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  1. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Aloha friends! I miss you all very much and long for our happy hour get togethers and other saltwater antics that made Portland's reefing community so great. I feel bad that I haven't had more time to engage with the Portland forum, but things have been crazy since we landed here. We bought a total gut renovation house, or more of a compound if you will. It's broken up into four buildings. A garage, guest quarters, main kitchen/living/dining/bedroom building and a separate en suite building. Of course the renovation is dragging on FOREVER and we had to move out of our rental house since they sold it, so we're living in the enormous garage building, which is a lot more comfortable than you would think. It has it's own finished bathroom and it's clean and quite roomy. At one time they were using the building as a production film and video studio. If you aren't friend with me on Facebook and you'd like to see my updates, check out my thread on Nano-Reef which I've been keeping pretty up to date. Lots of snorkeling and tide pool videos on there! http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/351093-islandoftikis-hawaiian-adventure/ And if anyone wants to keep in touch via Facebook, I'm easy to find. www.facebook.com/islandoftiki Cheers! I miss you all! John
  2. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    By the way guys, Mele Kalikimaka! And... I've been doing a terrible job of updating my thread on the various forums, but I did just update the one on Nano-Reef, so if you want to see what's new with me, check it out! http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/351093-islandoftikis-hawaiian-adventure/ I miss you all very much. It's challenging not having anyone to talk tanks with here, but I finally met a local saltwater enthusiast who has several nano tanks that look awesome. And yes, you can get illegal corals here and no, I won't tell you this guy's name or share pictures of his tanks, but suffice it to say, they are pretty stunning. I'm going to keep my tanks legal when I set them up so I can share them with the world. Some of the local zoas and palys are truly amazing as you all know (and they're legal to collect). I still need to figure out the legality of mantis shrimp. I'm pretty sure you can harvest them to eat, so I think you could keep one as a pet. Cheers! John
  3. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Here's a little Hawaii tide pool action for you all. More story to come when I have time. It's been crazy busy, but all fun.
  4. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    We're up above the Costco near Mamalahoa Highway near Hina Lani St. I'd love to meet up.
  5. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    By the way, tide pool pictures to come when I have time, and much more story!
  6. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Aloha friends! I feel like I'm way overdue for an update, so here goes. The past week has been a mixture of excitement, craziness, exhaustion and fun. We started out on the 4th of November at Oh-dark-thirty in the morning preparing our African grey parrots for transport to the islands. We picked them up from the veterinarian office the day before where they went through a week long quarantine process. I had already built parrot-proof airline approved cat carriers. The wee hours of the morning before the flight we were scrambling to mosquito-proof the carriers with window screen and duct tape before we took them to Alaska airlines cargo at 4:30am. They were left in the hands of the cargo folks and we headed to the main airport to check a half-dozen bags of parrot supplies, sleeping bags, clothing and other necessities for our first few days in Hawaii. Here is a photo from the middle of the Honolulu airport-- Yes, this is in the airport. When we got to Honolulu, we had to collect the birds from the agriculture department. This was a difficult place to find. It involved walking down what were clearly areas where people were not supposed to go. Construction zones, dotted the walk to the agriculture department office. Fortunately, all of our paperwork was in order and the birds were released to us after a half-hour wait. We were able to remove the mosquito netting and then we had a 4 hour wait for our flight to Kona. Ahnie and Dory were absolutely enthralled with the whole adventure. We were extremely worried about Dory as she is a chronic feather plucker; we expected her to be plucked naked by the time we arrived in Hawaii. When we arrived in Honolulu, she hadn't plucked any feathers at all. She really seemed to be having a good time! We tried to arrange an earlier flight to Kona as we had a 4 hour layover, and that's when the drama started. The Hawaiian Airlines people suddenly told us we could not take parrots on Hawaii airlines! Of course, we had arranged all of this months ago and had reservations. Managers got involved, and after about 20 minutes of hassle, they finally conceded that you could indeed take Parrots in cargo to Kona, but not Hilo (the East coast airport 3 hours from Kona). Sadly, all of the earlier flights were booked solid, so we had to wait... and wait... and wait. There wasn't much to do in the airport. Not much in the way of people watching. Pamela bought a yogurt parfait to share some of the yogurt with Ahnie and Dory as a treat for doing to well on the trip. Dory's carrier had clearly been knocked over at some point during the flight and her food and water were all over the floor of the carrier. She didn't seem to mind too much and ate some of the soggy seed and pellets. While she was feeding the birds, a dove flew into the airport and became extremely curious about the parrots. Then, when Pamela started feeding the parrots, the dove had to come over for a closer look... Then, a tour group from Japan showed up and EVERY single person's bag was overweight, and they proceeded to shuffle their belongings from one bag to another to avoid baggage fees. Some people started layering clothing to help reduce the last few pounds from their bags. Fortunately, nobody had to resort to wearing their underwear on the outside. A couple hours later, we got the birds through the special TSA screening and boarded the short flight to Kona. Here are the birds loading onto the airplane. We arrived after dark. I waited in front of the airport as Pamela got the rental car. Here are the birds and our silly amount of luggage as we waited: We got to the rental house and set up the birds' temporary cages and slept in sleeping bags on the hardwood floor. Ouch! The next morning, we were greeted at 6:30am by this view: Then I got a chance to look around outside: The next day, we drove up to Kawaehae and collected our cars from the port. We left my car in Kawaehae and drove the rental car and Pamela's car back to Kona. Later that evening, we went back to get my car after turning in the rental car... And I'm getting too tired to share any more, but there's much more to come! This has been a whirlwind of a week!
  7. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Days before we're leaving, Pamela and I were discussing possibly purchasing and shipping a third car to Hawaii to avoid the exceptionally high price of vehicles on the islands. We were thinking either a Jeep Wrangler to help us get to some of the more remote beaches, but decided for all the times that we actually want to do that, we'll just rent a Jeep. Our other thought was a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, or going a completely different angle, a Mini convertible. In what can only be described as a crazy random happenstance, Pamela was giving her friend a ride to pick up her car that was being serviced at Pacific Motorsports where fellow automotive technician and well known local saltwater enthusiast James (TobyFlenderson) happens to work. Well, what do you know, they had a customer's Mini on their lot that was for sale. Amazingly enough, it ticked ALL of the boxes for what we wanted in a fun Hawaii car, and this time of year in Portland, we were able to score a smokin' deal on it, so it ended up going home with us. This is going to be way too much fun in Hawaii. The top is never going to go up! For those interested, it's a 2007 Cooper S. 38k miles. 6 Speed manual transmission and all of the bells and whistles you'd want an none of the ones that you don't want. Oh boy does it drive nice. It reminds me a lot of my old 1962 Mini I had in high school and college.
  8. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    This is really last-minute, but time is slipping away from us really fast now... I'll be at The Hobnob Bar and Grill on Saturday the 1st from 6pm to 9pm if anybody wants to see me one last time. The Hobnob is at 34th and SE Morrison St. Hope to see a few of you there!
  9. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Yesterday we got a call from the container shipping company to tell us that our container arrived at Kawaihae harbor in Hawaii a week early! Wow! That's great for a couple reasons... One, the ship didn't sink and our stuff make it there safely. Two, we've been able to schedule the container to be delivered to our rental house the day after we arrive and the movers will come unload it the next day. Woohoo! Our cars should be there this week and ready to pick up when we land. We fly out next Tuesday! Stay tuned for updates!
  10. Islandoftiki

