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  1. Nuvo all in one 20 for sale

    Nevermind. Saw it sold.
  2. •Red sea reefer 170 •Hydra 26HD •Reef Octopus Skimmer •Chaetomorpha •Ceramedia bag
  3. CNC Auction #5 Green Mushroom

  4. Red sea reefer 170. Reef octopus skimmer. Hydra 26HD. Chaetomorpha. Ceramedia bag. Kalkwasser in ATO. Gravity ATO. Sending paypal now.
  5. Of course. 😁
  6. Wish i didn't miss this!
  7. Two fire shrimp, and ten snails please.
  8. Equipment for sale

    Still have the mp10.
  9. Reef stuffs FS

    I'll take the booster pump! PMing you now.
  10. Anyone have a quarantine setup to cure ick near Wilsonville? I haven't been paying attention to what my fish look like the last couple days and my scopes looks like it's getting ick. Willing to pay for you to hold him and see if he gets better. I've had him for a while with no problems.
  11. Nuvo fusion 20+stand $125

  12. Aquamaxx media reactor

    Looking for a cheap one tof make into a macro algae reactor of someone has one laying around.
  13. Misbar clowns

    Taking offers. These guys are in a bucket right now.
  14. Misbar clowns

    Missbar clowns. $40 for both. Need them gone. One is biting my midnight clowns.