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    I like "Iwagumi" style placements - especially if you're going for artistic minimalism. I can't explain Iwagumi - Google is your friend here!
  2. don_chuwish

    Bristle Worms Gone Wild

    How the heck was the overflow even... flowing? That's amazing.
  3. don_chuwish

    OIAB frag purchase - ID please? Red, looks like Acan but isn't...

    Thanks again, yeah he's a great help. We grabbed as many as we thought we could handle from a 'sale' tank he had to empty cuz it was cracked. Can't remember if this was one of'em or not. But after cashing in a punch card we had 5 new pretties for $30.
  4. don_chuwish

    OIAB frag purchase - ID please? Red, looks like Acan but isn't...

    Great, thanks! That's what it's getting right now. I'm transitioning to 250W MH at the moment so taking it slow & careful.
  5. don_chuwish

    OIAB frag purchase - ID please? Red, looks like Acan but isn't...

    Wow, talk about a quick answer - check those time stamps! Thanks so much guys. So looking at pics & info about blastomussa this one must be the smaller 'merleti' variety. That whole frag in the picture is about 1.5". Thanks again! - D
  6. Of course when I bought this (and 4 other little treats) I was told the name and thought I'd remember. But now it escapes me. Apparently not an Acan. "Myss-something" or other sound right?
  7. don_chuwish

    Moving to Bend Or.

    Welcome to the area!!
  8. don_chuwish

    HOB refugium

    Me neither. Trying a DSB in my large CPR Aquafuge PS. Got it used. Splurged on a FugeRay for the light and love it. - D
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    Darn, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Just trimmed mine back and with nowhere else to go - trashed. Guess next time I'll post a "free cheato" thread first. - D
  10. Maybe like this at BRS? http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/bulk-dry-live-rock/brs-tonga-shelf-dry-live-rock.html
  11. don_chuwish

    Am I just lucky today, a supprise in OIAB

    He's certainly not above giving stuff away tho. Last time we were there he was fragging some brain and ended up giving my 10 year old a hunk of 6 polyps just 'because'. It's still spreading in our tank. Points cards go a long way too. - D
  12. don_chuwish

    36G Bowfront Reef

    Thanks! The bow front looks striking from a distance and makes everything look bigger than it is, but up close it messes with your eyes. I'm not sure I'd get another one to be honest. It's easy to see why the Percs are so popular - even disregarding the movie - they're just so darn entertaining to watch & interact with. The coral collection is mostly my wife's doing but I've caught the bug too. Sadly we're pretty much out of space now! The "50/50" bulb is 10K/Actinic. The color is nice enough but I think we need more PAR. We'll certainly wait out the life of this bulb tho at least. All the credit for any picture quality goes to the camera, I'm basically point & shoot! After so long fishless, the DT was just full of 'pods. Everywhere you looked there were little critters moving. The Six Line Wrasse has been gorging itself on them for 24 hours now. Fun to watch it navigating all the nooks & crannies in the rocks too. Thanks again! - D
  13. don_chuwish

    36G Bowfront Reef

    Hi all, Now that we've finally settled on an aquascape that we like, I think I'll share our tank with this section of the forum! Previously intro'd in the "Introduce yourself" forum, we have a 36G bow front reef that's been up since end of December. Over Easter weekend we were just finishing an 8 week fishless period after an Ich scare. Still not 100% certain it was Ich, but since we were still early stages we decided it was easier to do something drastic now than later. So before re-introducing the fish (who went through hypo) I reworked the aquascape yet again. Pics to follow. I'm still messing with power heads and trying to balance the current created by the canister filter output. Haven't found the sweetspot yet. We have an Apex Lite controller on order, maybe I'll play with that for power head control. System: Aqueon 36G Bowfront tank Kit hood light upgraded to PC 55W 50/50 kit from A H Supply DIY blue LED strips for moonlighting Fluval 305 canister filter Koralia 550 Koralia 425 Small HOB refugium (Finnex breeder box) fed by Mini-Jet and holding chaeto & LR rubble. Aqueon Pro 150 heater Some LR from Atlantis in Roseburg, some from OIAB, the big Blue Ridge rock came from Rosecity. 25lbs dry 'reef safe' rock from Marcorocks About 85lbs of aragonite sand Inhabitants are quite varied, I'll try to list. CUC: One peppermint shrimp, lost count of hermits & Astraea snails Hitchhikers: small mystery (Tiger?) Pistol shrimp hiding in a rock, mostly black with some white. Gained a free crew of Stomatella snails somewhere - not pretty but good to have. Lots of brittle stars, 'pods, some bristle worms, etc. Coral: 3 different Plating Monti, one big Blue Ridge colony on LR, cloves, Digitata, Candy Cane, Duncan, 2 GSP, Sun Coral, Xenia, Birds Nest, Hammer, Frogspawn, Zoanthid colony, Acan, Toadstool, Yellow Colony Polyp, a poor abused Red Sea Fan and a few mushrooms. Fish: Tank bred True Perc pair, Six Line Wrasse, Banggai Cardinal, Green Clown Goby, Hi-Fin Red-Banded goby + Candy Stripe Pistol shrimp pair and a Royal Gramma. So far so good, but we probably need better lighting and I'm trying to decide if I want to do a DIY 10G sump/refugium. It would just barely fit in the small cabinet we have. I get RO/DI water from a local Water Store. Pretty cheap at $1/5G, every 6th jug free. PWCs are only 5G/week, so it would take a long time for a good RO/DI unit to pay for itself. Enough words, on to the pics! This gallery shows the progression from new tank up to last week: http://photobucket.com/36B_Reef But this is how it is today:
  14. don_chuwish

    Hello from Southern Oregon

    Thanks all!
  15. don_chuwish

    dry rock question

    The BRS 'Reef Saver' stuff is not Pukani as I understand it. Two different products. 'Reef Saver' appears to be the same type stuff as Marcorocks' 'Key Largo' dry rock. You could always call BRS to be sure, their customer support is great. - D