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  1. Garrett

    Bubble magus doser

    Bump open to reasonable offers, Ps I'm in Beaverton
  2. Garrett

    Bubble magus doser

    I'm selling my bubble magus BMT01 doser, only used it like a week before I decided I don't have time for a Stoney reef right now and took it off line Retails 269$ish brand new Looking for 200$ even Send a text and I can shoot you pics, I even have original box etc 5035160783
  3. Garrett

    Sad Teardown for now

    Hey you free today or tomorrow interested in the jebao
  4. Garrett

    Equipment for sale

    Where are you located
  5. Garrett


    Matt I'm gonna need to come over if your willing once my cycle is done
  6. Interested in lights and refractometer do you still have them? Where are you located
  7. Garrett

    120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Nice build, great sttention to detail. Thst stand is a drooler, very well made
  8. Garrett

    Nuvo 20

    Thanks for the quick response, you da man
  9. Garrett

    Nuvo 20

    Do you have the nuvo 20s in stock? Looking to get one ASAP as in like tomorrow
  10. Garrett

    30 cube turnkey for sale

    Where are you located? Interested in tank set up pm me for a number
  11. Garrett

    60 gallon cube and stand

    Do you still have this
  12. Garrett

    Reef keeper lite / brs doser

    Ran it just over a year only a few minutes a day, been sitting for a few months now
  13. BRS 1.1 ml doser 50$ Reef Keeper lite w/ temp probe 70$
  14. Garrett

    Ocean revive it2060

    Ocean revive it2060 24" model 150$ Still has remote