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  1. I haven’t been on R2R nearly as much since they redid the forum. The way it looks on my phone stinks, I need upgrade lol. Dustin
  2. I’ve had my Berghias in my tank for a few months now. My tank is a Redsea E-260 it has a sump in rear but I also have a below sump. I found berghias in the rear sump where there is no flow all the time. They must crawl up the wall and up and over. Found one in my filter sock looked dead but when I put back in tank came to life. They are pretty fun to watch, best time to find them for me is about 30min after lights out. Dustin.
  3. I hope that is not true. I ordered a backup on eBay just now just in case. Has been my favorite heater for awhile. Dustin
  4. I got a dozen from salty underground beginning of June. They are awesome I spotted 6 berghia in tank tonight cruising around. Aptasia should be gone next month or so.
  5. Oh geez you have quite a few a bodies. Nice
  6. My 69 Dart is my first car was a slant 6 but it’s a major overhaul. It’ll have a small block 408 when complete. Just not sure when that’ll be lol.
  7. Very nice. I’ve been messing around with old mopars mostly for 15+yrs. my current cars are 65, 69 Dart and also have 67 Belvedere.
  8. I’ve noticed a lot of reefers change out the redsea ball valve for a better one. Biggest issue is swapping the metric to standard. Seen a few how to on reef 2 reef.
  9. Looking great. What is everybody using to vacuum detritus out of the sump?
  10. Looks like a male to me.
  11. Out of all the salts I’ve tried of my 10yrs reefing. The fritz mixes ok but leaves my brute can orange. Even worse than the original instant ocean. Just my opinion
  12. I like my tiger goby covers up my acans. He’s fearless my 2yr old bangs on tank doesn’t phase it. I think the fish is worth the trouble for now lol.
  13. Just ordered a dozen berghia for my aptasia outbreak. I’m hoping by fall I’ll have some to try to share. I live in Eugene area. Dustin
  14. I’m guilty of flooding the garage on a few occasions lol.
  15. I would if you were in Eugene/springfield area.
  16. It was the softies that got me hooked in the hobby looking at my friends reef. For my own as of now my favorite is LPS and softies especially acans. I’ve tried a few SPS with no luck but won’t give up on them now my tank is a year old.
  17. Awe gotcha. Hope you get it cured
  18. You could do a fresh water dip for flukes
  19. Hello reefers I’m looking for a few beginner frags of some SPS corals. Tank has been up now over a year wanting to give some SPS a shot again. Looking for some stylaphora, beginner sticks, pavona. Thanks Dustin
  20. Cool fish. Music reminded me of living in Germany again lol
  21. My clowns love this Duncan I got from the premium aquarium.
  22. Your tank looks great
  23. Deuce00

    Apex or ApexEL?

    I know one difference between the Apex and the Apex EL. The El doesn’t come with the ORP probe. Dustin
  24. Beautiful Achilles. I’m curious how all the tangs gonna work out in the 6ft tank I assume.
  25. Picked up a wardi goby at the April meeting.
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