    Oh yea they are destroyed! Lol thanks and I'll get in touch once the nem is figured out!
  22. LPS -

    Omg! No way! Lol, how about a good ol craigslister trade? I've got two packets of purple cool aid, clearly purple is the best flavor! A few feet of weed whacker thread, 2 tennis balls, and 17 dollars, you interested in a trade? Hahaha. Sorry had to try and help ya laugh. I'm nursing a carpet right now but I'm still interested in the war coral. If the nem turns around soon I'll grab the war from you.
  23. WTT or sell ARO vho with 4 bulbs

    Pm answered, I'd like to trade for just a few piece of nice coral, softies are my weakness, something bright in color, no Xenia or Kenya.
  24. I'll take the test kits does it come with the refraction salinity tester
  25. Dang! How did your tank react to those led fixtures? Good quality?