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  1. bored808


    hey sorry i just realized i might have a stand for u if u wanna go that route pm me your number and i'll send pix
  2. bored808

    33g long F/s

    Hey guys, for sale is my 33g long set up. Its more of a feel to see if there are any people who are interested in this complete setup. i used it for a frag tank... sorta. anyway heres the hard goods. 33g long aga tank (back painted black) Cpr overflow box ecoplus 633 pump pro-flex model 2 sump tek 6 bulb fixture heater koralia powerhead old skimmer and a few odds and ends. $450 obo want to sell as a complete package, but willing to split up if enough buyers are out there. Thanks Kip
  3. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    nope sorry, i got another type of skimmer possibly for sale tho
  4. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    last call to portland people!!!
  5. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    Bump for added livestock!!! Will be going to portland tomorrow, possibly going through longview as well!!!
  6. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    Hey man, if you are interested in the pc light let me know,
  7. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    Like Garrett said, it's an in sump. I have someone who is interested... But if deals fall through I'll let u know And I'm in Corvallis
  8. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    new prices! need to get rid of this stuff send me offers
  9. bored808

    F/s Equipment

    Hey guys, got a lot of random stuff laying around the house (also almost time to pay rent) so... sale time I have a dual 250w mh magnetic setup from PFO. 2 reflectors "bat wings" comes with a box full of used bulbs and random other stuff Also, got a dual 48" vho set up also with a bunch of bulbs and stuff mh vho $old Coral life dual 96w (36") Pc light w/ moon lights needs power chord for the moon lights $30 $25 Skimmer (used on a 55 g tank) from the company in woodburn (sorry forgot the name) includes pump and all! $40 $35 Got some frags cut up, Blue tub's $30 (from 10-20 polyps) Mary Janes $20 Pink Panther $5-20 Flamingos $20 Pm for package deals, will be in portland tomorrow
  10. bored808

    Anybody like Acans?

    (drooler)(drooler)(drooler)(drooler) so jealous... frag pack for sale...?
  11. bored808


    hmm... gonna be putting my pond in next week, maybe if he is available i will come get him
  12. bored808

    WTT for SPS and LPS and softies

    Pm sent !!!
  13. bored808

    33G Looooooooooooooooong

    led's ftw, but i just dont have the cash for it... aka hit my total limit on spending lol do u know any good cheap led solutions? i may just pull my led's off of my 55g.
  14. bored808

    33G Looooooooooooooooong

    hmm so i currently got a dual 250 mh setup, i am thinking it may be a bit much, and i wanna give t5's a shot. what do you think 4 bulb or 6 bulb on a 12" wide tank??? maybe a 6 bulb 36" fixture? options options.... oh and i painted the back of my tank black, will post pix up tomorrow!
  15. bored808

    33G Looooooooooooooooong

    Thats pretty cool, i can imagine it being a good critter holder, due to its depth like you said, 12" isnt much room to play with, but i love the look of shallow reefs.