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  1. Send me dimensions and price. I don't need a stand or a canopy :( I'll be using it to make a sump. Thank you!
  2. Bug/parasite help!

    Finally got some pictures, not the best but its better then posting nothing. haha [ATTACH]12258[/ATTACH][ATTACH]12259[/ATTACH]
  3. Bug/parasite help!

    You try taking pictures of something thats ridiculously small and tell me how that goes and the pictures that I have are pointless to post because you still wouldn't be able to make out what it is. :/
  4. Whats the best way to catch crabs?

    I'll go with the Mexico idea hahah. I'm gonna try some mysis shrimp and jumbo mysis shrimp tonight If I catch any tomorrow I'll post some pictures!
  5. Bug/parasite help!

    My bad haha. I've been trying to take pictures but they never come out good. My corals seem to be doing really good so I'll just make sure to keep an eye out. Thanks for your help
  6. I found 2 decorator crabs and 1 hairy crab in my tank that I've noticed over the past couple months. they haven't been a problem but I just want to get them out of there before they become a problem. I got home around 2:00am and I went to go check out my tank with a red light and I noticed on the huge mix polyp rock that one of the decorator crabs was just chillin on the rock. I grabbed my tweezers and caught him and put him in a piece of PVC with mesh covering each side. I have no clue what I'm going to do with him I was thinking of putting him in my 10gal HOB refugium but I don't want him to go mess up all my algae. What are some good traps?
  7. Bug/parasite help!

    What are some early signs of bug/parasite problems in reef tanks? I've seen a lot of weird bugs in my tank lately and I'm not sure if they are good or bad. I've researched a bunch but I've only been able to identify a few. All my corals are doing great but sometimes I notice a weird bug crawling on a polyp and sometimes on my montipora. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hey, I have a basically brand new in the box with maybe an hour of use LED 36''-48'' White and blue (day and night) They look really great when in use! It has a sleek and thin LED housing with adjustable legs to fit any aquarium. I bought it for $359.99 at my local fish store but it just sat inside my closet for a month because I never really got the chance to install it into my canopy because of my current metal halide housing that is in my canopy. Email me or ask for my number so i can send you pictures! -Lifetime Hours - 50,000 hours -Two modes of lighting, Daytime (white and blue LEDs), Lunar (blue LEDs only). -Mimics underwater "shimmer" effect of natural sunlight. -Powered by Energy Efficient 1 watt LED's that provide the correct intensity and spectral output to maintain reef aquariums. Ill sell it for 220 but im willing to negotiate just message me!
  9. Coral Magazine current

    I downloaded that a little while ago it's awesome. Also check out pocket reef that's another one I really like!