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  1. It just so happens I have this day off (weird timing lol) I will be there too.
  2. Tuduku

    Share the love is back!

    Share the love!
  3. Tuduku


    Bump, anyone want to borrow this guy to clean up your algae problems?
  4. Tuduku


    I freaked on day 3 over the same thing, look for a bump in the sand and poke it, he's probably just hiding.
  5. Tuduku


    don't place it right next to the algae during lighted hours, they will run and hide until nighttime. Also they can disappear under your sand, I'm not sure how he does it... He is the size of a tennis ball but lays under my 1.5" sand bed.
  6. Tuduku


    Mine is really good at search and destroy. But he for a at it like a roomba. Cuts right down the middle lol. He did my whole backwall overnight. Left it algae free. 2sqft is a quick job. he's surprisingly fast.
  7. Tuduku


    I have a seahare that has now eaten himself out of house and home. I want to see if anyone who is having an algae problem wants to borrow him. He will absolutely devour hair algae. In less than 10 days my 30g tank went from green jungle to bare LR. If you have other types of algae he will go after GHA first, then anything else. $20 deposit refunded on return. Frag donation also warmly welcomed. Before After
  8. Tuduku

    WTB/A: nearly any coral

    Wow. Thank you guys! Btw, to those I see at the meeting, my name is Lance. Figure that might help hehe.
  9. I'm sure some of you have those corals that are everywhere in your tank that you're looking to consolidate or remove. Or that frag that takes up space that you're less than thrilled to have, I'm your guy for that. I want to buy or adopt (don't have anything to trade yet, the tank is quite barren) I'm looking for softies mostly, or LPS. So please email me with what you have. Thank you. I will be at the meeting on Sunday too.
  10. Tuduku

    LED Q.

    ledgroupbuy.com and www.stevesleds.com are where I bought my LEDs. And I got my drivers from bravoelectro.com for way less than the LED sites. If you have questions about a DIY build feel free to message me.
  11. Tuduku

    Where did I go wrong?

    Only real odd thing I noticed about them happened the night before they started going south. One started to rub its self against things. Like get close to a rock, hover then spasm and quickly dart against the rock. Happened a dozen times over an hour+. I assumed it was more play or something like that.
  12. Tuduku

    Where did I go wrong?

    Wow, thank you Jeff. And thank you to anyone else that helps me keep this experiance moving forward. I promise to pay it forward x2 someday to struggling newbies.
  13. Tuduku

    Where did I go wrong?

    Thank you all for the replies. It does help to know that it might just be an unlucky purchase. The clowns were probably just under an inch, so quite young. And in hind sight, must have had one hell of a day going from breeder to lfs to my tank. I will follow your guy's advice to acquire some more starter corals, will take awhile though. (any ideas on what and where?) Maybe in a few months, I'll try a fish again. Damsel or Nemo or other, idk yet.
  14. Tuduku

    Where did I go wrong?

    I have a refractometer and water is tested almost daily at 35ppt. It's a 30g.
  15. Tuduku

    Where did I go wrong?

    The clowns were new in the LFS, so I was hoping that *it wasn't me*. Its still hard to not be down on myself. I really don't want to be "that guy" who just murders his little pets with an "time to buy more" attitude.