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  1. Kryptonite Pink Candy Cane Coral $10 per head Located In Longview
  2. Green Hammer coral for sale. $10 per head. Located in Longview.
  3. I am in the process of selling off my 120 gal. tank. Let me know if you see anything that may interest you.
  4. WTS 40 plus heads. $475.00. Will not frag. 17 heads $225. 00
  5. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Ok, so here is where I get confused. I have a torch coral. Online I see one head frag for $59 and 2 head frag for $90. My coral has 30 plus heads and the piece that broke off has 17 plus.
  6. Debbi

    120 gallon

    I will let you know when I get to that point.
  7. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Ok, you are being super helpful. And she doesnt actually know I'm selling it. Lol. That's the grandbaby. So how would you suggest finding buyers, and how do I price things. I dont have a lot of fish. So that's not really an issue. I'm only getting rid of is so I can put in doors where the tank is out to the deck.
  8. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Thank you. That's what I was thinking.
  9. Debbi

    120 gallon

    Thank you. That's what I was thinking. I just really dont know where to start. That was very helpful.
  10. I am considering selling off my 120 gallon tank with 40 gallon sump. Would it be easier to sell it as a whole or should I piece it out?
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