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  1. I'm baffeed by this one

    Kim how did you manage to find this? Lol its an insane mark up, but the theory is good HTC EVO
  2. SPS & (1 ) Watt LED's

    Thanks for the video frank and kenny, you guys have sold me. HTC EVO
  3. SPS & (1 ) Watt LED's

    I would as well, I greatly defended the led fixture you purchaced because I'm.100% wanting it after talking to ken. What his theory is makes a lot of sense, and after looking at a lot of fixtures I see flaws and the idea of the reefstar led fixture looks and sounds great. Although I'm no expert and say this imo. And frank your coral look amazing, and with the planning and equipment you have put into your tank. I'll take your word on it HTC EVO
  4. SPS & (1 ) Watt LED's

    So can you say which is providing the most growth HTC EVO
  5. SPS & (1 ) Watt LED's

    Now that's with just the leds running, or with your combo T5's to HTC EVO
  6. Peligro's jbj 28 gal thread

    Ok so this is my official tank thread guys, its going to be a modified jbj 28 gallon tank. It's going to be a slow process, but it will have tons of pic's of the entire process. And I will bless ppl with pic's if it goes wrong lol. So just let everyone know my general plan.....I'm planning on drilling the tank for a customized sump to fit under my stand. This will hopefully be a thread full of a bunch of diy projects. And hopefully be a great tank in the end. So let's get started......... History of tank this is what it looked like before the bombing incident. after bombing incident. Pretty much nuclear death in the tank. tank is completely tired acrylic sheet for support of bottom paine taken out beginning the removal of the siding of jbj back sump both sides completely removed back sump to be removed. Ok so reasoning for the removal of back sump is because, it collects so much detrius, its a pain to clean, you can't put very good equipment back there. And removing the back sump opens the tank another 3". I'm going to remove most of the silicone, And re-silicone the tank with black silicone. broke through the baffle of the back sump back sump removed yay! It all really took like 40 minutes. I also started removing the silicone along the bottom paine. gonna use this piece for a little diy project on the side. Gonna be for a good buddy of mine. But I will post pics of that on a separate tank thread. Well that's it for know. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could use to get the leftover bits of silicone stuck to the tank, or is this going to be an all time consuming razor blade and man made muscle. More update pics of the process tonight I'm sure HTC EVO
  7. Peligro's jbj 28 gal thread

    @cuttlefish- ya I hope so, I'm doing it because with my diy sump it will open my ability to get a great skimmer. And better flow from the returns @derbird- yes it is u shaped, and it was a pain to clean, nothing ever fit under the u baffle. And detrius would collect in all the places that I couldn't reach, which means it sits and creates ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, Phosphate spikes, giant pain in the butt to do anything with it, And it greatly keeps you from doing awesome up grades. So I ditched it. HTC EVO
  8. Peligro's jbj 28 gal thread

    all scraped out, all edges cleaned, ready to start re-siliconing this thing HTC EVO
  9. Stuff for sale

    Ok dumb ? But what's the difference between you 20 long, a 20 high? HTC EVO
  10. Wtb 20 gal tank

    Looking to pick up a 15 - 20 gal tank for cheaper then at a store. Have a little side project I want to do for my buddy. Post prices and locations HTC EVO
  11. conclusion to my ?

    ok guys i have asked around in many forms if i could drill the back of my jbj 28gal. and was told by many not to do it because it was tempered glass. i was like (nutty) because i was under the impression that only the bottom paine to tanks were tempered. so i decided that i was going to find the answer. i contacted jbj, and they said not to drill the back sump of the tank. they did not tell me if it was tempered. asked them again with no reply. so i think it's just jbj not wanting you to mess with their awesome aio tank like that. so i researched and researched, and found a guy who had in fact drilled the back of his jbj 28gal. and says the back of the tank is no tempered, or it would have surely shattered the tank. so what in conclusion to my search for the truth, i have discoverd for anyone who one day wants to drill their aio tanks on a jbj. 1) it is glass not acrylic on the back sump of the jbj 28gal 2) it is not tempered glass on the back glass of the jbj, only the bottom paine of glass to the entire tank. plan of action for my diy project. cut acrylic overflow/sheet out of the jbj, extending the tank an extra 3" 2 x 1" holes for gravity overflows 2 x 1/2" holes for returns, that i will be splitting with a y split of loc-line to create 4 return nozzels in the display. now i need to find out my bulkheads, and other aspects of the return. i want to also custom make my sump for under my jbj stand i'm aiming for about 45x's the flow in the tank it's self so i would be looking for like a 1000gph to 1200gph return pump, thats not including head loss. i will be using vinayl tubing for my return lines and only one 3 y split. two within the display and 1 that splits the return line so i can get two lines to the two 1/2" return holes if that makes since. so what kinda head loss and gph loss will i be looking at. an should i get a bigger return pump then.
  12. conclusion to my ?

    I will start a tank thread this Monday when I start HTC EVO
  13. conclusion to my ?

    It's 14.5"L x 12"W x 12"-14"H. HTC EVO
  14. conclusion to my ?

    Dude you can always come use mine when I'm done with It. And yes I'm taking it out. I know its an aio tank but that back sump collects so much detrius, and Is a pain to clean, + you are very limited on your skimmers, and how can I get a top notch insump skimmer that's only 3" in diameter. Lol. Gota make space for it. HTC EVO
  15. 29 Gallon Biocube Reef build

    Just catching up. Your tank crashed again. That really sucks. Sorry man HTC EVO
  16. Silicone ?

    Ok so a lot of the silicone I used on the acrylic in the tank as support for the glass on the bottom of the tank is stuck to the original black silicone to my jbj. How hard, and safe do you guys think its going to be to remove the black silicone. And re-silicone the tank. Here's some pic's That clear silicone is right on the black silicone of the jbj. Suggestions HTC EVO
  17. Silicone ?

    Ok good....thanks Jeff. HTC EVO
  18. Jbj ?

    Ok so does anyone know if the back sump to the jbj is acrylic or tempered glass. I've knocked on it. And it feels and sounds like acrylic, but can't really tell. I plan to drill it at some point this week. And start to plan my custom sump for under my stand. And plan the return. I feel like even with modifications to the over flow the jbj has I shouldn't go over anything bigger then 1"-1 1/2" any suggestions HTC EVO
  19. Jbj ?

    Ok so its not acrylic on the back lol its glass. Which means drilling is going to.take awhile. HTC EVO
  20. Jbj ?

    Very good, thanks for the info. I'll update to the findings HTC EVO
  21. Jbj ?

    Lol ok and in doing that its going up tell me how? HTC EVO
  22. Best Place to Buy MH bulbs

    guess I should have read better. Totally spaced the 250w. The 150w is the 19 inch pen. HTC EVO
  23. Best Place to Buy MH bulbs

    Just remember the pheniox bulb has a depth of 19 to 20 inches. Look at marinedepot to see what bulbs offer good depth penetration. Then look for cheaper some where else. HTC EVO
  24. Best Place to Buy MH bulbs

    Well are you using se or de Halid. I use pheniox 14k, but different bulbs penetrate at different deeps. Depending on how deep your tank is I'd go off that. I'm sure others will chime in on what they use. As far as other lighting. I found my self wanting to retro fit a atinic lighting to my hood, but never really found a good way up go about it. HTC EVO
  25. Show some respect why dont ya

    Well I apologize I'm a big offender of doing that. But like john said it doesn't hurt to say something like earlier today it was mentioned to me. But I'm also new to the hole form thing. So be patient with me still learning HTC EVO