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  1. UPDATE POST>>>>> PRICE REDUCTION RODI System Now $100 IM Tank $25!! 1/2 Remaining Items!!!!! Drop me an Email tomallanboyd@gmail.com
  2. BUMP>>>>Everything is all still available. No reasonable offer refused, Many have expressed interest but no one has bought anything. If interested Please contact Tom at tomallanboyd@gmail.com. Do Not reply to this thread. I have moved so I no longer check regularly - Tom lives in Southeast Portland and is a reputable seller. I purchased a couple of his tank items and it worked fantastic and was cleaned and packaged impeccably - Innovative Marine Nuvo 16. 2nd generation. Pic on request. Black, includes desktop stand. $75.00 Innovative Marine SkimMate Desktop Ghost Skimmer. Good for tanks up to 20 gallons. $60.00. Includes two pumps. BRS 2 Part Dosing Pump SKU 202317. $30. Cobalt Neo Therm 31003 75w $ 25 2x Cobalt MJ1200 powerheard/pumps $15ea. 2x Refractometer $15 ea. BRS 6 Stage Deluxe Water Saver RO/DI system 175 GPD with TDS System. Custom welded rack and stand. Pics on request. <350 total gallons run through it since new. $160 w/o stand, $200 with. Discounts for multiples. OBRO (or best reasonable offer).
  3. I mistakenly tacked this stuff on to an existing thread so I'm not sure it received the attention it deserves so here goes. I'm posting this for a friend of mine who's a casual user of this site and had little success with Craigslist. Please email him directly with any questions at tomallanboyd@gmail.com. Tom is in SE Portland, so he is convenient for many on this site.
  4. Bump.... All corals now gone but Tom still has some equipment for sale...........See below: 2x BRS 2 Part Dosing Pump SKU 202317. I new $40. I used $30. Hydor Smart Level Control $40 Cobalt Neo Therm 31003 75w $ 25 2x Cobalt MJ1200 powerheard/pumps $15ea. 2x Refractometer $15 ea. BRS 6 Stage Deluxe Water Saver RO/DI system 175 GPD with TDS System. Custom welded rack and stand. Pics on request. <350 total gallons run through it since new. $200. Email; tomallanboyd@gmail.com with questions. All equipment is in excellent condition. Please send responses directly to his above email.
  5. Helping a friend Sell some corals locally. These look healthy and have thrived in his IM tank for a couple of years and he's a great guy to deal with. Here is his Ad: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/for/6073691508.html If you would like to contact Tom directly, he can be reached at tomallanboyd@gmail.com
  6. So for those of you that know me personally, I have tried many many times to keep a powder blue tang in my reef tank with various degrees of success, with my best attempt at 3 months. I have told people that they are the unicorns of the reef world and to not waste your time and money. I have tried 11 in the 22 years I've been in this hobby and FINALLY, success!!!!!! (I hope I'm not jinxing myself.) These fish are notorious for arriving at fish stores thin and in many cases with no appetites. Coupled with their propensity to be "ich magnets", the deck is stacked against them right out of the bag. Here are a few things I can attribute to my success with my powder blue: 1) I happen to be in the fish store at delivery and noticed two, rather plump powders floating in bags for acclimation. I thought rather than stressing it further by acclimating to his tank and my tank, Ill grab it before it goes in. 2) I never quarantine. My personal opinion is this is even more stress for a fish. 3) Nori. I overfeed my tank and the first meal of the day consists of a half sheet of nori that I piece up and let free flow in the water column, letting food flow to him. 4) I do use UV. Whether this is a key component or not, it hasn't hurt. 5) mix up the meaty food. I rotate the food for my fish, plankton, mysis, brine shrimp and formula 2 is their main source. 6) Ich is inevitable. Your powder will show ich from time to time, but if he continues to eat heavily, it'll fight it off. 7) I have a cleaner wrasse that picks at any spots but also loves brine shrimp. I've had him for about 6 months which is like an insurance policy that seems to work. 8) Luck!!!!! Many of these things I've mentioned have been tried over and over to various degrees of success. Much of your success simply depends on picking the right fish. As of late, Ive had a bit of luck on my side as I've also been successful at keeping a notoriously difficult green goniopora alive and thriving for months as well. Anyway, hope this helps....
  7. Brian, You are entitled to your opinion as I am but I will say that they worked outstanding in the 2 years Ive owned them. I used them over my 180 sps and 150 mixed reef and had no problem growing anything deeper than 24 inches. I know there are others who can attest to their performance as well. Perhaps there were already too many other leds out there flooding the market at the time these were introduced, but I can say they performed well for me. Hopefully when someone out there is looking for a nice set of Reefstar lights, for about ($110 a light averaged out with controller they will drop me a pm. Until then, off to the attic they go.
  8. Final Price drop. $125 per light and individual remote or $450 plus shipping (probably 10 bucks a light) for all four lights and wired controller. I really can't go much lower.
  9. Thanks Salty. Mine look like the black ones in the pic.
  10. Bump....Now $500 (Plus Shipping from 47025) - That's 4 Reef Alpha 120 Malibu's (16"x 8") built in 2013 and one wired controller. Purchased new from Kenny 2 years ago. Text me for pics 503-449-7493.
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