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  1. Is this offer still available?
  2. My friend has a 10 gallon tank that she wants go stock. Looking for cheap but colorful zoas, lps, softies. Whatever you have with color! Thanks
  3. Just interested in bare tank
  4. Will you be selling the nuvo, and if so for how much? I may be interested.
  5. I might be interested in one.
  6. I work graveyard.😋 How much?
  7. Let me know if you get this, Kim. Looking to get someone into the hobby, and that nuvo 10 you got would be a good starter if it's a whole setup. 😋
  8. I live in Wilsonville. They are both overflows, one is just bigger. The small one will fit your 30 gallon.
  9. I have a CS 90, and a CS100. $75 for the cs100, and $40 for the cs 90. $100 for both. CS90 had damage, but doesn't affect use.
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