    Site bugs! Help me squash'em!

    The new site looks great. I love some of the new features. I thought I'd go ahead and clean out my inbox, which went fine, but when I tried to clear our my Sent Items, they persist despite saying they've been moved to trash. Not a huge deal, but something to add to your list.
  11. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Two African grays. One is a Timneh and the other is a Congo.
  12. Islandoftiki

    Islandoftiki's Hawaiian Adventure!

    Well, I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to update everyone on the adventure! So, here's all the news that's fit to print: Almost all of our stuff is gone (Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean) and we're spending our time picking through the remaining items to figure out what we want to mail to Hawaii, what we want to sell on Craigslist and what we're going to donate. Here's what we're calling a bed right now. Like the nightstand? We're down to these few items that we're trying to sell on Craigslist. We managed to squeeze two of the nicest green chairs onto the container, but two didn't make it. Are they not amazing? Here's my rendition of an airline approved parrot cage. Since they don't actually sell an airline approved parrot cage, I had to make a couple. These were once airline approved cat carriers, they've been metal reinforced to prevent the parrots from biting through the plastic window slats. Perches, water and food dishes have been added as well as an extra layer or door protection to prevent them from biting through what will come last--just before they are delivered to the airline. Mosquito netting. Hawaii is horribly afraid that they will get West Nile virus, and thus, the parrots must be quarantined at the veterinary office in a mosquito proof room 7 days prior to our leaving. Then the vet will certify them disease free and we will seal them in their cages with a layer (or two) of mosquito netting taped to the outside of the carriers so they don't magically contract West Nile virus between the veterinary office and the airplane. In November, in Oregon. If they arrive in Hawaii and the mosquito netting is compromised at all, they will be shipped back to the mainland on the very next flight. That's about it, a few things left to go and less than two weeks to go.
  13. Sent you a PM. Need it gone before November 1st.
  14. Bump one last time! Can nobody save this large piece of plastic from the landfill? This was by far the best upgrade to my RO/DI system. No more overflowed buckets or water all over the floor.