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  1. Deuce00

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Do you ever head south? I’d take pack B live in SprIngfield. Dustin
  2. Deuce00

    3d Printable Nori Clip

    Great work
  3. Deuce00

    Amazing new shipments!

    I really need head up north and check out the store. Dustin
  4. Deuce00

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

  5. Deuce00

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    Little update. Did a phosphate check (first time ever) and they came out .04 on the Hanna checker. Added some coral, hammer, duncan, mushrooms and orange zoa.
  6. Deuce00

    Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Awesome they look great. Glad to see the bubble tips thriving in such a young reef. Dustin
  7. Deuce00

    Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    How’s the bubble tips doing? Dustin
  8. Deuce00

    Midas Blenny/Ember Blenny?

    I have a midas blenny and he is not an algae grazer, cool fish tho. Dustin
  9. Deuce00

    Free 29g Bio Cube

    Sold. Thank you
  10. Deuce00

    Free 29g Bio Cube

    Hello I have a 29g Bio Cube I no longer need anymore. The glass is in pretty good shape. The lid is starting to crack but still fits on top. Lights everything work it’ll come with return pump and a skimmer I have. It’ll be empty. I’m located in Springfield Or. Dustin
  11. Deuce00

    Help with Kenya tree and xenia

    Ive had Kenya tree coral look really bad for a few days. Nothing seems to bother it, hardiest coral I’ve ever owned. I wouldn’t worry about it. Dustin
  12. Deuce00

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    Added some new equipment to the sump. A BRS media reactor and a Reef Octopus essence 130. Everything else going smoothly. Dustin
  13. Deuce00

    Waterbox Aquariums

    They look pretty nice. and do come with nice water volumes. I’m curious as well. Dustin
  14. Deuce00


    These are great photos. Thanks for sharing. Dustin
  15. Deuce00

    Dustin’s Redsea E-260

    Thank you. Yes I do have a screen top thank you for suggestion. Dustin