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  1. Any photos of the current state of the fish room and the main tank? Would love to see the progress in the last month!
  2. Apex sold. All lists on 1st page updated with currently available items. Some prices reduced. Tapatalk forum users on phones may need to manually refresh the 1st page to get the new images to show the currently available items.
  3. Hi ShellBack, Yes, the Apex is still available. Shoot me a text or PM if you would like to discuss it.
  4. Friday morning weekend bump. Lots of great stuff still available. All lists current as of Friday, March 27.
  5. I just found out that anyone using Tapatalk to view this thread may not be seeing the lists correctly as their app might not be reloading the images in the 1st post every time (they change frequently). If you are using Tapatalk, make sure to force reload the 1st page of the thread (if possible) to get the latest list/info.
  6. sounds good. Send me a text or PM next week and we'll work something out.
  7. Friday bump - great stuff still available for the weekend! Photos added for some items. Some prices adjusted.
  8. Sorry for the late response, your post just showed up for me on the 19th! PM sent.
  9. Wednesday bump - 75g tank, WP-40, and heaters all available again. Pending sale fell through due to non-responses from potential buyer. All items in 1st post now current.
  10. The kit (when boxed up) weighs about 1 lb. That's about $5 via US Mail for that weight. Should be there the next day. Oddly enough, the shipping price doesn't increase much for a fair amount of additional weight. It's not until around 10lbs that it hits $6 for postage, so if there's anything else you're interested in, it won't cost anything extra to ship.
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