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  1. Hello reefers I’m looking for a few beginner frags of some SPS corals. Tank has been up now over a year wanting to give some SPS a shot again. Looking for some stylaphora, beginner sticks, pavona. Thanks Dustin
  2. Cool fish. Music reminded me of living in Germany again lol
  3. My clowns love this Duncan I got from the premium aquarium.
  4. Your tank looks great
  5. Deuce00

    Apex or ApexEL?

    I know one difference between the Apex and the Apex EL. The El doesn’t come with the ORP probe. Dustin
  6. Beautiful Achilles. I’m curious how all the tangs gonna work out in the 6ft tank I assume.
  7. Picked up a wardi goby at the April meeting.
  8. If your checking your alk regularly and its where you want,calcium shouldn’t be to far off. Same theory as the alkatronic.
  9. Do any of you reefers test for magnesium? I’ve tested my tank for calcium twice in a year and thought I was wasting my time. The alk testing is great but my Hanna does it for 50$. I don’t get a cool graph tho
  10. My jawfish had a grumpy personality, always watchful and interesting, mine wasn’t much of an open swimmer. They are jumpers also.
  11. Right now my 2 favorite reef safe fishes I’ve had recently are a black cap jawfish and my midas blenny. Dustin
  12. I have a list of dream fish I want for a 300g+ tank that might never happen. Lol
  13. You could get the Apex EL for 600$ you wouldn’t get the ORP probe but I don’t find that one useful. Dustin
  14. I think your ALK consumption seems great. I’ve never seen a tank as young as yours with so much coraline algae.
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