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  1. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    im going for the front and top down. and i guess thats where ill be running into troble... at the size im looking at doing people are afraid to do a tank with no top i guess? im looking into how to solve this... i may need to go shallower!
  2. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    Update: as with most dreams they start HUGE and work there way down to a manageable size.... ive settled on a footprint of 48x48 and 16 inches high... the tank will have 2 external overflows on the back side and a 4 inch pipe in the bottom that is 6 inches high... that will be my low tide mark.... that is if i can figure out how to make that style out flow surge... id like to drain and fill about 10gal at a time... ive called around today to ge some quotes on building that tank... but i may consider the DIY route still... have any of you built a tank out of acrylic before? ive seen some DIY guides.. and ive worked with it a LONG time ago in shop class. but i gather ill be needing some sort of HUGE clamps to make this possible... or some sort of giant jig? looks like ive got more reading ahead of me.
  3. A video of my sump and cheato cleaning.

    now that i think about it... the guy at my LFS did call it Chay-toe a few times when i was first getting my sump put together. i couldn't remember the name of "the macro algae thats all curly and isnt toxic when you cut it?!" and he belted out "Chay-toe"..... go figure ... its the only store around too so i don't blame him! i wanted to add something to.. i have an acrylic sump that im going to be cutting apart this weekend. ill use it to make some baffles ( or what ever you call them ) in the sump. i should be able to section off a point for mechanical filtration and possibly reduce the need to wash my cheato. ( thanks to opinions and advice from the forum ) I still do think it was the right thing to do at the time... that trapped debris was just feeding the cheato trapped nutrients rather than letting it work for it and pull it out of the water column. but then again i guess i never considered my cheato a breeding ground...
  4. First Snow!!!!!!

    We had snow last night! were just north of La Pine.
  5. A video of my sump and cheato cleaning.

    noted... ive only ever read the word Cheato so i had no idea! .... but a ton of people say halide the way ive said it in the video so i would have never guessed. thanks for the constructive feedback.
  6. A video of my sump and cheato cleaning.

    Good idea! It seems like i need to wash this stuff out all the time... it acts like filter floss in my sump... maybe because (as you can see) my sump is an open tank... i need some sort of sock or chamber with mechanical filtration before my cheato bed...
  7. Im toying around with my camera and making some videos... Heres a quick "how i do it" video... let me know how i can improve both the video and my cheato cleaning method.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XqqkeTyrRI
  8. New cold water tank thread!

    nice! more pics please! ive subscribed to this post... i want to go tide hunting with you guys! i can come and hold the camera or something... till i get my tank set up! just a thought.
  9. Catching A Mantis

    so youve got a home for it? if not let me know! ill take him... i have stuff id trade or even pay for him too... LMK!
  10. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    sounds cool! i cant wait to see the video of how its made... me and the wife are plotting out our trip to the cost... im not sure yet on where! were torn between gold beach ( mouth of the rogue ) and rockaway beach... i like the idea of going to rockaway but we have family in gold beach too... so who knows where we will end up at this point lol... at least both points provide inspiration!
  11. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    I like that one... but i need some sort of viewing holes... this is a killer one too but its got too much acrylic for us to build one exactly like it.... that 1 inch stuff is spendy!
  12. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    so you use rock salt to get the texture?
  13. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    they look great! ill dig around on the links and see if i can get a better grasp on the foam idea...
  14. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    the foam rock idea im not quite sold on yet... I would like to see some in person some time and see how it looks and feels up close. if that stuff passes... it might be cool to do the whole inside of the tank in foam rock. how hard is the foam? can i scrub it and such or will it fall apart? what kind of a lifetime does it have in salt water? do you guys have any links on working with the foam? sorry about the massive amount of questions but i haven't seen this foam used before....
  15. Building a PNW Marine Tank!!!! Lets get some ideas....

    i never thought to have a part of the water column out doors... and yeah the salinity would keep it from freezing... ill still need to invest in a chiller or make one. but this might be a very efficient way to cool that tank in the winter time... also cooling from the ground may still be an option but i do know how much titanium and stainless run... and how hard it is to work both so that's all out of the question for the moment... Also, ive already got a large water barrel that would work perfectly for an out-door chilling pool and it would be on the north side of the house witch should also be perfect.