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  1. I'll take the frag tank. Shoot me a PM
  2. I wouldn't worry about adding a peppermint as a second shrimp. When I put 3 in my 120 (purchased at TPA) I never saw them again. In about a month all the aiptasia was gone.
  3. There's also these http://www.marinedepot.com/Coralife_Aqua_Gloves_%28One_Pair_Shoulder_Length_Protective_Gloves%29_Protective_Gloves_for_Saltwater_Aquariums-Coralife-ES09505-FIMTPG-vi.html
  4. IIRC the last time I was in Animal House in OC they had some. Might want to try calling them
  5. I've heard that Marineland will not honor a warranty unless the tank is on one of their stands...
  6. I think I'm DQd... I've had mine is a temp tank (Rubbermaid) for the last couple weeks while I get the 120 back together
  7. Where are you located? My vet will write tank scripts. She's located in Milwaukie.
  8. Was going to try to make it but my day has turned into hell
  9. Wow, glad you're ok Roy. And your wet friends made it too!! The car accident thing seems to be going around... Who will be the third?
  10. Mine eats anything I put in the tank and is so fat I sometimes wonder if he shouldn't be on a diet. He's also never touched a single coral.
  11. If I manage to get everything moved into the new place I'll be there
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