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  1. Deuce00

    My Redsea E-260

    That was my first acan I got from Premium Aquarium.
  2. Deuce00

    My Redsea E-260

    My Redsea tank after almost 2 years. https://youtu.be/E3pdGjHdFZc
  3. I’m in for 1 of whatever is left. Look forward checking out new shop. Dustin
  4. Glad your dog is feeling better. I’ve got a couple huskies and there is a point that they do settle down. Mine are 10years old now., escaping has always been my biggest issue. Luckily they’re so darn friendly they get caught pretty quickly.
  5. Welcome to the site, I’m out in springfield. The closest fishstore I’ve found worth the trip not to Portland is The Premium Aquarium in Salem.
  6. Between my 2 tanks a Redsea Max 260 and a 10g my electric bill maybe changed 15$ a month. I really didn’t notice. I’m about 150ish all year long for power/electric.
  7. Close thread. Donating berghia to LFS
  8. Deuce00

    My 60g 1.5 yrs

    My Redsea E260
  9. From what I’ve noticed sadly is they starve out and die. I’m not sure how many aptasia they eat a day it has taken nearly 4 months to clear my aptasia infestation.
  10. Free chaeto in Springfield got some extra growout. Clean no aptasia. Dustin
  11. I really like the sump upgrade so far it’s well built.
  12. Nice tank and welcome to the site. I’ve got same one going on for about 18months now, no complaints. I went for the optional sump.
  13. Do you ever see the nudis at night? I find nudis in my filter socks all the time. Maybe they got wrapped up in your filter roll?
  14. Dang that’s a lot of coraline. I see you have some lights for sale did you upgrade you radions?
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