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  1. SantaMonicaHelp

    New to saltwater

    Welcome to the forum! -Kamran
  2. SantaMonicaHelp

    Yay, success with wall hammers

    Good job! -Kamran
  3. SantaMonicaHelp

    Opae ula vase

    Is a video a possibility? -Kamran
  4. SantaMonicaHelp

    Opae ula vase

    Keep it up, man! The vase looks great! -Kamran
  5. SantaMonicaHelp

    Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    Nice tank, Spectra! -Kamran
  6. SantaMonicaHelp

    Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    It's a shame that photos never quite capture the sense of seeing it with your own eyes. I still think it looks pretty good, though. -Kamran
  7. SantaMonicaHelp

    Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Very good stuff so far! Looking forward to more! -Kamran
  8. SantaMonicaHelp

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the forum, and beautiful tank! -Kamran
  9. SantaMonicaHelp

    yeah for my clown fish :)

    I've actually never heard a clownfish get called a host, funnily enough. If that's a common mistake, then I'm not sure how it started either. -Kamran
  10. SantaMonicaHelp


    Great setup, and awesome photos! Everything in your tank is really beautiful! -Kamran
  11. SantaMonicaHelp

    Massive hydnophora of death!

    Haha, nice one! Good to see it's doing well in that tank! -Kamran
  12. SantaMonicaHelp

    New to saltwater looking for locals in Lacey, WA

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you find a buddy or two to do dealings with. -Kamran
  13. SantaMonicaHelp

    Reefer 450 Pics 2 years old

    That looks awesome! Great job! -Kamran
  14. SantaMonicaHelp

    yeah for my clown fish :)

    Congratulations! They look great together! -Kamran
  15. SantaMonicaHelp

    Hawaiian fish collection ban

    Sure sounds like it! I wonder what this means for the future of the hobby... -Kamran