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  1. Deuce00


    I use ehiem heaters most of the time. Dustin
  2. Great pictures thanks for sharing
  3. I don’t have a reefer but have a Red Sea max and a waterbox 10g. Both tanks are awesome
  4. Tank has been running really great so far. I have lost 1 fish my helfrichi.
  5. Nice score. Chevron tang such a great looking fish
  6. Thanks veterans. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my fellow vets. Dustin
  7. That’s an expensive fish for sure was it a diamond tail?
  8. Great looking tank. Bummer deal sorry hear about your wrasse taking the leap. Dustin
  9. I definitely want a battle box when I feel more comfortable with SPS. I’ve only read great things from battle corals. Dustin
  10. Good all countries should ban it to protect the reefs. My GF got me into using zinc based sunscreens awhile back. Someone on R2R had a day by day picture of his coral depleting after puting arms in tank after golfing and having sunscreen on his arms.
  11. Deuce00


    Welcome to the site look forward to your build. Dustin
  12. Redsea kits are usually some of the better kits in my opinion. Besides the Hanna checkers
  13. Nice pics, thanks for sharing. I’ve never been to the northern coast before.
  14. Glad to see the fish back. You have such a beautiful tank.
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