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  1. daleroller

    My LiL 29

    Nice tank, now that it is mine I should take a picture of it and show off some of the livestock I have in it. Right now it is filled with all of the rocks and fish that I put in it for a bedroom setup and it also contains alot of the rock and fish from my office Biocube. I just moved my Salem office to Dallas, Oregon. I have to do construction on my new office and there is no heat in the building, so I have a another Biocube HQI 29 sitting in my storage room filled with cold water, live sand, and some live rocks. The heater that I was using is not big enough to handle the cold temperatures in my office so the water is freezing. I am getting a bigger titanium heater for the tank on Wednesday. The heater that you sold me with the Biocube that is in my bedroom was defective and kept electrocuting me. When I get the water warmed up in the office tank I can get some of the rock and livestock out of the now way overcrowded Biocube that you sold me and take pictures of it. I really love the live rock that you gave me. Really made a nice wall for the rear.
  2. daleroller

    Any one with banded pipe fish

    I saw some really nice looking banded pipefish fopr sale at Rose City Aquarium about two weeks ago.
  3. daleroller

    Electrical shock inside my tank. ZAP!

    My home is pretty old and rickety. I don't have a working light in my living room and the wiring in the attic is just bundles of wire and cables evrywhere. It is a bit scary to look at. But that is why I only pay $275 a month for a 4 bedroom house. it would not suprise me that I do not have proper grounding. i took the heater out of the tank today and stuck my hand in the water. No more shock, but i still don't know eher that Damesl is.
  4. daleroller

    Electrical shock inside my tank. ZAP!

    Thanks, I am going to pick up that probe thingy. I talked to the guys at Saltwater Fantasea earlier and they said that it may be my heater. I am inclined to agree. When I was messing around with it the other day I thought I heard a bit of crackling and saw a spark. I didn't want to believe it because the heater is a fancy titanium one and I though those were expensive.
  5. I have three sealed bags of Coralife Premium Grade Marine Salt. They weigh a total of 40.5 lbs and the bucket that they came in says that each bag can make 50 gallons saltwater. I have decided to stick with premixed saltwater I buy at the shop. I am looking to trade bags of salt for interesting looking frags, livestock, titanium heater, protein skimmers that can fit in the back of a Biocube, canister filter, or anything else cool that I may be able to use. I just gave my mom a Biocube 14 this weekend and she wants some pretty corals to put in it, and a royal gramma.
  6. I setup up a used Biocube 29 HQI in my bedroom this weekend. Under the tank stand I have an external canister filter and my electrical cords. Yesterday while sorting out my power cords a hose came off the filter and squirted my cables and outlets. There was a bit of a crackling sound and I shut down my electrics really quick. I tried to dry everything as well as I could and left the system unplugged overnight. Today I plugged everything back in and put hose clamps on the canister filter. The carpet is still a bit damp and so is my cabinet. While on the damp I kept feeling an electrical shock. I then put my hand in the tank and got a bigger jolt. I only have one fish in the tank, a royal damsel and I haven't seen him all day. Also the hermit crabs are looking annoyed. What do I need to do to stop the shock? Just let everything dry out completely?
  7. daleroller

    February Meeting

    I would like to go to the meeting this month too. This will be my first one. I just set up two more SW aquariums this week and moved my old one to my mom's house and I want to learn about everything that I did wrong. (scratch)
  8. daleroller

    Biocube 29 HQI in my office.

    This weekend I moved out my Biocube 14 and Upgraded to the mighty Biocube 29 HQI. The 14 gallon is going to my mom's house since she loves looking at my tank and we will put 3 clownfish in that one. I love the extra room in the 29 gallon tank. It fits perfectly in my office. The brighter lights will let me put a couple of anenome in there. One thing that dissapoints me about the lights is that they took out the moon light lamp that comes with the 14. I would also like an intersteing looking clam and a scallop or too in time. Right now I have a clownfish, 2 royal damsels, serpent star, scooter blennie, watchman gobie, coral banded shrimp, some snails and some hermit crabs, and a sea slug of some sort. One of my favorite things about a saltwater tank is interesting peices of live rock that I can put in it. I like the idea of a sea garden. I carefully selecting peices of live rock from NW Seahorse and Premium Aquarium. I placed the rock to create lots of caves and hiding places for the critters. Garrett has some especially nice pieces of live rock, all colored purple, with lots of crevices and holes. I got a couple of nice peices that had zoas, leathers and palys already es tablished on them. I may pick up a few more peices tomorrow for my mom's tank. I want to add a pipefish or a snowflake eel to the tank next. I also want 2 more clownfish. Coral Reef has a bunch of little clownfish that are tank raised for only $10 each. I am also seriously considering peppermint shrimp or a sally lightfoot crab. When I set up the aquarium I picked up a Eheim external canister filter that fits perfiectly in the aquarium cabinet and the hoses fit the back of the tank just right. I need to get some cheato to put in the back refugium. There is some live rock rubble in the bottom portion of the fuge right now. I purchased about 4000 copepods of of eBay. half will go into this tank, and the other half in mom's tank while it is cycling.
  9. daleroller

    Live rock $2 a Pound

    Have you still got some rock for sale? I need about 20 lbs I think for a 14 gallon Biocube.
  10. We had to delay the Biocube a couple of days. The store ordered me an aquarium stand but it is stuck in Seattle in the snow. I can't wait to start a new tank.
  11. It has been a couple of months now and the tank is getting crowded with new interesting bits of live rock and softies. Tomorrow I am setting up my new Biocube HQI 29 in the office.
  12. I like the Idea of a goby, maybe one of the yellow watchman types. Why would the Clownfish swim at the front of the tank? Is that normal, or is he trying to get out. The Damsel has lost all inmterest in him.
  13. I was out of the offic efor two days. The Damsel is now back to hiding in the rocks and the Clownfish is swimming near the edge of the tank like he wants to get out. THE ROYAL GRAMMA IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking about getting some big brute of a fish to start picking on the Damsel now.
  14. I have a 14g Biocube that I set up about 3 weeks ago. I added a little Royal Damsel and some inverts about 2 weeks ago. Today I added a Ocellarius Clownfish and a Royal Gramma. The Royal Damsel is being a little ganster in the tank and nonstop attacking the two new fish(threaten). The Royal Gramma is now cowering in a hiding hole and the Clownfish is still just running away from the little brute. How long is this going to go on for(scratch)? Is someone going to get killed(scary)? There are lots of hiding holes and tunnels in my live rock Uploaded with ImageShack.us